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 Season 8

Episode 82

(Destined to be together(2)

The assistant reported, "Mr. Tim, that middle-aged guy is taking Ms. Alice to the VIP room on the sixteenth floor and all the other people seem to have gone back home."   

 Tim was surprised and asked, "Only that guy and Alice?"    

"Yes, and..." The assistant hesitated because she wasn't sure if she was correct or not.   

  Tim hastily asked, "And what?" He had been running this hotel for many years and seen a lot of things. He knew that any accidents could happen here.    

 The assistant replied, "And Ms. Alice looks like she has been either drugged or drunk. It looks that she is unconscious." The assistant was standing in a corner and noticed as that guy walked with Alice in the hallway.   

Tim immediately asked, 'Which room has he taken?" He turned around as he wanted to save her.     

The assistant replied, "Room 1686."    Tim hung up quickly.    

 He stepped inside the elevator again and pressed 16th floor. The moment the elevator stopped, he rushed towards Room 1686. He didn't fear who that guy was. If that guy dared to touch Alice, he wouldn't leave him at any cost.     

Tim took out the room card from his pocket, opened the door and directly walked inside.     

The moment he entered the room, he saw Alice was half-dressed and lying on the bed. Her face was red and she kept rolling over, so Tim immediately realized that she had been drugged.   

  Beside the bed was the middle-aged man who was taking off his shirt in a hurry.     

The guy asked, "Who are you? Why are you inside my room?"  

Tim angrily said, "All the rooms in this hotel are mine." He went to the bed, picked Alice in his arms and started to leave the place.     

But that guy blocked his way and ordered, "Put her down. She is mine and you can't take her away."    

Tim coldly said, "What if I tell you that she is mine?" Tim glared at that guy and thought that it was lucky that he had found Alice early and nothing bad had happened yet. If he had come here late and anything had happened to Alice, he would have killed that guy.     

That guy said, "Do you even know who I am? How dare you take away the woman I like?" He ran a company, so he wasn't afraid of Tim, who appeared young and less experienced to him. He thought that young people were not as capable as him. And he had seen more things than the younger generation.     

Tim wrathfully cursed, "I don't care who you are, I am the boss here. Get out!"  

"You..." That guy was very angry and he wanted to fight Tim, but he suddenly heard the door open.    

 Tim's assistant walked in along with several security guards.     

The assistant walked to Tim, nodded and waited for his instructions.     

Tim ordered, "Kick this man out of our hotel and never allow him to come here again." Then he directly walked out of the room.    

 "Oh, you..." He wanted to follow Tim but was stopped by three guards.    

 Tim felt that Alice's body was burning and he could understand what had happened to her.     

Alice dreamily threw her arms around his neck, pressing her body against Tim and rubbing her cheek on his body.     

Tim's feeling went for a toss and Alice's actions were exciting him.   

After he walked out of the elevator, he went to his own room, opened it and took Alice inside. He then put Alice on the bed and planned to leave. But Alice's arms were around his neck and she didn't let him go away from there.     

Alice was totally unconscious, so she just kept saying, "Don't leave, don't go. I feel so awful." She was totally helpless at the moment and did not have any idea about what was happening around her.  

   Feeling Alice's breath so close to him made Tim feel attracted to her and he whispered in her ears, "Alice, if the guy who has to make love to you was me, would you be willing?"    

Alice replied nothing. She was feeling that she was hot all over and therefore she kept rolling on the bed to cool herself and to feel better.     

Tim continued, "I'm Tim." He had decided that if a guy must make love to Alice and hurt her, it would rather be him. At least he truly loved her and he didn't care whether she would hate him for that or not.   

Alice kept calling his name and was totally unaware of what was going on, "Tim, Tim."   

 Tim could not withstand the temptation anymore and he started undressing her slowly.  

   The whole room was full of the essence of their passion and lovemaking.    

 In the morning, Tim sat on the bed and lit a cigar.   

  Alice was sleeping and she smelt cigar which made her cough.     

Hearing her coughing, Tim realized that there was a woman who was sleeping next to him and he quickly extinguished his cigar.     

Alice rubbed her hair and gradually regained consciousness. She opened her eyes, saw white ceilings and felt that the room was beautifully decorated. She wondered where she was and with whom.     

And then she noticed that Tim was sitting next to her.   

A second later, she finally realized that something was strange about the situation. She quickly wrapped herself in the quilts and held the quilt around her    Alice asked, "Why am I here?"    

Tim came close to her and said on purpose, "What do you think?"    

Alice said, "Go away. Stay away from me." Then she pushed Tim away and wanted to move backward. But as she tried to move, she realized that she was hurting all over. She couldn't help but frown about whatever had happened.    

 Seeing Alice frown, Tim asked nervously, "What's wrong?"    

Alice angrily replied, "It's all your fault. You know the answer to the question." She didn't expect that Tim would be the first man with whom she made love. She thought Tim as not being a bad guy and considered him only as a friend. But she had heard that there were many women in his life already, so she guessed that she might also be just one of them.  

Tim approached her with a wicked grin and whispered in her ears, "Then do you admit that you want to be mine too?"    

Alice said, "Go away. I want to shower now and you should move your face away first."    

Alice had to get dressed and if Tim would keep staring at her like that she would never be able to do that.     

Tim smiled and asked, "Are you still feeling shy in front of me?" Last night, he had made love to her and touched her everywhere. He knew her pretty well by now.     

Alice called his name seriously, "Tim." And then she ordered, "Turn around."    Feeling that she was angry, Tim had to obey her orders and turn around.

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