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(Thunderclap Valley)

Regarding Su Zimo’s matter, the five peak masters had a tacit understanding.

He had cultivated some sort of body tempering technique and it was an extremely terrifying one such that he had the power to defeat an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

But of course, it could not be denied that Feng Haoyu’s foundation was unstable since he had just advanced to Foundation Establishment realm. Furthermore, he was unprepared.

Even though Su Zimo had won this fight, all five peak masters felt that the outcome would be indeterminate if they were to fight again.

Firstly, it was worth suspecting the origins of this body tempering technique.

Something so terrifying could very likely be a secret of some sect out there, similar to Ethereal Sword.

If that was the case, they would have to think about Su Zimo’s background and identity.

Could he be sent by other sects to hide in Ethereal Peak?

Did he have some ulterior motive for joining Ethereal Peak?

That was something intolerable for any sect. If they were to discover a spy, a light punishment would be to maim him of his cultivation or kick him out of the sect. Even a heavy punishment of killing him outright was considered to be normal.

Secondly, that body tempering technique did not seem as though it was from the orthodox path. Instead, it seemed like a demonic technique.

If that was the case and it was proven that Su Zimo was someone of the demonic path, all the more he shouldn’t be kept! Despite admiring his talents, all five peak masters would have him killed on the spot!

Something as such was non-negotiable.

The path of immortals and demons was different to begin with and couldn’t coexist.

There was no way they would let someone of the demonic path stay in the sect to plot against them!

They then recalled all the various abnormalities about Su Zimo since he had joined the sect. The explosion of the spirit testing gate; he ascended the peak against little crane’s obstruction; he slashed at Xuan Yi after clearing the Eight Distresses Formation; he managed to cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire right after joining the sect

“Su Zimo, do you have anything to say for yourself?” The cold lady asked frostily.

A look of pity flashed through Xuan Yi’s eyes.

He had initially thought that Su Zimo could become the sect’s second Sword Formation Master.

However, he would not permit it if that Sword Formation Master was someone on the demonic path!

Killing demons was the duty of orthodox cultivators. Since Ethereal Peak was one of the five main sects of the Great Zhou Dynasty, this was naturally something non-negotiable.

Furthermore, the talent displayed by Su Zimo was way too extraordinary.

If he was truly someone of the demonic path, he must not be kept alive!

He would definitely grow up to be a powerhouse of the demonic path and would turn into a great nemesis of all orthodox sects!

Su Zimo did not know how he should explain things.

However, through the gazes of the five peak masters, he understood that he could be met with a gigantic predicament he could not get through this.

A calamity of life and death!


Right as Su Zimo was about to speak, a loud and clear sound of a crane could be heard from the clouds above the heavens.


The winds howled as a gigantic pair of wings covered half the skies, shrouding them with a large shadow.

Everyone subconsciously looked up.

A humongous crane descended from the skies. Flapping its wings, sand was blown everywhere.

The clothes of many disciples fluttered in the wind. Some disciples even lost their footing against the strong wind and swayed.

The Mystical Guardian Beast had suddenly appeared!

No one had expected that a match between two Qi Refinement Warriors would trigger such an immense existence in the sect.

In the eyes of many disciples, the crane was the most mysterious existence in the sect. Rarely seen, it was said that the crane was even older than the sect itself.

However, one thing was certain – the strength and status of the crane surpassed even the five peak masters!

“Greetings, senior.”

Instantly, the five peak masters bowed respectfully at the arrival of the crane.

Hovering in midair, the crane did not move and swept its gaze across the crowd, finally fixing it on Su Zimo. Suddenly, it spoke in human language, “Weapon Peak disciple, Su Zimo, has resulted in Qi Deviation from his training! He shall be punished to an indefinite seclusion in Thunderclap Valley to reflect on himself!”

Everyone was stunned.

The five peak masters were equally stumped.

What surprised the five peak masters was that from the tone of the crane, it seemed as though it had no doubts about Su Zimo’s background and was merely punishing him to reflect on himself in Thunderclap Valley.

In other words, the crane was implying that Su Zimo had not cultivated demonic techniques. He had merely made a mistake in his path of cultivation, resulting in a Qi Deviation.

However, the contradiction was that if Su Zimo’s background and cultivation techniques were normal, there was no need to punish him at all, let alone send him to Thunderclap Valley to reflect on himself.

If there was nothing wrong, why should he reflect on himself?

If it was a mere Qi Deviation, all he had to do was to cultivate in seclusion within his cave abode with extra caution so that he could stabilize his foundation.

Upon hearing the words Thunderclap Valley, the five peak masters exchanged strange glances.

They simultaneously thought of someone.

Trial disciples of the sect were no stranger to the Thunderclap Valley as well.

Thunderclap Valley was a place between Ethereal Peak and the back mountains. The strange topography formed a mysterious valley where reverberating thunderclaps could be heard rumbling through the year.

It wasn’t a large place and it was barren.

Every rainy day, it would even bring forth countless thunderbolts.

Due to the thin presence of spirit qi alongside the endless thunderclaps, it was impossible for one to cultivate within.

Being sent to Thunderclap Valley was a punishment akin to being kicked out of the sect.

Suddenly, little fatty recalled something and mumbled to himself, “It’s over, it’s over! I already told bro that he should release little crane. This is bad. This big crane must be making use of this opportunity to punish bro!”

Naturally, little fatty knew that little crane was trapped in front of Su Zimo’s cave abode.

Some disciples also recalled that Su Zimo had once bullied little crane before he entered the sect. Now that the sect’s guardian had descended personally, they could not help but relate both matters.

“Hehe! That Su Zimo sure is unlucky! He had just gotten first place of four peaks. Before he can do anything, he’s already being thrown to Thunderclap Valley!” Some disciples in the crowd laughed.

“It should be fine. He’ll still be equally powerful when he returns.”

“Hmph, didn’t you pay attention to the main point of senior crane?” That person continued, “Senior crane mentioned an indefinite amount of time for him to reflect on himself! That means that Su Zimo will not be able to leave without senior crane’s permission!”

“It can’t be that ruthless, right?” Another disciple jumped in fright.

That person shrugged and said, “Even if that’s not the case, he won’t be able to cultivate within! If it locks him for a good ten years, we’ll all be Foundation Establishment Cultivators and inner sect disciples by the time he comes out. Even if he’s the number one of four peaks, so what? He’ll still be just a Level 9 Qi Refinement Warrior!”

Many disciples could not help but feel secretly alarmed when they heard that.

Su Zimo remained silent in the spirit arena.

In truth, he knew very well that the crane was not sending him to Thunderclap Valley as a punishment.

If it wanted to punish him, it could have done so long ago and without any reason in fact. Why wait till now?

Besides, Su Zimo had a vague feeling.

The crane was doing this to save him!

If it had not appeared, he would either be maimed of his cultivation, kicked out of the sect or killed on the spot!

However, there was something that puzzled Su Zimo as well.

If the crane merely wanted to save him, why send him to Thunderclap Valley?

Why was it doing this?



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