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(Things Are Getting Interesting Now)

Initially, a new record on the Ten Formations Stele wasn’t something trial disciples of the five peaks would be concerned about.

That was because everyone knew that it must have been broken by Zhong Wen and because of that, they were already used to it.

However, when they heard that the new record was broken by an unknown, mysterious disciple, it piqued everyone’s curiosity.

Following that, news spread of how Zhong Wen had returned to challenge the pagoda once more but he still lost to the mysterious challenger. Right now, it was his third attempt and the outcome was unknown.

A clash between two top geniuses of Array Peak was akin to the year end Array Peak face-off being brought forward!

It wasn’t just the young and inquisitive trial disciples who were interested, even the five peak masters were aroused with slight curiosity.

The number of people gathered before the Ten Formations Pagoda was increasing as time went on!

Other than Array Peak, disciples of the other four peaks came as well to witness the final outcome.

Led by Feng Haoyu, a group of talents from Spirit Peak arrived. Little fatty was among them.

After three months, little fatty was already at the peak of Level 8 Qi Condensation.

Leng Rou’s appearance caused a huge stir as many disciples turned their gazes towards this ice cold beauty.

In less than a year, she was regarded by quite a number of people as the top beauty of all five peaks.

It wasn’t just because of her looks, it was also because she was extremely strong. Right now, she was the same as Feng Haoyu at the peak of Level 9 Qi Condensation.

She was his biggest competitor for the year end Spirit Peak’s face-off.

More than that, Leng Rou had displayed a shocking talent in the craft of talismans!

She also stood a high chance of taking the number one spot on Talisman Peak’s year end face-off!

Disciples of Elixir, Talisman and Weapon Peak had arrived to watch the show with Xue Yi and the others among them.

There were still three months left to the year end face-off. This challenge of the Ten Formations Pagoda was probably the biggest event in all five peaks till then.

In the blink of an eye, the third day was already half gone.

As dusk arrived, Level 5 of the Ten Formations Pagoda lit up, indicating that Zhong Wen was about to challenge Level 6 once more.

If he could clear Level 6 within an hour, he would be able to reclaim his honor as the number one of Array Peak!

Little fatty squeezed through the crowd to get to Xue Yi and whispered, “Senior Brother Xue, why haven’t I seen bro at all recently?”

“I’ve not seen him for a couple of days now as well. But I think things should be fine, don’t worry,” Xue Yi consoled.

Little fatty frowned and murmured, “Strange. I haven’t seen him in three months and his cave abode was empty too. I was contemplating to help bro sharpen his fighting techniques.”

Xue Yi smiled without saying anything.

In his opinion, Su Zimo might have realized he had no hope of winning at the end of the year and made an excuse to leave.

That way, he could avoid the year end face-off. Even though he might get mocked by others for it, it was better than losing in front of everyone.

Right then, Level 6 burst forth with a bright, bedazzling light of formation patterns.

“He did it!”

“How long did it take?”

“Around 45 minutes! It’s less than an hour!”

“As expected of Senior Brother Zhong. He is backed by a strong foundation of knowledge towards array formations after all.”

As the discussions went on, some of the Array Peak disciples who were closer to Zhong Wen heaved a sigh of relief.

Before long, Zhong Wen was sent out of the Ten Formations Pagoda.

At the same time, the top row of the Ten Formations Stele shone brightly as the words shuffled. “Zhong Wen, cleared Level 6, 45 minutes!”

“Not bad, not bad.”

Elder Luo nodded with a smile.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Zhong!”

“You’re still the best! You’ve cleared Level 6 with such speed!”

Some disciples of Array Peak hurriedly congratulated him with cupped fists.

Hands behind his back, Feng Haoyu nodded to Zhong Wen.

Given Feng Haoyu’s haughty character and status within the five peaks, he was already giving face to Zhong Wen by showing that gesture.

Zhong Wen smiled and raised his voice. “Everyone, please quiet down.”

The noisy crowd gradually calmed down.

“It’s all thanks to your care and concern that I’m able to return to the top of the Ten Formations Stele. It’s been a tiring few days, everyone, but”

Zhong Wen changed the topic and with a sharp gaze, looked towards the Ten Formations Pagoda intently and declared, “The person I must thank the most is that unknown challenger. I’ve mentioned previously, his appearance will force the best out of m-”

Before Zhong Wen could even finish saying ‘me’, his pitch changed and his pupils constricted as though he had witnessed something horrifying.

Everyone looked in Zhong Wen’s direction.

Level 7 of the Ten Formations Pagoda was lit up!

The light was a little blinding.

Before anyone knew it, Elder Luo was already standing up and looking at Level 7 with a blank look of disbelief.

The atmosphere in front of the Ten Formations Pagoda had turned extremely strange.

No one spoke.

Everyone was mesmerized by the light coming from Level 7 that they forgot to breathe; it was as though they had lost their souls.

Zhong Wen’s expression changed a couple of times before settling on an ashen look with a dim gaze.

He had lost.

He had lost completely!

Right then, he tried countless times to muster his courage and gather his confidence, but he couldn’t do it!

The shining light of Level 7 gave him a pressure that no one could understand!

It was a pressure called despair.

He knew better than any other disciples among the five peaks about the obscurity of Grade 2 formations. Even that mysterious challenger had spent an entire two days and nights before deducing his way to clear Level 7.

However, a clear was a clear.

Yet, Zhong Wen was completely lost in the face of Level 7’s formation. He was trapped by the illusion formation and could not locate any loopholes of it at all.

In fact, he could not last for more than four hours within Level 7.

If he continued to stay on, there was a high chance he would suffer irrecoverable damage to his psyche.


Sighing sadly, Zhong Wen turned around and mumbled to himself despondently, “I’ve got no chance of surpassing him.”

“You do.”

Right then, a warm voice rang out beside Zhong Wen.

Zhong Wen looked up.

Out of nowhere, Array Peak’s master, Xuan Yi, had appeared and was standing not far away, smiling and looking at him encouragingly.

When he met with that gaze, Zhong Wen shuddered and the haze within his heart dispersed, allowing him to see the light once more.

Taking a deep breath of air, Zhong Wen nodded his head and replied deeply, “Don’t worry, master. I won’t be defeated that easily. I’ll be back once more!”

“Well done. That’s more like my disciple.”

With his confidence regained, Zhong Wen left the Ten Formations Pagoda once more.

Xuan Yi looked at the fading Level 7 light and a trace of curiosity flashed in his eyes. He floated towards Elder Luo and set up a soundproof barrier with the wave of his hand, asking, “Who is inside? When did someone like that appear in our Array Peak?”

“That lad is not from our peak,” Elder Luo chuckled bitterly and shook his head.


Xuan Yi frowned and asked, “What’s his name?”

“Su Zimo.”

Xuan Yi’s heart skipped a beat and his expression turned odd.

Sensing the change in Xuan Yi’s expression, Elder Luo asked, “Why? You know that person? His name does sound somewhat familiar, as though I’ve heard it somewhere.”

Xuan Yi did not reply him. He seemed to have thought of something fun as he smiled. “Things are getting interesting now.”




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