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"Of course, if the flying swords used are of the same build, size, weight and sharpness et cetera, it would be even easier to set up a formation."

Pausing for a moment, Xuan Yi chuckled. "But thats not too realistic unless the flying swords are created by the same Weapon Refinement Master who had specially created them as a set."

"A set of flying swords?" Su Zimos eyes twinkled meaningfully.

"Youre a disciple of Weapon Peak. Even though you have yet to become a Weapon Refinement Master, Im sure you understand how difficult it is to refine weapons. Its already difficult enough to create a single graded spirit weapon, let alone a set."

The mention of that had Su Zimos heart skipping a beat.

Everything else aside, it wasnt really difficult for him to create a set of almost identical inferior-grade flying swords.

"But of course, I know that this is not an easy path to undertake and this idea might not even be of help for you to defeat Feng Haoyu. After all, with just three months left to the year end face-off, time is limited for you."

Xuan Yi continued expectantly, "However, youre the most talented Array Formation Master that Ive ever seen. Perhaps, you can one day be a true Sword Formation Master if you continue in this direction."

"Peak master, are you a Sword Formation Master?" Su Zimo suddenly asked.

"Im the only Sword Formation Master in our sect," Xuan Yi nodded his head with a smile.

It was only then that Su Zimo understood why Xuan Yi was waiting for him and telling him about those things the latter wanted to find a Sword Formation Master successor in the sect.

Pulling out a scroll from his storage bag, Xuan Yi passed it over to Su Zimo. "I believe you must have come across the Tripartite Sword Formation in the Array Chamber. This is the Hexagonal Sword Formation. Burn it after you memorize it, do not spread it."

Su Zimo received it with both hands and nodded his head.

Xuan Yi pondered for a moment and continued, "Zimo, dont harp on a moments failure. There is still a long way to go."

Su Zimo knew that Xuan Yi was worried he would lose to Feng Haoyu and have his confidence dashed, hence that advice.

In truth, Xuan Yi was not the only one. Neither of the four peak masters nor anyone in the sect had their eyes on Su Zimo winning.

Perhaps he might be evenly matched with Feng Haoyu in terms of elixir and weapon refinement.

However, in everyones eyes, the outcome was already decided if the both of them fought Su Zimo would only humiliate himself.

Of course, there was a single existence in Ethereal Peak who thought highly of Su Zimo. Only, that existence wasnt human

"Go on, time is precious. Spend more effort on elixir and weapon refinement so that you can get number one for those two peaks," Xuan Yi instructed.

Su Zimo nodded his head and closed the Hexagonal Sword Formations manual. Summoning his flying sword, he left the Ten Formations Pagoda and disappeared into the night skies.

The moment Su Zimo left the Ten Formations Pagoda, the names on the Ten Formations Stele started shifting as everything was pushed down for a blank space above.

Zhong Wens previous record was now pushed to the second row.

A line of words appeared on the first row of the Ten Formations Stele.

"Cleared Level 10, 7 days 18 hours!"

However, the portion where his name was supposed to be was a complete blank!

Right then, Xuan Yi descended from the Ten Formations Pagoda and accidentally caught sight of what happened. Slightly surprised, he murmured softly, "That lad must be so tired that he forgot to place his sect badge on the Ten Formations Stele."

Stunned for a moment, Elder Luo suddenly realized. "Aiya, I forgot to tell him about this!"

The Ten Formations Stele would only record ones name after they tapped their sect badge on it after the pagoda challenge.

For the past three months, Su Zimo spent his time buried in the ancient texts in Array Chamber with absolute focus. He did not interact with any Array Peak disciples as well. In fact, he did not even know about the function of the Ten Formations Stele.

When he saw the huge stele before his challenge, he did not think much nor ask about it and headed for the pagoda straight.

Elder Luo thought that as a disciple of Weapon Peak, Su Zimo was merely there to join the crowd and did not mention it since he had not expected the latter to leave a mark on the stele either.

"Should I call him back?" Elder Luo leapt into the air, prepared to chase after Su Zimo to inform him about it.

Xuan Yi waved it off and shook his head. "Forget it. That lad hasnt slept a single week in nearly eight days. Let him have a good rest."

"Should I look for him tomorrow then?" Elder Luo asked.

Xuan Yi remained silent for a moment. "Perhaps after the five peaks face-off. Lets hide this for him for the time being. Needless to say, something like this would definitely cause a commotion among the five peaks and itll attract trouble for him if the other disciples knew that he was the one who cleared the Ten Formations Pagoda."

"Yes, thats good too."

Elder Luo nodded his head. "Its less than three months to the end of the year. Lets not affect his cultivation because of this."

The both of them chatted casually for a little more before leaving the place.

Elder Luo could finally rest in peace as well.

Once again, the Ten Formations Pagoda returned to normalcy. Disciples of the five peaks were fast asleep at the moment as no one realized that overnight, a new line had appeared on the Ten Formations Stele.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

Yu Ping was a disciple of Array Peak. His habit for the past few days would involve running to the Ten Formations Stele for a look in the morning before going off to do his own things.

This morning, Yu Ping arrived on his flying sword and took a spin around Ten Formations Pagoda, glancing at Ten Formations Stele casually.

"Yeah, no changes."

He murmured softly.

There were a total of 100 lines on the Ten Formations Stele and there were truly not many changes with a single glance.

All of a sudden!

Yu Pings expression changed starkly as he turned around, glaring at the first row intently. His eyes widened as his pupils constricted.

Something changed!

There was a change on the Ten Formations Stele!

Senior Brother Zhong was pushed to the second row!

The name of the first row was


What was the meaning of this?


Yu Ping was dazed.

Blinking his eyes, he looked again it was truly a blank.

Landing on the ground, he approached even closer and rubbed his eyes. However, it was still blank.

The challenger had no name?

Instinctively, Yu Ping continued reading the row of words as his jaws dropped apart while his eyes flooded with shock.

"Cleared Level 10, 7 days 18 hours!"

That line of words had him rattled silly.

Yu Ping stood there motionlessly, absolutely stunned as his mind went into chaos. The only thing he did was mumble subconsciously, "Cleared Level 10, cleared Level 10"

"Junior Brother Yu, youre so early today?"

Someone greeted him from the back to be met with his silence.

"What are you doing standing here and getting immersed in the Ten Formations Stele?"

A disciple of Array Peak who came after Yu Ping patted him on the shoulder and commented casually before raising his head.

Instantly, that persons smile froze as well.

After a long time, a shrill shriek tore through the skies, waking countless of Array Peak disciples who were still deep in their sleep.

"Cleared! Cleared!"

"The mysterious challenger cleared Level 10!"

"A new record is born! Zhong Wen has lost completely!"

Within an hour, the news spread through all five peaks.

It was earth-shattering!




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