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Season 8

Episode 75

(Violet and Greg head for divorce (1)

Looking back at Roger, Francis smiled and said, "I was talking to my Dad. Just ignore him. He is old and is not open to taking any risky decisions."

"It's okay," Roger replied hurriedly, "But Mr. Francis, may I ask why you have agreed to help us?"

"I wanted to do her a favor," Francis answered decisively, as he met Roger's curious gaze.

Looking into Francis' eyes, Roger suddenly realized that probably he also adored Violet.

The two walked out of GR Group's building. Staring at Violet, Francis offered tenderly, "Would you like me to drop you home?"

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi. You just go and accomplish your tasks," Violet refused his offer. 'I've already taken so much of his time. He must have lots of work to handle, ' she assumed.

"It doesn't matter. I have finished my work. I'm as it is going home now. I can drop you on the way," Francis persisted. It was his honor to be able to give Violet a ride. He didn't want to miss this golden chance of being with her.

"Well," Violet hesitated. After some thought, she agreed, "Thank you."

"Get in," Francis invited. He walked over to his Lamborghini Veneno Roadster and opened the car door so that she could enter.

Violet entered the vehicle and quickly fastened her safety belt. Francis closed the door for her and took the driver's seat.

He started driving slowly.

"Thank you for helping Mr. Roger, Francis. Thank you so much," Violet said gratefully, looking at Francis. 'The investment Francis has made means a lot to GR Group, ' she thought.

"I thought we are friends, aren't we?" Francis responded, "You don't have to be so formal with me."

Violet nodded at him in response.

Francis parked his car outside her apartment building. Turning himself towards Violet, he said, "Here we are." "Thank you for dropping me home," Violet said with a warm smile, quickly unbuckling her seat belt.

"Violet," Francis uttered with a hesitant expression, as he scratched his head. "Can I ask if you would like to join me for a meal next time?"

Without thinking much, Violet replied with a smile, "Of course. Whenever you are free, you can call me."

"That's a deal," Francis said. There was a hint of thrill in his voice. 'I already have Violet's phone number. Now that she has given me permission, I can contact her at any time, '' he thought gladly.

In the meantime, Greg stood at the window looking down towards the vehicle. In fact, he had spotted the car even before it stopped in front of the building. He saw Francis in the driver's seat, and the woman beside him was Violet, his wife.

Violet pulled out the keys and unlocked the door. Once she had entered the house, she took off her shoes and put on comfortable slippers. As she was about to move to the living room, she caught sight of a figure at the window. She paused immediately, wondering why Greg was home at this hour.

"Greg," Violet called out in surprise. Noticing that her husband was still staring at the window, she felt something bad was about to happen. 'Greg must have come to know that Francis has dropped me home, ' she speculated.

"Where have you been?" Greg asked furiously, with his back facing Violet. His cold voice echoed in the spacious apartment.

"I had planned to go to the market and buy some food. But the..." Violet replied. Before she could even finish her words, Greg interrupted her.

"Have you brought food?" Greg asked sternly, as he turned around to look at her. He shot Violet a glance, and then looked around. 'She only has her handbag. I can't see any shopping bags with her. This means that she hasn't been to the supermarket, ' he surmised.

"Just listen to me. When I reached the entrance of the market, I saw..." Violet tried to explain.

"So you met Francis in the market? You both had lunch together, and then you went to the hotel I believe. Am I right or not?" Greg cut in, glaring at Violet with his piercing eyes.

"Greg, you..." Violet stammered, her face was full of mingled shock and confusion. 'I did have lunch with Francis today. but we didn't go to a hotel, ' she thought inside.

"What else could you have said after this? I got you, didn't I?" Greg sneered at her. He came near and paused in front of Violet. Grasping her arms tightly, he resentfully asked, "How could you treat me like this, Violet? Don't you know that you're a married woman now? You have a husband. How could you go and hook up with another man and think I would never get to know?"

"What are you talking about, Greg? I am unable to understand you," Violet cried emotionally. She tried to shake off Greg's hand but failed to do so.

"Don't try to act dumb. Tell me, what did you and Francis do at the hotel? I am wondering why you didn't allow me to come close to you since the last few days. It looks like you have found yourself a secret admirer," he said sarcastically. Greg was so angry that he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Greg Xiao," Violet shouted angrily as she used all her might to get rid of Greg's hands. She raised her hand and gave Greg a hard slap across his face. 'He is my husband. How could he think that I am a loose woman?' she thought, feeling quite heartbroken.

The silence in the room was unnerving.
Violet continued to stare at Greg, trembling with fury. Her hands shaking violently.

"I have never cheated on you, Greg. I know that I am your wife, I have always remembered that" Violet began. She tried to explain to him all that had happened but later gave up that idea. She felt disappointed with Greg and thought he shouldn't have suspected her like that.

"I don't believe you," Greg said adamantly. 'I saw Francis drop her to our apartment. That means that they must have been together. Francis is so handsome and young, while Violet is a beauty too. I can't believe that with Violet around he did not cross his limits, ' he brooded.

"Greg, you are impossible..." Violet muttered with her enlarged eyes. 'He doesn't believe me and is doubting my words," Violet thought.



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