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(Level (6)

Right as Zhong Wen entered Level 5, Su Zimo ascended as well.

This level was the final test for one to become an Elementary Array Formation Master.

A combination array formation.

Even between Elementary Array Formation Masters, some had deeper understanding towards formations. Some could combine two, three or even more formations together.

Level 5s combination formation comprised of two of either an illusory, trap or killing formation.

The reason why it was difficult was partly because the combination of formation patterns was difficult to distinguish, making it easy to commit a wrong judgment.

At the same time, a combination of two Grade 1 formations implied that there were two formation eyes and that increased the difficulty level of the formation.

Even though Grade 2 formations had two formation eyes as well, they were still more difficult to dispel than two Grade 1 formations combined together.

The reason for that was simple.

Destroying a formation eye was equivalent to destroying half of the combination formation. With that, the remaining half would be much easier to dispel.

However, destroying a formation eye in a Grade 2 formation would not dispel the formation entirely.

Su Zimo stood on the spot and sensed his surroundings, realizing instantly that he was in a trap and illusion combination formation.

"My lucks average."

Su Zimo muttered softly.

Things would have been much simpler for Su Zimo if it was a combination formation with a killing formation.

However, given his current understanding of formations, clearing Level 5 wasnt difficult it was just a matter of time.

Time slowly passed.

The Array Peak disciples outside of Ten Formations Pagoda did not leave.

At the moment, most of the peoples attention was not on Zhong Wen. Instead, they were curious as to who the person who cleared the Level 4 formation was.

As evening approached, Level 5 lit up.

"That must be Senior Brother Zhong!"

"Yes! He broke another record once more! Hes even faster than before!"

"I wonder if he can clear Level 6."

The disciples began to discuss once more.

From Level 6 on, it was a test of the Array Formation Masters understanding of Grade 2 formations.

Similar to Level 1, Level 6 only required laying a supplementary type of Grade 2 formation.

The formation patterns of a Grade 2 formation were much more complex than a Grade 1 and its difficulty was doubly so. Any slight mistake would render the formation a failure.

The Array Peak disciples knew that two hours was all it took to know whether or not one could pass Level 6.

Everyone waited patiently.

Two hours were nearly up and there was still no sign of light from Level 6.

All of a sudden!

A blur appeared at the entrance of Ten Formations Pagoda as a figure appeared.

Everyones hearts skipped a beat as they looked over.

It was Zhong Wen!


"Its a pity, but I failed Level 6."

"Actually, its a good thing. You took a faster time clearing the first five levels so youve already broken your previous record, Senior Brother Zhong."

Because he had gone through the killing formation of the Ten Formations Pagoda, Zhong Wens clothes were tattered and he looked somewhat wretched. However, his expression was still calm and firm as he looked towards the Ten Formations Stele.

A bedazzling bright light shone on the first row of the Ten Formations Stele.

The name written was still Zhong Wen and it was still stated that he had cleared Level 5. However, the time taken had changed from 11 hours to 10 hours and 15 minutes!

Zhong Wen heaved a sigh of relief.

His arm had quivered slightly at the critical juncture of setting up his Grade 2 formation. As such, there were some deviations in his formation patterns and his previous efforts were wasted.

However, he had still gained something for breaking his own record once more.

Elder Luo smiled. "Not bad, not bad. Work harder when you get back and try to break through Level 6 before you become an inner sect disciple!"

"Dont worry, Elder Luo. Level 6 cant stop me," Zhong Wen replied confidently.

He believed that as long as he spent more time researching, he would be able to get through Level 6.

Cupping his fists, Zhong Wen bid farewell to Elder Luo and nodded to the Array Peak disciples behind him before turning to leave.

He walked a few steps before realizing something strange.

The reason why those Array Peak disciples had gathered was because they wanted to see if he could break a new record. However, now that he had left, they did not seem like they had any intention of leaving?

Now that night had descended and those disciples werent attempting to challenge the pagoda, what were they waiting for?

Zhong Wen stopped in his tracks and swept his gaze across the faces of those Array Peak disciples.

He realized that everyone was looking at Ten Formations Pagoda from time to time as though they were waiting for something.

Was someone challenging the pagoda?

But, who else other than him would attract all of those audiences for their challenge of the pagoda?

Frowning, Zhong Wen came beside an Array Peak disciple and asked in a seemingly casual manner, "Junior Brother Wang, what are you guys waiting for?"


That disciple was somewhat flustered as he stammered, "T-There are two other people challenging the pagoda right now and one of them made it through Level 4 as well. However, we dont know who it is. Im waiting to see who that person is."

"Yeah, its just out of curiosity," Another disciple smiled awkwardly.

After all, they had accompanied Zhong Wen for the pagoda challenge initially. As such, they naturally felt somewhat embarrassed that they were still lingering on with their attention on someone else despite Zhong Wen wanting to leave.

Zhong Wens expression relaxed as he chuckled and waved it off. "Alright, since Ive got nothing on, Ill wait and see too."

The moment he said that, Level 5 lit up!

The crowd was in an uproar!

"He cleared Level 5?"

"Thats enough to leave a name on the Ten Formations Stele!"

"Amazing! Who is that person?"

When he heard the discussions of the crowd, Zhong Wens expression turned serious.

Even though he knew that Grade 2 formation patterns were much more complex and this person would not be able to clear Level 6, for some reason, he felt uneasy.

It felt as though his status was being threatened.

Elder Luos gaze lingered for a long time on Level 5.

"Where did that disheveled old man find this treasure? To think that hes an array formation genius."

"However, how did he manage to clear the killing formation in just 17 seconds? Could the formation eye have appeared right beside that lad?"

"Was it luck?"

Elder Luo frowned in thought.

The Array Peak disciples who already had no intention of leaving were even more determined to stay on after seeing the mysterious person clear Level 5.

Level 6 was a test of Grade 2 formation skills. An outcome would be determined within two hours.

None of them minded waiting for another two hours.

The night got darker.

Having spent an entire day waiting in front of the Ten Formations Pagoda, even the Qi Refinement Warriors were showing signs of fatigue.

"An hour has passed. Itll be soon."

"Yes, lets wait and see."

Right after that disciple spoke, a bright light shone from Level 6 and illuminated the night skies!


Hundreds of Array Peak disciples raised their heads and watched with agape mouths, forgetting to even breathe momentarily.

Everyones expressions were frozen. Their eyes were filled with complex emotions shock, confusion, amazement, surprise

In only an hour, Su Zimo had cleared Level 6!

Elder Luo bolted upright and looked at the shining formation pattern light on Level 6, lamenting internally, "Holy shit, holy shit! A true formation genius has appeared in our sect!"




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