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(Scared Away)

What Su Zimo wanted to refine was a gigantic axe.

During this period of time, little fatty had helped him a lot.

The last time the both of them fought, Su Zimo unintentionally dug five holes into little fattys gigantic axe.

This gigantic axe was made for little fatty.

Another hour passed. The other cultivators had begun forging but Su Zimo was only just done with smelting. Assuming a lotus position, he recovered spirit qi while waiting for the Weapon Tripod to cool down.

A few disciples were already eliminated by this step.

Those disciples did not manage to control the temperature and failed to be able to forge, wasting all their previous efforts.

Another 15 minutes passed. Suddenly, Su Zimo stood up and created a pair of hands using spirit qi. Reaching into the Weapon Tripod, he began to forge.

On the other side, tinkling sounds could be heard.

Feng Haoyu was already at tempering.

Each time his wind hammer landed, it would remove some impurities from the flying sword, solidifying it further.

Every single strike of the wind hammer on the scarlet flying sword would send sparks flying. Landing on the bottom of the tripod, those sparks were actually the impurities of the flying sword.

At Su Zimos side, he was done with forging.

"Whats that? A gigantic axe?"

"Furthermore, that axe is way too stupid. Controlling it would just waste spirit qi. Who would use it?"

"Thats right. That axe has already lost the nimbleness and agility that a spirit weapon should have. On the contrary, its more like a weapon a boorish punk would use without any form of advantages."

Outside the hall, many disciples were already making a conclusion towards Su Zimos axe.

Little fatty was the only one whose heart skipped a beat. Blinking his eyes, a possibility came to mind.

Su Zimos expression was calm as always. After forging, he ignited his Level 3 Spirit Fire once more and started heating up the gigantic axe.

It didnt take long before the gigantic axe was heated to a red crystalline state

Just as Su Zimo was about to begin tempering, Feng Haoyu was already done with that step.

At that moment, Feng Haoyu hesitated.

The next step was the all important spirit gathering.

Right now, Feng Haoyus advantage was obvious. Be it in terms of the spirit weapons shape or refinement speed, he was superior against Su Zimo.

However, if he failed the spirit gathering and his flying sword exploded, he would be eliminated on the spot.

Immense boldness was required for one to attempt spirit gathering.

In the past few months, Feng Haoyu had truly succeeded in spirit gathering once. However, he did not dare to gamble on such a crucial moment.

After hesitating for a long time, Feng Haoyu decided to give up on spirit gathering and dipped his flying sword into cold water.

With a clang, green smoke billowed as the flying sword was formed!

Feng Haoyu was now the first to refine a spirit weapon in the Weapon Peak face-off. He placed the flying sword at the front desk and returned to his position, looking at Su Zimo calmly.

"Senior Brother Feng won!"

"Thats right. Unless Su Zimo succeeds in spirit gathering, he wont have a chance of winning."

"Succeed in spirit gathering? Fufu, can that even happen? Dont forget, he just joined the sect for less than a year. In such an intense situation, even an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master would have a much lower success rate of spirit gathering."

Many of the Spirit Peak disciples spectating outside heaved a sigh of relief.

The second person to complete his weapon tempering was Xue Yi of Weapon Peak.

With a Level 2 Spirit Fire in his possession, Xue Yis weapon tempering speed was superior compared to others too.

The next step was spirit gathering.

Unlike Feng Haoyu, Xue Yi did not give up and chose to attempt spirit gathering!

When the disheveled old man saw that, he nodded to himself.

To be fair, Feng Haoyu was indeed quite talented in weapon refinement, even more so than Xue Yi. However, he lacked the boldness.

If Feng Haoyu had chosen to attempt spirit gathering, the disheveled old man would have thought better of him.

Even disciples who did not have knowledge of weapon refinement, they knew how difficult it was to attempt spirit gathering.

Therefore, Xue Yis choice attracted quite a bit of attention.

With a solemn expression, Xue Yi controlled the spirit qi within the Weapon Tripod warily and channeled it towards the flying sword.


A crisp sound rang out from within the tripod, reverberating through the hall loud and clear.

It was broken!

Xue Yi realized that something was wrong.

The disciples watching shook their heads.

That was the sound of cracks forming on the sword.

True enough.

The next moment, yet another crack sounded out.

A boom echoed out from Xue Yis Weapon Tripod as his flying sword exploded. Shrapnels shot against the inner walls of the tripod, producing tinkling sounds.

The spirit gathering had failed.

Xue Yi chuckled bitterly before putting away his Weapon Tripod. He bowed to the five peak masters and left the Weapon Refinement Hall.

The explosion of the flying sword meant that he was eliminated.

Following that, other disciples were finishing up with their weapon refinements. Apart from Xue Yi, no one else attempted spirit gathering.

Right then, Su Zimo heaved out an air of relief as he was done with his tempering.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Everyone fixed their gaze on Su Zimo.

Some of the Weapon Peak disciples had looks of anticipation.

Su Zimo was now Weapon Peaks final hope.

If he failed, that would mean that the number one of Weapon Peak would be taken away by disciples of other peaks!

Even though they were all of the same sect, it wasnt an honor for disciples of Weapon Peak.

Su Zimo paused for a moment and suddenly, he did something that shocked everyone he removed his Weapon Tripod!

"W-What is he doing?"

"Is he giving up on spirit gathering?"

"Im not sure."

If Su Zimo wanted to give up on spirit gathering, all he had to do was take the gigantic axe out of the Weapon Tripod and dip it in cold water.

There was no need to remove the Weapon Tripod.

Right after, in front of everyone, Su Zimo started channeling the surrounding spirit qi towards the gigantic axe with a solemn expression.

Spirit gathering!

He had chosen to attempt spirit gathering!

However, this was quite a bizarre scene before them.

All through history, there had never been a Weapon Refinement Master who would remove their Weapon Tripod while conducting spirit gathering.

That was completely pointless and way too dangerous for the Weapon Refinement Master.

If the spirit gathering failed and the spirit weapon exploded, the first person to suffer would be the Weapon Refinement Master himself.


When the disheveled old man saw that, his heart skipped a beat as he stood up instinctively, wanting to stop Su Zimo.

However, Su Zimo had already begun.

If the disheveled old man said something to distract Su Zimo, the spirit gathering may end up failing.

Frowning, the disheveled old man hesitated for a long time before sitting down. He was extremely tense and was prepared to save Su Zimo immediately.

Feng Haoyu who was initially standing beside Su Zimo was shocked by the latters action and dodged aside right away.

Right then, Su Zimo turned his head while spirit gathering and gave a fake smile. "Why are you running? Youre afraid?"

That statement caused an uproar outside the hall!

When it came to spirit gathering, one would usually have to focus intently to prevent mistakes. No one would behave like Su Zimo not only did he remove his Weapon Tripod, he was even chatting with others!

Wasnt that just courting death?

However, no one knew that Su Zimos spirit gathering method was based on his spirit perception.

Even if he was distracted, his spirit perception would warn him immediately about any signs of incoming failure. Su Zimo would then naturally stop.


Feng Haoyu scolded coldly before retreating a couple of steps more.

There were initially some other disciples beside Su Zimo. Some of them had just finished refining their weapons. However, they did not even bother to submit their flying swords before they dodged him like the plague.

Some disciples were still tempering their spirit weapons. When they saw what happened, they ran off without caring about their weapons in the tripod, hating their parents for not giving them an extra pair of legs.

It was chaos within the Weapon Refinement Hall.

In the blink of an eye, other than the five peak masters, there was no one else left around Su Zimo!




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