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 Season 8

Episode 79

(The accidental pregnancy (2)

Consumed by curiosity, Cassie followed Violet into the hospital.     

After all her inspections were done, Violet sat in front of the doctor and asked nervously, "Doctor, what has happened to me? These days I feel chest tightness, and there is a continuous feeling of nausea and vomiting."    

"Congratulations, you are pregnant, it has been two months now," the doctor told Violet with a smile and handed her the reports.    

 "Pre... pregnant?" Violet looked at the result in surprise. This was totally unexpected.    

 "Yes, there is absolutely no mistake in the result of the checkup. You should pay more attention to your health later," the doctor said with a smile.     

Violet was still feeling sluggish after she came out of the hospital. She still did not know how to react to this result.   

Sitting on the bench outside the hospital, Violet looked at the report in her hands and thought, 'Am I pregnant? Greg, we will have a child now, we will have a child.'    

Violet finally smiled. It was Greg's child, and it was a proof of the love and affection they shared. This little life was a witness of her love for Greg. But...    

 Violet's smile gradually faded away. Today she was going to divorce Greg. If they got divorced, what would happen to this child?     

Cassie, in the hospital, went into the room where Violet had consulted the doctor.     

Seeing Cassie, the doctor got excited. He stood up and asked, "Doctor Cassie, how come you are here?"    

"I had come to give some materials to the vice president here," Cassie said with a kind smile, and continued, "Oh, I just saw a woman named Violet had come here for a check-up, what's wrong with her, hope nothing serious?"  

The doctor was a little embarrassed. He had received a patient named Violet, but as per rules he was not supposed to share her ailment with anybody.   

  "Um, Dr. Cassie, I am sorry that I can't tell you," said the doctor. Even if Cassie was a very good doctor, she was not a doctor working in this hospital. So it was unnecessary for him to tell her about the information of any of his patients.    

 Seeing that the doctor was not willing to tell her, Cassie immediately went to the doctor and pretended to come close to him, "That's not the case. Violet is my good friend. I originally came here to give some material to the vice president, but I just saw her come out of the clinic room when I was passing by. So I came to ask you what's wrong with her."    

Cassie finished off and then continued, "We are all doctors. I also know that the patient's condition cannot be disclosed to others easily, but she is my good friend. I care about her and I want to know what has happened to her. Then I'll know what I am supposed to ask her when I meet her next time."  

"This," the doctor was still embarrassed. He was hesitant to tell Cassie about Violet's condition still. He knew that Cassie too followed moral ethics as a doctor.    

 Seeing that the doctor was not going to tell her, Cassie's face gradually became distorted. She looked at the doctor fiercely and said, "I am going to meet the vice president later, are you not afraid of losing this job?"   

 The doctor understood the meaning behind Cassie's words, he knew that she was obviously threatening him. She was a specially hired doctor in the XS Hospital with a lot of priviliges and was considered one of the best doctors in her field. While she had the chance to talk to the vice president, he rarely got the chance even though he had been working in this hospital for three years. 

He was really insignificant in comparison with Cassie. If he lost this job, it would be difficult for him to cover his life.     

"Dr. Cassie, your friend is pregnant," the doctor finally told her.   

"Pregnant?" Cassie was also surprised, 'Is Violet really pregnant? Greg's child?' 

"Yes," the doctor nodded firmly. Cassie tried to control her emotions and said to the doctor with a smile, "Okay, thank you. I will visit her when I have time. 

I will then tell her how to take care of herself and teach her some things that pregnant women should pay attention to." "Well, she seems to be very weak at the moment. 

Now that she is pregnant, she must pay attention to her nutrition," the doctor said to Cassie as he felt that Cassie was concerned about her friend. "I will," the smile on Cassie's face showed how angry she was after hearing the news," I would now suggest you focus on your work, I am going to the vice president's office." 


 Instead of directly going to the vice president's office, Cassie walked through the corridor and stood by the window in total solitude. She opened the window and took some fresh air from outside.   

Is Violet really pregnant? How could she get pregnant? In that case, my whole plan would be ruined. If Greg knows that Violet is pregnant, he won't leave her. Then how will I get a chance to be with him?'    

Cassie's hatred for Violet started showing through her eyes. She thought, 'No, I can't let anyone destroy my plan. Violet and the child inside her must be eliminated. I can't let that unborn child come in the way of my goal.'    

Violet wandered on the street, not knowing where to go now. While passing a shop Violet saw the news broadcast on the TV, and it was about the JC Group. 

Violet now missed her family, parents, brother and Lily and Bill so much. Violet took her phone out and made a call to her family.    

 "Hello," Lily's voice could be heard over the phone.    

 "Auntie Lily, it's me, Violet," she said happily.     

"Violet, how are you doing these days? You haven't called us for a long time," Lily also got excited when she heard Violet's voice.   

"I am fine. How are you and Uncle Bill?" Violet asked.

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