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(Hexagonal Sword Formation)

Even though Su Zimo was still calm upon hearing that, the many disciples below were shocked and excited.

“Senior Brother Feng’s finally about to use the sect’s secret skill!”

“I heard that it’s one of the three major secret skills, Ethereal Sword! Through the ethereal plains, the sword is nowhere to be seen!”

“Ethereal Sword is one of the strongest sword kinesis skills within our Great Zhou Dynasty. Finally, we’ll get to see it today!”

Most of the people present were trial disciples of the five peaks who usually would not have a chance to catch a glimpse of the sect’s secret skills. Right now, their eyes were all widened in anticipation.

The disheveled old man frowned. He looked at Wen Xuan and said in a deep voice, “Let’s stop the battle here and consider it as a draw between both parties.”

In all fairness, for Feng Haoyu to have to use the sect’s secret skills against Su Zimo, he had already lost in the first place.

That was because most normal trial disciples would not have the rights to learn Ethereal Sword.

The disheveled old man’s suggestion at this point was already a compromise on his end.

Wen Xuan pondered for a short moment before shaking his head. “At this point, how can we appease the masses if a victor is not decided?”

“Wen Xuan, is it because you’re indignant that Feng Haoyu was unable to win this?” The disheveled old man was a little angry.


Wen Xuan turned to the disheveled old man and replied, “The three of you have been teaching Su Zimo how to refine elixirs, weapons and imparting sword formations to him. I can let that slide. However, Feng Haoyu is a disciple of Spirit Peak! I can’t let him lose in a battle! That is a concern of my peak’s glory!”

“You!” The disheveled old man hesitated.

Wen Xuan waved it off. “I’m never wrong in my judgment of people. Haoyu is the future hope of our sect. At the end of the day, the legacy of our sect is not about elixir or weapon refinement. True strength is what matters.”

Right then in the spirit arena, Su Zimo said something that interrupted the argument between the disheveled old man and Wen Xuan.

“The sect’s secret skill?”

Su Zimo laughed and shook his head. “Feng Haoyu, if that’s your last resort, you will definitely lose this fight!”

Everyone was stunned!

No one could imagine that Su Zimo would say something like that in the face of the sect’s secret skill!

Was he looking down on the sect’s secret skill or Feng Haoyu?

What right did Su Zimo have?


Feng Haoyu burst out in laughter. “Su Zimo, I think you don’t know just how strong our sect’s secret skill is to speak of that nonsense. Today, I’ll teach you how to be a human!”


Feng Haoyu conjured a sword art as his fingertip emitted a trace of spiritual energy and injected it into the flying sword.

Quivering endlessly, the sword tore through the voids and a series of shadows appeared behind it in a bewitching manner. It was hard to tell between reality and illusion.

When he saw that, Wen Xuan nodded as his eyes flashed with admiration.

The brown haired youth commented with a grave look, “There are three levels to Ethereal Sword. To think that Feng Haoyu would have mastered Level 1, Shadows, this quickly.”

“Haoyu has a wind spirit root to begin with and he’s the most suited to cultivate Ethereal Sword. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have let him learn the sect’s secret skill while he’s in Qi Condensation realm,” Wen Xuan replied indifferently.

In the spirit arena.

Su Zimo retracted his three flying swords which hovered in front of him. Slapping his storage bag, another three flying swords appeared in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, all three of them were inferior-grade spirit weapons as well!

Everyone was stunned.

Six inferior-grade flying swords!

That was something completely unimaginable for Qi Refinement Warriors.

“W-W-What’s going on?”

“Holy f*ck! How is Su Zimo taking out inferior-grade spirit weapons three at a time? How is he obtaining them so cheaply?!”

Most of the cultivators watched with widened eyes as their jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

Many disciples were already envious over Su Zimo’s previous summoning of three inferior-grade flying swords. Now that he summoned yet another three, most of them could not take it any longer.

Some of the trial disciples who had joined the sect for many years instantly felt that they had been wasting their time since they hadn’t acquired even a single inferior-grade spirit weapon. Yet, Su Zimo had six after joining for less than a year!

At that moment, most of the disciples finally realized as well.

Those six identical flying swords could not have been from the sect’s Spirit Weapon Chamber!

The only possibility was that Su Zimo had refined them himself!

“This is crazy. Had I known this would be the case, I would have gotten closer to Junior Brother Su! Perhaps I might even get an inferior-grade spirit weapon from him!”

“Why would I need to learn sword kinesis if I had six inferior-grade spirit weapons? I’ll just toss them at any opponent I meet and smash them to death!”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Senior Brother Feng is in possession of our sect’s secret skill. That isn’t something that can be defended against by spirit weapons.”

The crowd was buzzing but the five peak masters remained silent.

The disheveled old man furrowed his brows even tighter.

Even though having six inferior-grade spirit weapons was amazing, they were not match against the sect’s secret skill.

Sensing the disheveled old man’s worries, the brown haired youth comforted, “No matter what, that lad is truly talented in weapon refinement still. As long as we nurture him well, he can still make waves through the sect competition.”

What the brown haired youth meant was that even if Su Zimo lost this match, it would not affect his status in the sect.

After all, everyone had their own specialties.

Su Zimo was talented in weapon and elixir refinement while Feng Haoyu was good in fighting – the both of them had different advantages.

However, no one realized that Xuan Yi who was standing beside the brown haired youth was incomparably nervous. He watched Su Zimo fixedly with a deep excitement in his eyes.

“Indeed, six flying swords alone won’t be enough to defend against the sect’s secret skill. But, it it was”

In the spirit arena.

Feng Haoyu’s expression changed momentarily when he saw the six flying swords summoned by Su Zimo. However, that change disappeared almost instantly as he scoffed coldly, “Su Zimo, you’re way too naive! You really think that you can defend against my sword just because you have six inferior-grade flying swords?”


A cold glint flashed in Feng Haoyu’s eyes as he hollered. The sword tore through the voids with a chilling aura, letting out a soul-rattling explosion!

A series of shadows formed behind the sword, confusing any onlookers.

Su Zimo was calm as he waved his hands continuously, controlling the six flying swords in the air.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The six flying swords intertwined, leaving streams of sword qi.

The Tripartite Sword Formation was a triangular sword formation.

The Hexagonal Sword Formation was an evolution of that. By combining two Tripartite Sword Formations, it formed the Hexagonal Sword Formation!

It was a great enhancement be it in terms of offense or defense!

“What is this?”

“Eh? That hexagonal star formed by the sword formation looks familiar?”

“I think that’s the emblem on Peak Master Xuan Yi’s sleeves!”

Everyone instinctively looked towards Xuan Yi.

By now, Xuan Yi had already stood up and was visibly emotional as he nodded. “Good, good! Well done! You have actually managed to master the Hexagonal Sword Formation!”

All other four peak masters let out looks of disbelief.

There was only a single Sword Formation Master within the sect – Xuan Yi.

As Golden Cores, they naturally knew how difficult it would be to become Sword Formation Masters.

The hexagonal emblem etched on Xuan Yi’s sleeves was a display of his pride.

And now, the Hexagonal Sword Formation has appeared once more. However, it came from the hands of a Qi Refinement Warrior – that shocked everyone!

Ethereal Peak, within Ethereal Palace.

Sect Master Ling Yun’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly opened his eyes. A strange glint flashed in his eyes as he murmured, “The Hexagonal Sword Formation?”

Above the clouds in the skies of Array Peak, a gigantic pair of wings were faintly visible. A pair of eyes were also silently watching everything unfold in the spirit arena.



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