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(Thunderfall Talisman)

It had to be said that Su Zimo had indeed shocked everyone.

Based on the strength that he was displaying, he would have probably secured a top three position if he had taken part in Spirit Peak’s face-off!

“Hmph, if Senior Brother Feng were to use his full strength, Su Zimo would be defeated instantly!”

“That’s right. However, it’s not embarrassing even if Su Zimo loses now since he managed to corner Senior Brother Feng as such.”

The more the disciples below discussed, the more furious Feng Haoyu was in the spirit arena.

This exchange was completely out of his expectations.

Even though Su Zimo was only at Level 9 Qi Condensation, he was not getting the upper hand against their clashes!

This meant that if Su Zimo was at Perfected Qi Condensation, the latter might very well surpass him in terms of strength!

He must not let this carry on!

Waving the shield in his hands, Feng Haoyu struck away the incoming flying sword. Suddenly, he pulled out a talisman from his storage bag and injected spirit qi to it.


A bedazzling light appeared on the talisman.

“Senior Brother Feng’s making use of talismans now!”

“That looks to be an offensive talisman that’s rather powerful. Let’s see how Su Zimo blocks this!”

Feng Haoyu threw the talisman in Su Zimo’s direction.

Suddenly, it exploded.

The scattered talisman fragments stirred the spirit qi in the air, instantly forming a blinding flash of lightning.

“Thunderfall talisman!”

The crowd exclaimed.

Thunder types of attacks were the strongest and most ferocious amongst spirit arts.

That talisman was naturally the most lethal among Grade 1 talismans!

That was also a reward that Feng Haoyu had obtained as the number one of Spirit Peak. Now that he had to use it, a pained look inevitably flashed by Feng Haoyu’s expression.

When he saw the Thunderfall Talisman summoned by Feng Haoyu, the disheveled old man’s expression changed as he glared at Wen Xuan. “That disciple of yours has quite a lot of treasures!”

“Talisman usage is also part of one’s strength. It’s normal,” Wen Xuan replied indifferently.

“He lost. Now that the Thunderfall Talisman’s out, the outcome has been decided.”

“Even if Senior Brother Feng was the one facing the Thunderfall Talisman, he would most likely have to use all his strength. Let’s see how Su Zimo can even block this, fufu.”

Right as the disciples were discussing, an explosion echoed out from the skies above the spirit arena.


A bolt of thunder as thick as an arm struck down towards Su Zimo with a fast speed.

The moment Feng Haoyu had summoned the talisman, Su Zimo had already felt that something was wrong and hurriedly withdrew his three flying swords.

However, he was still extremely calm.

At the same time as the talisman exploded, Su Zimo waved his hands and the three flying swords suddenly shuttled through the air, leaving tears in the void. Finally, they joined head to tail in a triangle sword formation!


A bedazzling light shone through the air below the spot where lightning was flashing!

It was the light of formation patterns!

A light of formation patterns had actually appeared in the skies above the spirit arena!

“This is”

“What’s going on? Why is there an array formation?”

“Did someone set up a formation beforehand?”

“Something isn’t right. That light of formation patterns seems to have been emanated from Su Zimo’s three flying swords.”

The crowd let out a cry of surprise. They were baffled as to what was happening in the spirit arena.

As for the five peak masters, they shuddered as their expressions changed drastically.

Even if Xuan Yi was mentally prepared, he could not help but feel excited upon seeing this scene with his own eyes. He exclaimed rapidly, “Good, good! Well done! Our sect finally has a successor for a Sword Formation Master!”

The disheveled old man burst out into laughter as well. “Good for you, Xuan Yi. So, you were secretly nurturing my disciple to be a Sword Formation Master too. Not bad, not bad at all!”

As a Golden Core, the disheveled old man naturally knew that there was no way Su Zimo could become a Sword Formation Master without Xuan Yi’s guidance.

Wen Xuan furrowed his brows in silence.

“Sword Formation Master?”

Most of the disciples below were unfamiliar with the term.

Array Peak disciples were the only ones that were shocked when they heard the term. Letting out astounded expressions, they could not help but gasp, “Su Zimo’s a Sword Formation Master?”

“So what if he’s a Sword Formation Master? What’s the big deal!” A Spirit Peak disciple sneered.

Before he could finish his sentence, the thunderbolt from the skies collided with the triangle sword array and a loud explosion was heard as electricity shot out in all directions.

Under the electric current in the atmosphere, Su Zimo’s legs separated slightly. His expression was cold as he controlled the sword formation with both hands while his hair spread behind him like a furious mane – he was akin to an immovable god!

“Huh? He’s actually fine?”

Many disciples were dumbfounded as their eyes nearly popped out.

Su Zimo had managed to block the power of the Thunderfall Talisman completely with his triangle sword array and was completely undamaged!

A disciple secretly exclaimed, “Is a Sword Formation Master that powerful?”

“What’s a sword formation?” Someone could not help but ask.

“If I’m not wrong, that’s our sect’s Tripartite Sword Formation!”

Array Peak’s Zhong Wen said in a low voice.

“Why tripartite?” Someone asked him.

Zhong Wen explained, “The tripartite refers to heaven, earth and man. With the three swords joined head to tail as a foundation, they form the Tripartite Sword Formation. The head is the tail and the tail is also the head. Every single corner of the sword formation has the sharpness of a sword and can both attack and defend!”

If one were to say that controlling three flying swords meant that Su Zimo’s strength was increased

A sword formation made up of the three flying swords and made use of their combined strength was an exponential increase in strength!

The tides had turned entirely.

Everyone thought that Feng Haoyu would definitely win after summoning that Thunderfall Talisman. However, no one expected that Su Zimo would summon the Tripartite Sword Formation to guard against the thunderstrike entirely!

As Leng Rou watched below, she could not help but lament internally, ‘If I were to go against Junior Brother Su, I wouldn’t be able to break that defense of his sword formation either.’

In the spirit arena.

Feng Haoyu’s eyes flashed with surprise when he saw that Su Zimo was able to withstand the Thunderfall Talisman.

Right then, Su Zimo controlled the Tripartite Sword Formation with both hands. Pointing forward, he commanded softly, “Go!”

A triangular sword formation that carried a chilling aura tore through the voids and sped towards Feng Haoyu with a blinding light.

Instantly, Feng Haoyu retracted his flying sword and blocked himself from the Tripartite Sword Formation.


When the flying sword met with the sword formation, there was a clashing sound of metals.

Feng Haoyu’s flying sword was sent flying immediately. However, the Tripartite Sword Formation merely paused momentarily in midair before clashing heavily against Feng Haoyu’s silver shield!


With a loud bang, Feng Haoyu’s entire body was shaken as he stumbled a couple of steps back. He felt a sweetness in his throat as blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.

He was injured!

Even in Spirit Peak’s face-off, Feng Haoyu was not injured once against the many strong competitors of Spirit Peak.

Yet, against a Weapon Peak disciple that was a cultivation realm lower than his, Feng Haoyu was actually injured!

Su Zimo’s eyes gleamed brightly as he controlled the Tripartite Sword Formation from afar. They hummed and quivered endlessly in the skies, sending forth a massive sword aura and could attack at any moment.

It was only at that moment when the crowd realized that the outcome of this match was unpredictable!

Su Zimo’s strength was enough to pose a threat to Feng Haoyu!

Everyone had underestimated the strength of this Weapon Peak disciple!

“Hahahaha ”

Suddenly, Feng Haoyu laughed.

It was a deep laughter filled with anger.

“Su Zimo, do you really think that you can win me with this lousy sword formation?”

Taking a deep breath of air, Feng Haoyu said word by word, “Today, I’ll let you experience the sect’s secret skill and let you understand my true strength!”




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