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(Just Who Was It?)

This day, the five peaks quaked as countless of trial disciples rushed towards Array Peak.

Not just that, more than half of Ethereal Peak’s inner sect disciples rushed over because of the news as well.

Logically speaking, the birth of a new record on the Ten Formations Stele shouldn’t have created such a stir. However, it was said that the record was downright broken!

There were only 10 levels to the Ten Formations Pagoda and the challenger had cleared them all!

Before long, many sect disciples gathered before the Ten Formations Pagoda and in the skies, many were still continuously streaming in on their flying swords.

Spirit Peak’s Feng Haoyu, Leng Rou and little fatty were among them.

Xue Yi and the others from Weapon Peak came over too.

Zhong Wen looked at the first row on the Ten Formations Stele with a deep sorrow in his eyes.

Had he known that this would be the case, he need not have tried repeatedly to challenge the pagoda previously just to beat this person – the both of them were not even on the same level of understanding towards formations.

“One can be called an Intermediate Array Formation Master after clearing Level 10 of the Ten Formations Pagoda.”

“Becoming an Intermediate Array Formation Master at the Qi Condensation realm is way too terrifying.”

“Not only is this record unprecedented, no one should be able to surpass it in the future. This guy spent close to eight days without eating or sleeping. How did he manage to survive?”

The fact that the challenger did not leave his name piqued everyone’s curiosity as countless guesses were made.

“Just who is that person?”

“There must be a reason why the mysterious challenger did not leave his name!”

No matter how hard everyone tried, they would not be able to guess the reason was because Su Zimo did not know the purpose of the Ten Formations Stele and neither did he know how to leave his name on it.

“Could it be Senior Brother Liu? Other than Senior Brother Zhong, he’s the only one with the deepest understanding of formations.”

“I saw Senior Brother Liu a couple of days back. It can’t be him.”

“Or could it be Senior Brother Ceng? He hasn’t appeared for the past few days. There’s a chance it’s him.”

“I heard that Senior Brother Ceng left to do a sect mission.”

Everyone continued discussing fervently with wild guesses.

“I think this senior brother must be the true genius hiding within our Array Peak. Definitely someone handsome and extraordinary. Most importantly, he is someone indifferent to fame and isn’t cocky.”

A female disciple of Array Peak muttered to herself, immersed in her fantasy as her eyes swooned with love.

“I think that he probably wants to reveal his identity at the year end face-off and shock everyone,” Another disciple deduced.

All the gathered disciples looked on with awe.

Clearing Level 10 meant that one could set up a Grade 2 formation.

In Elixir and Talisman Peak, the geniuses were barely able to refine Grade 1 elixirs or talismans.

In Weapon Peak, no one could even create an inferior-grade spirit weapon.

From that perspective, that mysterious challenger had already surpassed all the trial disciples in the five peaks!

Within the crowd, Feng Haoyu suddenly chuckled and shook his head. “The Dao of formations is merely a supplementary skill at the end of the day. In the cultivation world, one’s true strength is what matters in life and death situations.”

With that statement, Feng Haoyu turned around to leave with a bunch of Spirit Peak disciples behind him.

“Hmph! What’s he getting cocky for? He thinks he’s a somebody just because he’s good at fighting?”

“Isn’t that right? If this mysterious senior brother were to set up an array formation for him, he’d have to obediently surrender!”

“Listen to how salty he sounds. That’s the number one of Spirit Peak? How crass.”

Instantly, many Array Peak disciples were displeased as they mocked behind Feng Haoyu’s back.

To them, Feng Haoyu’s disdain of that mysterious challenger was equivalent to his disdain of Array Peak and indirectly, them.

Furthermore, even though the Dao of formations was a supplementary skill, it was extremely important.

If a sect was weak but possessed an extremely strong Array Formation Master, he could set up a sect protecting formation to withstand powerful enemies.

That was why some sects in the cultivation world who had strong Array Formation Masters were almost impenetrable.

“Amazing! That’s amazing!”

Little fatty rubbed his chubby palms and declared, “It’d be such a pity if I don’t get to know someone so amazing! Just who is this person?”

Leng Rou’s gaze lingered for a long time on the Ten Formations Stele before she nodded her head. “Impressive.”

With that, Leng Rou left Array Peak too.

When the many disciples beside Leng Rou heard that, they could not help but yelp.

She had a cold and aloof nature and barely spoke. Even a genius like Feng Haoyu had not received an appraisal as such from her.

However, that single word she said was enough to tell of her thoughts.

Little fatty squinted his eyes and looked around the crowd for a long time as though he was searching for someone.

After a while, he found nothing and frowned, murmuring to himself, “Where did bro disappear to recently? He isn’t even here to take a look at such a huge commotion?”

“No, I’ve got to go take a look at Weapon Peak.”

His mind made up, little fatty summoned his flying sword and sped towards Weapon Peak.

In the distant skies, five Golden Cores stood among the clouds, watching the rare spectacle on Array Peak.

They were the five peak masters.

“Just who is the person who challenged the pagoda? Even I’m curious,” The brown haired youth of Elixir Peak said with a gaudy tone.

Four pairs of eyes landed on Xuan Yi as Wen Xuan chuckled. “Say it. I don’t believe that you don’t know who it is as Array Peak’s master.”

Hands behind his back, Xuan Yi smiled in silence.

“Stop beating around the bush! Say it!” Talisman Peak’s master, a cold-looking woman, barked.

Xuan Yi’s smile froze on his face.


The disheveled old man rubbed his hands in laughter. “You wouldn’t want Qi Shan to get angry. If she throws a bunch of talismans on your face, you’ll know what’s true suffering.”

“No, no.”

The brown haired youth shook his head with a serious expression. “Qi Shan won’t bear to attack Xuan Yi.”

Qi Shan’s face blushed for a brief moment as she glared at the disheveled old man and brown haired youth with grit teeth. “You damned fogies! Nothing good comes out of your mouths!”

With an awkward expression, Xuan Yi looked at Qi Shan warily before coughing. “I really can’t reveal this.”


Wen Xuan was puzzled. “That’s strange. How unique is the identity of this lad that you can’t tell us?”

Xuan Yi shook his head in silence.

The disheveled old man waved it off. “Forget it, let’s not make things difficult for him.”

Pausing for a moment, the disheveled old man couldn’t help but remark, “But, you’re quite something, Xuan Yi. To think that you’ve managed to groom such a talent without letting us know about it. That’s quite skillful of you.”

“Hmph, I reckon he must have spent quite a bit of time and energy on that lad,” Qi Shan scoffed.

Xuan Yi smiled. “Not really. He’s self-taught.”


The four peak masters exchanged surprised glances.

If someone could clear the Ten Formations Pagoda based on his own studies without the guidance of a strong Array Formation Master as backing, that was truly something incredible.

“Damn, that’s going to make us even more curious,” Wen Xuan laughed bitterly.

Xuan Yi pondered for a moment and replied, “Don’t worry. His identity won’t be hidden for long. It’s just a matter of time before you guys know about it.”




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