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(Mysterious Danger)

Looking at the Foundation Establishment Elixir that hovered in midair, it was pure silence both in and outside the hall.

Everyone held their breaths subconsciously as their eyes and minds were drawn in by that single elixir.

The five elixir patterns on the surface looked so profound and mystical. They were flawless, as though they were the most beautiful patterns in this world.

Five elixir patterns, a perfect Foundation Establishment Elixir!

Even Advanced Elixir Refinement Masters who could refine Grade 3 elixirs would not dare to guarantee that they could definitely produce a perfect Foundation Establishment Elixir.

Perfection meant that there were no flaws at all.

This proved that every step and every detail of an Elixir Refinement Master during the entire pill refinement process had reached perfection!

With such a Foundation Establishment Elixir, even Qi Refinement Warriors with a pseudo spirit root would have a chance to rise to Foundation Establishment realm!

At that moment, most of the disciples forgot about victory or defeat. They forgot that this was Elixir Peak’s face-off as they were all smitten by the elixir.

That was the case until Su Zimo put away the Foundation Establishment Elixir. Thousands of disciples let out a long sigh at the loss of that spectacular sight.

That sigh contained many complicated emotions.

Disappointment, jealousy, envy and respect.

“No doubt! He won without any doubt!”

“I thought that Elixir Peak’s face-off would be an even more intense challenge between Su Zimo and Feng Haoyu. To think that it would be this one-sided.”

The five peak masters nodded in approval as their eyes could not conceal their admiration for Su Zimo.

Elixir Peak’s number one! Number one of two peaks!

More importantly, this year’s number one of Elixir and Weapon Peak was much stronger than previous years.

For so many years, there had never been a number one of the Weapon Peak face-off who could successfully produce an inferior-grade spirit weapon.

For so many years, there had never been a number one of the Elixir Peak face-off who could create a perfect elixir even for elixirs with easier recipes.

Compared to the other sects, Ethereal Peak was much weaker in terms of elixir and weapon refinement.

In the immortal meet of the Great Zhou Dynasty held once every ten years, Ethereal Sect has never had anyone leave their names on the rankings of elixir and weapon refinement for the sect competition.

But this time, the five peak masters saw hope through Su Zimo.

Perhaps, he might be able to leave his mark on the ranking list for elixir and weapon refinement during the sect competition. That would bring them immense prestige!

Elixir Peak’s Huo Xiuyuan came before Su Zimo and laughed bitterly, cupping his fists. “Junior Brother Su, you’re really amazing. I’ve truly lost against you.”

“I was just lucky,” Su Zimo smiled.

At that moment, everyone’s gazes landed on Su Zimo.

A look of admiration flickered through Leng Rou’s eyes as well.

On the other side, Feng Haoyu was surprisingly calm despite his defeat as he lowered his head in deep thoughts.

At the same time, Su Zimo felt a mysterious sense of danger!

It was extremely faint but when he sensed for it carefully, he could not discover anything.

Su Zimo frowned.

It was an ominous feeling.

Ever since he entered the sect, he had been very comfortable. Even if Feng Haoyu was hostile to him, it did not bring him such a sense of danger.

Discreetly, Su Zimo swept his gaze past the five peak masters and did not notice anything unusual.

Therefore, he turned sideways and glanced at the crowd outside the hall but to no avail.

The sense of danger earlier on seemed to be a hallucination.

Right then, the brown haired youth declared, “The outcome of the Elixir Peak’s face-off is clear. I believe everyone has seen it. The victor is Su Zimo, disciple of Weapon Peak!”

Outside the hall, little fatty, Xue Yi and other Weapon Peak disciples cheered loudly.

Right then, every single Weapon Peak disciple beamed with pride.

The disheveled old man sat where he was laughing non-stop as well.

“Su Zimo, follow me to the Elixir Chamber to choose an elixir of your picking.”

Su Zimo nodded. Under the envious gaze of many disciples, he left the Elixir Refinement Hall and headed to the Elixir Chamber with the brown haired youth.

Even though the disciples outside the hall gradually dispersed, they were still discussing the outcome.

Losing two rounds in a row, Feng Haoyu left the Elixir Refinement Hall expressionlessly.

“Senior Brother Feng, there’s no need to take the outcome to heart. In any case, you can still teach that guy a lesson after the Spirit Peak face-off!”

A Spirit Peak disciple remarked consolingly.

Feng Haoyu smiled calmly. “Elixir and weapon refinement are merely supplementary skills at the end of the day. I hadn’t spent much effort on them to begin with. If I lost, so be it. That doesn’t matter to me.”

“You’re right, Senior Brother Feng.”

“That’s right. In the cultivation world, it doesn’t matter how amazing you are at elixir and weapon refinement. If you meet with danger, you will still die all the same. Only true strength is what matters.”

Many Spirit Peak disciples responded in unison.

After leaving Elixir Peak, Feng Haoyu suddenly said, “You guys can head back first. I’ll spend some time alone.”

Thinking that it was because Feng Haoyu was in a bad mood, the many disciples did not say anything else and left one after another.

Once everyone left, Feng Haoyu turned around slowly and glared towards the Elixir Chamber. His calm gaze suddenly changed, emitting a chilling aura!

On the other side, there were still some disciples lingering on Elixir Peak discussing things.

“Feng Haoyu had lost completely for both challenges.”

“That’s right. He boasted that he wanted to get number one of three peaks before the five peaks face-off. Now, I guess only Spirit Peak’s left for him.”

“I heard that Su Zimo had not intended to take part in the Elixir Peak face-off to begin with. Feng Haoyu was the one who provoked him into doing so.”

A disciple at the side shook his head. “In my opinion, this may not be a good thing for Su Zimo.”

“What do you mean?” Someone asked.

“That’s right. He’s number one for two peaks! The rewards aside, the honor itself is immense! Everyone will know of Su Zimo’s name in the sect from now on!”

That person scoffed coldly, “Don’t forget, he still has a fight with Feng Haoyu after the five peaks face-off!”

Upon saying that, everyone suddenly realized.

Feng Haoyu was at Perfected Qi Condensation while Su Zimo was only at Level 8 – both of them were not on the same level!

That person continued, “Su Zimo’s two consecutive victories must have already angered Feng Haoyu. In their final fight, Su Zimo is mostly going to be crippled or dead!”

As everyone was discussing, Su Zimo came forth from the Elixir Chamber.

This time, he had chosen a perfect Spirit Gathering Elixir.

Coupled with the existing perfect Spirit Gathering Elixir in his storage bag, he was confident that he would be able to reach Level 9 Qi Condensation within the next two days!

Just as Su Zimo was about to leave, the brown haired youth held him back and asked, “How confident are you for your last fight against Feng Haoyu?”

“Not confident,” Su Zimo shook his head.

“I’ve got a suggestion,” The brown haired youth said, “Now that you’re number one of two peaks, there’s no need for you to fight against Feng Haoyu. Even if you admit defeat, it’s nothing much. After all, there’s no long-lasting hatred within the same sect.”

Su Zimo did not reply to the question and merely nodded. “Yes, I will consider it again.”

“Alright, you can go back now,” The brown haired youth nodded.




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