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Season 8

Episode 84

(A treat to dinner (1)

Two weeks later It was a warm afternoon. Violet sat in the balcony, staring at the far away buildings. She missed her parents very much and wished they would be back soon.

Lily came over to her with a glass of milk. She noticed that Violet was in a daze and the old lady quietly took a seat beside her.

"Violet, I've brought some milk for you," Lily said, handing her the glass.

"Thank you," Violet responded after snapping out of her daze. She drank some and placed the glass on the wooden table.

"Were you thinking about your parents?" Lily asked tenderly. Violet had seemed preoccupied. She was a simple girl whose emotions were written on her face for everyone to read. Even if she didn't say anything, Lily could read her thoughts through her expressions.

"Yes, and also about my brother," Violet added, "We are a family, but we don't spend much time together. Even though Lawrence is my brother, the days I spend with him is way lesser than the time I spend with Alice. I don't know what's wrong with my family. Why can't we be together like other normal families? I'm dying to see my Mom and Dad. I wish they had the time to keep me company like they did when I was a child."

When Violet thought about her childhood, she was overwhelmed by emotions. She was just a carefree, spoiled little girl back then. She lived with her parents and brother. At that time, both her brother and father would do anything her mother asked of them. And her mother would satisfy all her wishes. It was like she had the power to make decisions for her family members. Even though she was a troublemaker, her brother never got mad at her. Instead, he protected and adored her.

Her father would give her presents all the time, including her favorite fuzzy bears and jewels. And her mother was the best teacher. She always guided her and gave her advices on how to get on with other kids and how to handle difficulties with a strong mind. Violet never forgot what her mother had taught her, proper etiquette in particular. She felt lucky that she had such a wonderful mother.

"Violet," Lily took Violet's hand and said softly, "Parents love their children and they want to stay with their little ones.

I'm sure that your parents want to be by your side as well. But your father is an ambitious man. He had founded the JC Group all on his own. And he works tirelessly to extend the business. Your brother is going to inherit the JC Group someday. Everything they do is for your happiness."

"I know," Violet nodded, thinking, 'I understand why they work so hard. They are doing their best for me and Lawrence.'

"The last time Mrs. Cherry had called, she told me that she missed you very much and she was worried that you might not be able to take care of yourself. I told her that Greg is a good man and that he will treat you very well.

After hearing that, she was much relieved. Looks like Greg has left a good expression on Mrs. Cherry," Lily said with a smile.

"Mom has met Greg before and she knows him. That's why they agreed to our marriage. And this way they can focus on their work," Violet explained.

"Violet, I think all of you are blessed with a happy life. You are married to Greg and you two get along well. Although your father is busy, he still has your mother's company. They have each other and must be happy. Your brother has been living abroad for so many years now. I'm sure he has grown into an excellent, independent young man. You all have your own life and you have to cherish it. What do you say?" Lily cooed, with a warm smile.

"I guess you're right," Violet echoed gladly, looking straight ahead. She hadn't told anyone that she was pregnant. Her unborn baby gave her strength and courage to live bravely. She had resolved to live happily for the baby's sake. At the moment, the child meant everything to her and was her only reason to live on. "You stay here a little longer and enjoy the sun. I have to clean the study," Lily said, remembering that she hadn't finished her work yet.

"Okay, I'll come inside in a while," Violet replied with a bright smile.

After Lily had walked out of her sight, Violet turned around and laid herself on the bench. "Sweetheart, this is your grandma's house. This place is so beautiful, isn't it?" she murmured, as she gently massaged the unnoticeable bulge in her belly.

Violet looked at the sky, her mind and body basking in the joy of the sun. She was looking forward to her life in the near future.

Violet's phone rang loudly and it drew her back to reality. She picked up her cell phone, and saw Francis' name on its screen. She wondered why he was calling her at this hour.

Violet picked up the phone with some hesitation.

"Hello," Violet said.

"Hello, Violet. It's me, Francis," his voice resounded through the phone.

"I know," Violet responded.

"Are you busy with something? Am I interrupting you?" Francis asked gingerly. His voice was soft, with a hint of bashfulness. He didn't want to sound obnoxious and make Violet uncomfortable.

"No, I am just sitting in my balcony and basking in the sunlight," Violet replied.

"I see. Well..." Francis stammered. After a pause, he continued, "Are you free tonight? How about we go out for dinner?" There was evident shyness in his voice.

"I..." Violet faltered with a hesitant expression. Greg was the first person that came to her mind. She wasn't sure that her husband would allow her to dine with Francis in the evening.



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