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 Season 8

Episode 77

(Violet And Greg Head For Divorce (3)

Cassie raised a corner of her lips into a smile. 'It looks like Tina has already learned that I am behind all this. I thought that it would take her some time to get it. I'm a little surprised, ' she pondered.    

 "Okay, so the game is over,"  Cassie said with a smile as if nothing had happened till now.     

"You are a psycho. One day you will pay for what you have done to me,"  Tina said sternly, her face twisting with hatred. 'She has destroyed me. I have nothing now. I will not spare her for sure, ' she swore inside.     

"Whatever. I'm not afraid of you,"  Cassie returned casually, "Do you know why I did all of this? I just want to get Greg. I can do anything as long as it can get him back to my life."   

 Tina laughed in disdain. Shifting her gaze away from Cassie, she sniffed, "You want to get Greg? Do you really think you deserve him? He will never ever fall in love with a vicious woman like you, be very sure of that."  

"You crazy woman, how dare you talk to me like that! It seems that you are not even afraid of dying, are you?" Cassie berated. Cassie lost her temper and her twisted expressions showed the depth of her fury.   

  "Kill me if you can. I have got nothing else to lose now. You said that you are invincible, right? Show me now,"  Tina challenged her, as she had nothing to be afraid of now.    

 "You don't deserve that,"  Cassie responded scornfully before looking away.     

"Cassie, you know what? I have suddenly found out that you are such a miserable girl. So much so that you have even lost yourself in this fight,"  Tina said abruptly. She had seen lots of things that day. Her thoughts and attitudes towards things and people had now totally transformed.     
"Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" Cassie asked, stunned at her audacity. 'What has happened to her? 

She isn't behaving like herself. Why has she said that?' she thought.   

 "Even though you did this to me, you will still never be able to get Greg. You have chosen the wrong opponent,"  Tina said slowly, ignoring Cassie's words.   

Cassie remained silent. She gazed at Tina's side profile, waiting for her to say something else.    

 "Your opponent is Violet, not me,"  Tina continued, as she looked back at Cassie. "Your opponent is always her. Even if she does nothing, she will still be the winner.

 Do you know why?" And there she stopped, waiting for Cassie's to give a reaction.     

Tina's question had aroused her curiosity. As the former didn't say anything else, Cassie urged, "Tell me."    

"Because Violet is much better than you. I think Greg made the right decision to marry her. If he had married you, you would have ruined him too,"  Tina replied with a resolute expression on her face.    

 "I won't let her escape like that,"  Cassie snorted, her eyes full with hatred. "Now you're no longer a threat to me. She is my next target. I will destroy her completely."   

 "So you think you can control everyone's fate?" Tina asked tauntingly.   

"No, I can't,"  Cassie replied, "But I have always got whatever I have wanted."    

"Unfortunately you're never going to get Greg,"  Tina said with certainty.     

"What do you mean by that?" Cassie inquired. Cassie wanted to know why Tina was so sure that she couldn't steal Greg from Violet.     

Tina didn't give a direct reply. Looking up at the sky, she remembered, "My mother asked me to stay away from Violet and not to offend her in any manner."    

When she had heard her mother's warning, she had realized that Violet had a very powerful background. 'Compared to Cassie, Violet is a much better woman and she would make Greg a very good wife. Only kind women like Violet deserve the excellent men like Greg. Cassie and I don't deserve him, ' she thought in her mind.     

"Violet is nothing in front of me. Moreover, I am not afraid of her,"  Cassie declared proudly. She had been an unruly child. Many years had passed now, but no one could ever dare to put her down. She didn't think Violet could also stand in the way of her happiness.   

"Cassie,"  Tina called out as she got up suddenly. She had no intention of wasting any more time on Cassie. 

Looking down at Cassie, she continued, "You will pay for whatever you did one day. Be prepared for that day."    

After saying this, Tina went away from there.     

Fixing her eyes on Tina's back, Cassie cried out, "I'm not afraid of you. If you or Violet want to put me down, go ahead. Let's wait and see who will be the final winner."   

 In an apartment, Francis was sitting on the sofa and having a video talk with his father.    

 "Even though we have invested a sum of money in GR Group, we can't salvage their loss. At present, it is a shell company. We would need further plans to help it recover,"  Francis reported. He had a business mind and was quite sure about his judgment on GR Group.     

"I had analyzed it before. You shouldn't have invested GR Group in the first place. It's not a good business deal. You should have saved the money to invest in other big companies. In that way, you could have easily got handsome profits,"  said Stephen whose face was visible on the laptop screen.   

"Sorry, Dad, I made a rash decision,"  Francis said. He never regretted even though he admitted that he had misjudged.    

 "I know you're not an emotional person. You must have some reason to do so. Tell me, what is it?" Stephen asked emphatically.    

 "For the love of my life,"  Francis answered with a resolute expression. Watching Stephen who was on the screen, he went on, "I wanted to do it for her."    

"Are you sure that you love her?" Stephen asked in a concerned tone. He had some confusion on that whole matter. 'What if that girl doesn't love Francis the way he loves her? Since Francis has just come to the city, he may not know her so well, ' he thought.     

"Yes, I am sure. She is a very good and kind girl,"  Francis replied softly.     

"I see. I don't blame you this time. But keep this in mind: you have to take care of yourself and stay safe,"  Stephen urged. Francis' safety was his biggest concern at the moment. He didn't want to see his son get hurt.   

"Don't worry, Dad. I will be very careful,"  Francis responded.

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