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 Season 8

Episode 87

(It's not him(2)

"You're pregnant, aren't you?" Cassie asked deliberately.     

Violet froze for a moment and then quickly took several steps backwards in an attempt to keep her distance from Cassie. Staring at the woman standing across her, Violet frantically thought, 'This woman is as dangerous as a ticking time bomb. If she bursts into anger, she might hurt me.'    

"How did you know?" Violet asked, her voice unstable. She had kept this news to herself. Greg, Lily, Bill and even Alice didn't know that she was pregnant. She wondered why and how Cassie knew about it.     

Cassie let out a triumphant laugh. With arms crossed across her chest, she lifted her head a little and replied, "Did you think that you could keep me in the dark? No one can hide anything from me once I decide to find out all that's there to know."  

Cassie looked into Violet's eyes as she went on, "Looks like you didn't tell Greg that you are pregnant. If he knew, he wouldn't have allowed you to meet another man at a place like this."    

Violet was still bewildered, 'Where is Francis? Why would Cassie be here?'    "What's going on? Why are you here?" 

Violet blurted out. Fear had seized her. She had no idea about Cassie's purpose of being here.    

 "Are you curious? Since you asked, let me tell you,"  Cassie replied. She was certain that the innocent Violet would never know the truth if she decided not to tell her. But before killing her baby, she intended to humiliate her and let the woman know what was going on.     

"I saw the message you had sent to my cousin. He was in a meeting and it was I who had proposed to meet at 6:30 pm,"  Cassie said casually.     

"So Francis is not coming?" Violet asked, confounded. She didn't know why Cassie would do all this and it was terrifying.  

 "Oh, he will be here,"  Cassie answered with a grin. After a pause, she added, "But not now. He will be here at 7:00 pm. But I don't think he will be able to find us. I booked this room and I didn't tell him. 

He'll never know that you are here with me."    

Violet finally realized that she was in grave danger. She put her hand inside her handbag, and fumbled for her cell phone. Cassie quickly snatched her bag away from her and threw it on the floor.  

   "Looking for your phone? Who were you planning to ask for help, Greg or Francis?" Cassie asked, her face twisting in fury and jealousy.    

 Trembling violently, Violet stepped back. Her back was pressed against the wall in a corner.     

Cassie approached Violet slowly, knowing that she couldn't escape from her.     

Standing before the panic-stricken Violet, Cassie reached out and seized her chin roughly. "You look pretty even without make-up. Now I see why Greg chose you and loves you so much,"  she spat, envy rising within her.   

"What... What do you want?" Violet faltered, terrified not knowing what was going to happen to her. She could see the resentment and rage in Cassie's eyes.     

"What do I want? Don't play dumb, Violet. You know exactly what I want from you,"  Cassie replied, glaring at her.     

Violet remained silently, clearly aware of what Cassie wanted.    

 Staring into Violet's eyes, Cassie fumed, "Last time, when I had told Greg that you and Francis had lunch together and then went to a hotel, I thought he would leave you and finally divorce you, but you two made peace in the end. I don't understand why."    

Violet finally understood why Greg had snapped at her that day. 'So Cassie had told him that Francis and I had gone to a hotel. But that was rubbish. I hadn't even stepped foot into a hotel. I didn't go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs and finish the procedures, and neither did Greg. Is it my destiny to be with Greg forever?' she pondered.   

Without taking her eyes off Violet, she continued, "I thought you would have already told Greg that you are pregnant, but you haven't. What are you planning, Violet? When are you going to give Greg back to me?"    

Cassie's hand which was on Violet's chin started shaking. Her eyes were fuming with rage.     

"Greg and I will never split up. I won't give him up to anyone,"  Violet declared. At that moment, she knew her heart's desire better than ever. She loved Greg and would never let him go. She resolved to spend the rest of her life with that man.  

   "Is that so?" Cassie countered, her face beginning to twitch in wild anger. She was losing control of herself.     

Seeing Cassie's hideous expression, Violet was so terrified that she couldn't even speak.     

"Tell me... Whom do you want more, your unborn baby or Greg?" Cassie roared at Violet.   

Shuddering, Violet met Cassie's ferocious gaze and answered firmly, "Both of them."

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