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Season 8

Episode 73

(A call from stephen (2)

"Greg," Cassie called out.

Surprised, Greg stopped and gave her a thoughtful look, 'What brings her here?' he wondered.

Without hesitation, Cassie walked up to Greg, who looked spent. "Are you tired?" she asked tenderly.

Cassie really loved Greg. Seeing how tired he was, her instincts wanted to take good care of him, nourish and offer him comfort.

But the coldness in Greg's very first question told her she'd need to be cautious. "Anything important?" he asked without any hint of kindness, making it sound as if her very presence offended him.

"I have something to tell you. It is noisy here, follow me to somewhere quiet," Cassie broached her subject with care. And then she took Greg's arms and pulled him to the the foot of the stairs.

There was nobody at the foot of the stairs. Cassie got closer to Greg inch by inch, until she was close enough for a comfortable kiss. Indeed, she badly wanted to kiss him.

But Greg knew that standing so close to her would only fan her crazy fantasies. So instead, he pulled her away. "What the hell are you doing?" he glowered. "If there's nothing important, I shall leave," he added firmly.

And then he was ready to leave, but Cassie stopped him.

She stepped in front of him, blocking his way with ease.

"What's wrong? Is there a problem with the two of us standing together?" asked Cassie. And then she added, "Greg, you may need to rethink your obsession with that girl you call a wife. You seem to regard her as a person you can love and trust with all your heart, but I don't think she loves you back as much."

"What has happened between Violet and me has nothing to do with you. Go away from me," said Greg, trying to push his way out.

As if she had been triggered, Cassie suddenly took out her cellphone and quickly shoved it in Greg's face, displaying the photos she had taken at the restaurant.

"How does it feel, knowing that they've been spending time together?" asked Cassie, malice written all over her face.

At first, Greg hesitated, brushing Cassie off as a bitter woman, consumed with jealousy. But Cassie didn't budge and she wore a smug face, which made Greg realize that she might have a strong case.

When at long last he begrudgingly looked at the photos, his eyes pooped wide in shock. Even though the photo was so close to him, it seemed to blur in his eyes. His dazed mind was playing tricks on him.

"What's this I'm seeing?" he asked, his eyes still in a haze.

"Well, that's none other than your sweet wife eating out with another man.

Absolutely she was having fun, as you can see. but this is only the tip of the iceberg. For a better look, I have emailed a whole bunch of photos. Hopefully, you'll have time to check, once you're free," Cassie enthused, almost overcome with glee at how hard and fast Violet would fall. She had emailed the photos to Greg before she arrived at the hospital, but apparently, he hadn't had a look yet.

"Where did you see them?" asked Greg, staring at Cassie fixedly.

If Cassie had expected a rational reaction, her bubble was burst immediately by how Greg took it. Instead, he now scared the wits out of Cassie. For Violet, Greg was utterly out of control. Readily, she could see from his eyes how much he cared about Violet. And it pained Cassie's heart that Greg had never shown her such deep concern like he now showed about Violet. Even when Cassie was in danger or when she had given him a shoulder to lean on in his time of need, Greg had never been so profoundly passionate. Never so sentimental!

"Greg," Cassie said gently, she didn't know what to say.

"Tell me, where did you see them?" Greg roared when he realized Cassie's hesitation.

"Eh, well, I had an appointment with Francis, who is my cousin. But when I walked into the hotel, I bumped into him having lunch with Violet. I must have arrived before time, so I caught them by surprise," said Cassie, now cautious and worried.

"What else were they doing? Where are they now?" In quick succession, Greg fired his questions, obviously out of temper.

After studying his irritation carefully, Cassie thought she could ride the tide and turn him from Violet for good. By any means, she wanted to play on the slightest disagreement between Greg and Violet to her advantage.

"After the lunch, my cousin went to a hotel room together with Violet," said Cassie, looking at Greg with a straight face, even though she knew that the second part was a fib she was now throwing in.

Incredulously, Greg nodded his head. For confirmation, he asked Cassie again, "Are you sure that you didn't make a mistake? Are you sure you're not trying to lie to me?"

"Greg," Cassie said playfully, trying to lead him on, "How could I lie to you? For heaven's sake, Francis is my cousin. How could I make a mistake? And I also know Violet. The woman in the photo is exactly Violet. Do you have any doubts about that?"

A sharp pain started to throb in Greg head, his strength was ebbing away until he began to fear that he'd drop dead, if this went on. A moment ago, he had walked out of the observation nursing unit with a great sense of fulfillment at the successful surgery he had just performed. But now it pained him that his wife was going around on date with another man, while he was busy chasing money, thinking that would add a spark to his marriage.

"Where are they now? Which hotel are they in?" Grasping Cassie arms tightly, urgently, Greg asked, raging anger visible in his now almost teary eyes and uncontrollable trembling of hands.

"I forget which hotel it was, I just saw them entering a hotel, and I came to find you immediately. But you were busy in the observation nursing unit. I couldn't go in, so I just waited for you outside," said Cassie, pretending that she was upset. She wanted to make Greg believe what she said. If Greg believed her, then her plan would pan out perfectly.

"No, that's impossible," said Greg, shaking his head. Unwilling to believe Cassie, he looked aside and murmured, "Violet wouldn't hurt me, she wouldn't." His desperation was palpable.



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