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(Turbulent Undercurrent)

A new record for the Ten Formations Pagoda was born.

It was so sudden, unexpected and shocking.

This was supposed to be the most ordinary day on Array Peak.

However, everything changed the moment Level 6 lit up.

The birth of a new record also implied that Zhong Wen was dethroned from his number one status in Array Peak from this moment.

Many Array Peak disciples turned to look at Zhong Wen subconsciously.

His expression was extremely ugly as he glared fiercely at Level 6. Because he was gripping his fists so tightly, both his arms were shivering in rage.

Everyone could more or less empathize with how Zhong Wen was feeling at the moment as there was inevitably a look of pity in their gazes.

It was a hard pill to swallow even for anyone else in Zhong Wens position.

Closing his eyes for a long time, Zhong Wen let out a deep breath.

By the time he opened his eyes once more, his gaze shone with a renewed confidence.

At that, Elder Luo nodded to himself.

To be able to walk out of such a trauma that quickly meant that Zhong Wen had a good character his accomplishments in the future wouldnt be bad too.

"Very well. Theres finally someone who can give me pressure."

Smiling, Zhong Wen muttered to himself, "Its been a long time since Ive experienced this feeling. Even though I dont know who you are, your appearance will force out the best in me!"

With that said, Zhong Wen looked at the Ten Formations Pagoda deeply once more and turned to leave without hesitation.

Many Array Peak disciples understood that before long, Zhong Wen would be back to challenge the Ten Formations Pagoda once more!

At that time, the number one of Array Peak would be determined by the person who clears Level 6 in the shortest period of time!

Even after Zhong Wens departure, many of the Array Peak disciples had no intention of leaving.

Everyone was even more curious to see who this mysterious person who was challenging the pagoda was!

The thought of the challenger clearing Level 7 did not cross everyones minds.

From the looks of it, it wouldnt be long before the person was sent out.

However, time continued to pass and yet the challenger had not appeared. It was as though he was residing within the Ten Formations Pagoda silently.

The night passed just like that

The morning sun rose and the many Array Peak disciples before the Ten Formations Pagoda were getting sleepy after staying awake for the entire night. Casually, they stretched their bodies and gathered their spirits.

"Whats that person doing inside? He should come out if he cant continue. Why is he taking so long?"

"I dont know but I cant take it anymore. Ive got to head back and rest."

A worn out disciple shook his head, no intending to waste any more time here.

"Yeah, Im heading back too. After all, this person will definitely leave his name on the Ten Formations Stele after clearing Level 6. Ill just see who he is then," another disciple remarked.

Right then, someone sped towards them on a flying sword.

When the person approached, everyone focused their attention over it was Zhong Wen who had left the previous night!

He was back after a single night!

One could imagine how he must have spent all his time and energy into researching on Grade 2 formations rather than sleep the previous night.

Arriving before Elder Luo, Zhong Wen declared deeply, "Elder, Id like to challenge the Ten Formations Pagoda!"

"Very well."

Elder Luo nodded his head and passed Zhong Wen a wooden badge.

Upon receiving it, Zhong Wen turned and entered the Ten Formations Pagoda.

Upon seeing that, the disciples who planned on leaving hesitated.

"Cough, cough. Perhaps we can hold out for another day to see if Senior Brother Zhongs able to take down that person and reclaim the first spot on Ten Formations Stele."

"Fair enough, lets wait another day."

The disciples ultimately lost to their curiosity and chose to stay.

In the blink of an eye, yet another day had passed and it was dusk.

The challenger had yet to appear.

As for Zhong Wen, he was at Level 6 once more.

After a while, Level 6 lit up and everyone was shocked.

"He cleared it! How long did Senior Brother Zhong take?"

"More than an hour?"

"That means he still lost?"

"Yeah, by a little."

The many Array Peak disciples sighed.

Before long, Zhong Wen was sent out of the Ten Formations Pagoda and he glanced at the Ten Formations Pagoda.

The first row of the Ten Formations Stele shone brightly. Even though it was still his name, the words at the back had changed.

"Zhong Wen, cleared Level 6, 1 hour 15 minutes!"

Looking at the Ten Formations Stele, Zhong Wen frowned and asked around, "That person is not out yet?"

"Thats right," One of the disciples yawned and replied listlessly.

The record on the Ten Formations Stele would only be updated when the challenger left the Ten Formations Pagoda.

That mysterious person who had cleared Level 6 merely took an hour, faster than Zhong Wen. However, for Zhong Wens name to still be on the Ten Formations Stele, that meant that the challenger was still inside the Ten Formations Pagoda!

"That person has lasted for so long in Level 7?"

Zhong Wen scoffed coldly internally, "Lets see how long more you can hold out."

Taking one last look at the Ten Formations Stele, Zhong Wen left.

The difference between the both of them wasnt great at merely 15 minutes. He had the confidence of surpassing that challenger during his next challenge of the Ten Formations Pagoda!

Many Array Peak disciples could not wait any longer and chose to head back and rest for the night before returning the next morning.

Some of the disciples who were unwilling to give up remained waiting, bent on witnessing the person who created the new record.

Yet another night passed.

By now, the disciples that were waiting outside the Ten Formations Pagoda were in a mess; some of them were asleep while others would open their eyes and look towards the Ten Formations Pagoda drowsily from time to time.

There was no activity in the Ten Formations Pagoda throughout the entire night.

The challenger had yet to appear.

Disciples who were impatient had already asked Elder Luo about who the person was and if he was still inside the Ten Formations Pagoda. However, Elder Luo merely shook his head and did not reveal the persons identity, merely stating that the person was still within.

"Thats strange. How is that person not out yet? Hes already spent two whole nights in Level 7!"

"Were already exhausted from just waiting and doing nothing. Its hard to imagine how that person is going to survive while spending a great deal of effort on dispelling the formation."

Right then, a disciple suddenly remarked, "Wait, arent there two other people in the Ten Formations Pagoda other than Senior Brother Zhong? Why is the other person not out yet?"

Suddenly, the discussions quietened down as everyones eyes flashed in bewilderment as though they had just recalled something frightening.

The presence of two individuals in the Ten Formations Pagoda was just their speculation.

The reason for that was because they could not believe that someone would be able to get through Level 4s killing formation in such a short period of time.

But now, a more realistic possibility existed.

There was only one person inside the Ten Formations Pagoda!

That person had truly taken a few mere seconds to clear Level 4!

It was the same person who had created the new record!

The atmosphere in front of the Ten Formations Pagoda was stiff as no one spoke; it was as though an invisible arm had choked them into suffocating.

Right then, Zhong Wen arrived once more. He entered the Ten Formations Pagoda again, bent on breaking the record of the mysterious challenger.

This was already the morning of the third day.

In the past three days, events on Array Peak gradually spread among the five peaks.

A turbulent undercurrent was charging beneath the calm lake surface, ready to burst forth at any moment!




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