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(Not Even at Foundation Establishment!)

Feng Haoyu was long already at Perfected Qi Condensation and could naturally advance to Foundation Establishment realm at any moment.

However, he had not expected that he would make a breakthrough during his fight against Su Zimo.

It seemed a little hasty.

If it was anyone else, they might fail in their advancement to Foundation Establishment. However, Feng Haoyu was different. In terms of endowment or spirit root, he was the creme of the crop.

Even though he was already injured, he had the confidence of reaching Foundation Establishment realm in one fell swoop after consuming the Qi Rejuvenation and Foundation Establishment Elixirs!

As the five peak masters argued, the medicinal essence of the Foundation Establishment Elixir coursed through Feng Haoyu’s body and surged into his dantian.

Inside, his sea of qi rumbled and spewed continuously.

Through the power of the medicinal essence coupled with Feng Haoyu’s control, the vast sea of qi began to coagulate to the middle!

The sea of qi was shrinking within his body.

However, the aura it emitted was even more terrifying.

The difference between Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment was a huge leap.

In the path of cultivation, every crossing of a realm would bring about a significant change to one’s strength.

This was the reason why things like defeating an opponent of different levels was mostly only possible within the same realm. When the difference is a realm apart, it was difficult to take down an opponent.

That was also the reason why cultivators would have a change in title after a breakthrough in realm.

Cultivators at Qi Condensation realm were called Qi Refinement Warriors.

As for Foundation Establishment cultivators, they were called Cultivator Warriors.

At the Golden Core realm, one could gain the title of a Perfected being!

From Qi Condensation to Foundation Establishment, the spirit qi in the dantian would undergo a change in quality. Instead of qi, it would be transformed to a liquid state.

With that, the strength one possessed would be purer, more solidified and powerful.

Using that was a basis, one could then learn and unleash the various types of power spirit arts in the cultivation world.

Right now, that transformation was happening within Feng Haoyu’s body.

No matter how much the five peak masters argued, they were still rational towards this matter as none of them interrupted Feng Haoyu’s breakthrough process.

After all, Feng Haoyu’s cultivation path may very well be crippled if he were to fail his Foundation Establishment breakthrough.

That would imply the loss of a great genius.

Standing in the spirit arena, Su Zimo did not make a move as well while he watched everything unfold.

Everyone present was not fools. To be fair, if it was a life and death battle, Feng Haoyu would have already lost here.

Which opponent would give their enemies a chance to break through?

They would seize the opportunity and kill them on the spot!

However, to everyone’s bewilderment, Su Zimo was still extremely calm as though he was looking at something completely unrelated to him.

An unknown period of time passed.

The vast sea of qi within Feng Haoyu’s dantian disappeared, transforming into a drop of liquid. An even more terrifying aura spread out slowly, rippling through the crowd.

From its size, that drop of spirit liquid was small. However, in terms of power, it was many times larger than the sea of qi!

Feng Haoyu let out a long sigh. By the time he walked back into the spirit arena, he had gone through a complete transformation – his aura was incomparably sharp with a torrential fighting spirit!

Smiling, Feng Haoyu asked, “Su Zimo, you don’t have much spirit qi left in you after controlling those six flying swords, right?”

Su Zimo did not reply and merely looked at Feng Haoyu silently.

On the other side, Wen Xuan and the disheveled old man were still arguing nonstop.

The fight between Su Zimo and Feng Haoyu had become a battle between the two peaks.

To Wen Xuan, it no longer mattered if the fight was unfair to Su Zimo. Feng Haoyu was a disciple of Spirit Peak and this year’s number one to boot.

He must not lose!

What Wen Xuan did not realize was that his attitude provoked the injustice in Su Zimo’s heart.

‘Since you want to let Feng Haoyu win, very well. I’ll have him lose!’

‘Not just a loss. I’ll have him suffer a complete defeat!’

Feng Haoyu waved his sleeves and his flying sword that had fallen nearby turned into a stream of light, returning to his side.

The mere act of summoning his flying sword left many disciples’ hearts palpitating.

It was too fast!

Now that he was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, Feng Haoyu’s sword kinesis speed was more than twice as fast!

Coupled with the support of his wind attribute alongside the sect’s secret skill, Ethereal Sword, which Qi Refinement Warrior could defend against Feng Haoyu’s next attack?

Defending aside, they may not even be able to dodge it!

The disheveled old man laughed coldly. No longer arguing with Wen Xuan, he declared loudly, “Su Zimo, let’s not fight anymore! Since he wants the victory to be in Spirit Peak’s name, so be it! It doesn’t matter. Everyone knows who won or lost!”

With that, the disheveled old man left his seat and walked towards the spirit arena while remarking, “What an eye-opener. A Foundation Establishment Cultivator actually has the cheek to fight against a Qi Refinement Warrior. Some people truly know no shame.”

Wen Xuan’s expression turned ugly.

If Su Zimo had admitted defeat, he wouldn’t have forced the fight to continue.

When Feng Haoyu heard the disheveled old man’s words, his cheeks burned with shame as well.

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed and asked, “Master, it’s already embarrassing enough for Foundation Establishment Cultivators to pick a fight against Qi Refinement Warriors. But, wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing if they lose?”


The disheveled old man froze for a moment and paused in his tracks – he did not understand what Su Zimo meant.

Su Zimo clenched his fists. His eyes shone brightly as he declared loud and clear, “Feng Haoyu, let me tell you. Even at Foundation Establishment, you can’t beat me!”

“Such arrogant words. Prepare to die!”

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through Feng Haoyu’s eyes. Conjuring a sword art in both hands, he hollered as his flying sword suddenly burst forth, leaving shadows in its wake.

The sword qi was like ice that sent shivers down one’s spine!


A wave of shock and astonishment could be heard from the crowd.

That strike was way too fast!

Everyone had merely felt a flash before their eyes and the flying sword had already pierced right in front of Su Zimo.

But the next moment, everyone’s exclamation stopped!

The disciples of the five peaks discovered in shock that out of nowhere, Su Zimo had disappeared from where he was too!


Suddenly, a loud bang echoed from the spirit arena. A footprint appeared where Su Zimo was originally standing, shattering the surrounding stone slabs and leaving a spiderweb-like crack.

Everyone focused their attention.

In midair, a green shadow burst towards Feng Haoyu with lightning speed.

A crisp sound rang out as the flying sword crossed with that shadow.

If the sword had pierced Su Zimo, it would definitely flash with a bloody glow.

However, there were no traces of blood on the spirit arena.

He had dodged it?

Su Zimo had actually managed to dodge an attack of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator using the sect’s secret skill!

But, what was that crisp sound earlier on?

The disciples of the five peaks below were unable to see clearly because the flying sword was too fast and Su Zimo’s intercrossing with it merely lasted a split second.

However, the five peak masters saw everything clearly.

The moment Feng Haoyu struck with his sword, Su Zimo left his original position and charged towards the incoming sword!

Right as the sword was about to stab him, Su Zimo suddenly made an extremely strange dodge in midair and barely avoided the flying sword.

It was a mere centimeter gap!

As for the crisp sound, it was because the flying sword had struck Su Zimo’s sect badge on his waist.



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