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(Wrong Morals)

That night, pictures of Han Zhuolis lips with the teeth markings appeared on the Internet.

The reporters even kindly circled the markings on his lips in red so the netizens could locate it easily.

By the time Lu Man noticed it, the netizens had already begun discussing hotly.

As she was about to scroll to the comments section, Han Zhuoli came out from his study, having finished with work, and saw Lu Man grinning at the phone.

"What are you looking at? Smiling so happily." Han Zhuoli raised his brows in curiosity.

Lu Man waved Han Zhuoli over. "Come and see."

Currently, his lips still bore the teeth marks distinctly.

Han Zhuoli walked over and sat beside Lu Man. With a stretch of his arm, he brought Lu Man into his embrace.

He nestled his chin onto Lu Mans shoulders to look at her phone with her comfortably.

"Look, your lip markings even made the news." Lu Man smiled and said, "It even became one of the most-searched topics."

Every time the reporters published a news piece, the headlines would be baiting and eye-catching.

What was white can be painted black, what was originally an innocent, normal news could be described into a scandalous one.

Only to realize that the contents and the title were completely different after you clicked in.

But they did not dare do that to Han Zhuoli, not even having the guts to spell out their conjectures.

There was only one line: "Han Zhuolis lower lip has a surprising set of teeth markings. "

As for the postulations and hypothesis, it was left to the netizens to make their own conclusions. The reporters did not have the nerve.

"Lets see the comments section." Han Zhuolis interest was piqued.

Both his arms circled Lu Mans waist. Her thin waist felt especially pleasing to the touch.

They then saw the netizens comments: "Did Lu Man give that bite? The couples so kinky!"

"Han Zhuoli dares to wear it proudly outside. Hes just flashing PDA to us poor sods!"

"So sweet I can get diabetes."

"Never thought Young Master Han and Lu Man have such fun privately."

"So sweet, even though Im jealous, being Young Master Hans ex-wife, Ive decided to forgive them because his wifes Lu Man."

Many netizens were teasing and blessing them.

However, there was never a lack of some unpleasant opinions.

Someone said spitefully, "How are you all so sure its left by Lu Man? Who knows if its by some other woman?"

"Hahaha, marrying an actress, whod treat her seriously? Han Zhuolis no fool, marrying Lu Mans not bad already."

"With Han Zhuolis eligibility, having an affair is not one too many. How are you all sure that its not left by Han Zhuolis mistress?"

"Lu Man cant interfere with Han Zhuolis extra-marital affairs."

Such comments were plenty.

Lu Mans and Han Zhuolis fans were happily wishing them well originally, but the sudden appearance of such unharmonious voices obviously made others upset.

A fan of Lu Man instantly said: "I see that most of you are females. Im not some feminist, but I do understand equality between both men and women. But you all keep bashing Lu Man, saying things like because Han Zhuoli is in a better position, if he played around, had an affair or two, it is considered normal and can be understood. I cant stand seeing you all with such wrong morals. Were all women, how can people say such disgusting things?"

"Upvote! The lady above has put it too well! What do you mean by one affair is never too many? You cant stand seeing others have a blissful marriage? Put yourselves in their shoes. You said that to Lu Man, and so Ill say it to you. I wish your husband has many affairs since its never too much, and also since you dont mind it at all."



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