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 Season 8

Episode 76

(Violet And Greg Head  For Divorce (2)

"Can you swear on me that Francis has no feelings for you? I saw you two in the restroom at the party. How can you possibly explain that? Besides, when he was looking at you I could see the affection in his eyes,"  Greg continued. 

Greg recalled what had happened at the party the other day. After some rumination, he became sure that Francis had already made the move on his wife. 'If Cassie hadn't come to me and showed me those pictures, I would still be in the dark. I always thought she is staying at home and gets bored all day. I thought she was such a loyal wife, ' he pondered.     
Violet stood still, staring at Greg dumbfounded. She suddenly thought she didn't know this man as if he had suddenly become someone else. 

Although he was close enough that she could reach out and touch him, she felt there was still a wide gap between them.   

"I never suspected you before. Why did you let Francis approach you? Don't you know that he is Cassie's cousin?" Greg yelled at her.     

Violet had nearly calmed down. But Greg's mentioning Cassie's name infuriated Violet again.     

"Cassie? It turns out she is actually the cause for our fight,"  she sneered. Overpowered by jealousy completely, Violet continued, "You don't believe me and even said I betrayed you. But what about you, Greg? How about the news that you and Cassie had spent one night together in the hotel? Can you deny that? Alice caught you two there in the same room. How can you explain that? 

Besides, don't think that other people are also as shameless as you both are. I know my responsibilities. I have done nothing wrong."    

Greg laughed in a cold manner. Looking down at Violet, he retorted, "Oh, really, Violet? Now you're bringing it up again? So, did you do this to get even with me?"  

Suddenly, tears came rushing out of Violet's eyes. At that moment, she was totally immersed in disappointment and sadness. Helpless and heartbroken, she felt like she had got trapped in an endless abyss.     

"So what do you want, Greg?" Violet asked desperately. Hurt by Greg's words, she thought there was no need to escalate the matter further.     

"Why are you asking me? You're the one who went to the hotel with another man,"  Greg snapped back. 'I love her, but she has betrayed me. I can't just let this end like this. I just can't, ' he hesitated inside.    

 "Now that you don't believe me, I think we should take a divorce,"  Violet proposed briefly, as she turned her face away from Greg. It had never occurred to her that she would one day bring this up. To her surprise, she found it much easier to say these two words than she expected.     

"Now that you don't believe me anymore, what's the point of continuing this marriage?" Violet continued calmly. At the moment, all that was going on in her mind was Greg's suspicion and insulting words.   

Laughing grimly, Greg gazed at Violet's side profile and repeated, "Divorce? You want to divorce me because you have started an affair, right?" he asked in contempt.    

 "Greg, I am telling you that I never cheated on you. Don't harm my reputation,"  Violet responded with a shiver in her voice. Even though she was trying hard to overcome her emotions, she was failing at it miserably. 

Overwhelmed by anger, she could not even think straight now.   

  "Come on, Violet! Now, stop lying. If you want a divorce, I'll fulfill your wish. We can go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs and finish all the procedures tomorrow. After that, you can marry Francis. Perhaps he will take you with him abroad and you can see the whole world,"  Greg said ironically. In fact, he didn't know why he was saying such mean words.    

 "Greg, you're so..." Violet stammered. She was already upset and didn't know how she could defend herself.     

"As I said, this apartment is all yours. I will give it to you,"  Greg said indifferently. He then walked past Violet, grabbed his coat and slammed the door on her face.   
Bump! Violet collapsed to the ground. Staring at the door blankly, she burst into tears.     

And meanwhile, Cassie had just gone off duty and stepped out of the XS hospital. She made her way to her car and then made a call.   

  "Did you find Tina?" Cassie asked with her cell phone in her hand.   

  "I found her. She is sitting in a suburban park. She hasn't reached her home yet,"  a man answered from the other side.    

 "Stay near her. I'm on my way,"  Cassie commanded before ending the call abruptly.    

 Cassie started her car and drove out of the city.     

On her way, she received the address of the park. Soon she arrived at the park and stopped her vehicle nearby. After looking around for a moment, she caught sight of Tina's side profile. 

Wearing a tracksuit, Tina was sitting on a stone bench alone. Cassie assumed that she must have bought the tracksuit today.   

Cassie moved close to Tina.     

Tina sensed that someone was coming near her. She had spent a whole day staying there and no one had bothered to ask her anything. The sudden footsteps put her on alert.     

Tina looked towards the direction from where the noise was coming, only to see Cassie. After she had reached the park, she had kept thinking about what had happened last night. Cassie's arrival confirmed her assumption. 'Cassie is behind all of this, ' she concluded in her mind.     

"Miss Tina, are you not going home to check out on your mother and brother? You know now everyone is talking about you and your family. Perhaps they couldn't bear so much pressure and have blacked out,"  Cassie smirked as she paused. 'Perhaps she still does not know that Francis has agreed to provide fund and help the GR Group, ' she guessed.    

 "Oh, what a surprise! You of all the people would be worried about me?" Tina sneered. She became aware that Cassie was a much more complicated woman than she had imagined.   

"Don't get me wrong,"  Cassie responded as she took a seat next to Tina. "I came here to see if everything is okay with you or not."    

"Do you think I am a fool?" Tina replied as she turned to meet Cassie's eyes. "Just stop acting here. I know that you have done everything. Just go away. I am in no mood to listen to your nonsense, Cassie."

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