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(17 Seconds!)

Su Zimo who had just entered Level 4 of the Ten Formations Pagoda did not know that someone had cleared it previously. He did not know that there were more Array Peak disciples gathered outside and that he was starting to gain attention as well.

Level 4 was the killing formation.

Amongst the formations, killing formations were the most powerful. If a cultivator was stuck in it without any means of dispelling and he wasnt strong enough, he would definitely die within.

Cultivators could hold out temporarily against the formation. However, there would come a time where they would get exhausted and by then, they would be destroyed by the formation.

However, killing formations were the easiest to dispel across the various formations.

The main goal of a killing formation was to kill and destroy everything. As the saying goes, things would reverse at extremities. In this world, there was no such thing as absolute destruction. Therefore, life-force was bound to exist within the destruction.

If one could locate the life-force, the killing formation would naturally be dispelled.

Not far ahead was a volcano spouting billowing ashes. The moment Su Zimo was transported in, a rumble boomed out from the mountain.

Immediately after, scarlet lava gushed out from the peak of the volcano as gigantic flaming rocks plummeted down from the skies endlessly in an earth-shattering manner.

Suffocating black smoke filled the air and blocked ones vision.

It was as though the world was ending in an apocalypse!

Faced with such devastating destruction, most cultivators would shatter their Protection Talisman and run off instinctively, finding a place to hide from the falling lava.

However, that was an extremely unwise move in reality.

This was a formation.

Unless they dispelled it, cultivators had no way of escaping!

That also meant to say that no matter the speed of the cultivator, they wouldnt be able to escape the radius of the falling lava within the formation.

With a calm expression, Su Zimo summoned his flying sword and leapt down. Instead of retreating, he advanced.

All the plants on the ground were burnt to a crisp as bubbling lava that emitted a scorching heat flowed.

In the blink of an eye, the ground beneath Su Zimo had turned into a scarlet sea of lava leaving only rocks that had yet to melt.

For other Array Formation Masters, they would have to analyze how to dispel the killing formation while avoiding its power.

However, that was no the case for Su Zimo.

Through the dangers of the killing formation, there was only a single spot where Su Zimos spirit perception had no reaction to.

That must be where the loophole of the killing formation was!

Because illusionary and trap formations merely aimed to bewitch and restrain instead of kill, Su Zimos spirit perception was of no use since he could not sense any danger he had to rely on his own capabilities to dispel those two types of formations.

However, his spirit perception worked in killing formations, turning everything else into mere decorations!

Before long, Su Zimo arrived on a single rock.

It looked ordinary like any other rocks protruding from the lava and only had room to fit a single person.

However, one could avoid all the dangers in the killing formation just by standing motionlessly on the rock!

If anyone else saw this, their jaws would definitely drop wide open.

As the torrential lava rained down through the world, a man in green stood without suffering any bit of damage at all!

However, locating this rock was not enough to dispel the killing formation.

After all, the volcano was spewing continuously and Su Zimo did not know when it would stop he cant wait here forever.

After pondering for a long time, he looked at the seemingly ordinary rock he was standing on and smiled.

Logically speaking, this should be the formation eye.

However, if it was a wrong deduction and the killing formation was not dispelled by destroying the rock, the person trapped in the formation would fall right into the lava and be burnt to a crisp!

The Array Formation Master who had set this formation had indeed gave it much thought.

This was not just a test of the cultivators dispel capabilities it was also a test of their courage!

Would you dare to break away your only lifeline?

In reality, the Array Formation Masters mindset was actually aligned with how killing formations worked both required the trapped cultivator to seek life through desperate times.

Smiling, Su Zimo stomped down on his foot.


The rock beneath him broke apart and Su Zimos body descended.

Right as he was about to drop into the lava, everything around him disappeared and reality set in once more.

The entrance of Level 5 had appeared!

Su Zimo strolled towards it.

At that moment, outside Ten Formations Pagoda.

When the light of Level 4 shone not long after Level 3s light was lit up, the discussions of the disciples outside came to a halt.

Everyone looked at the nearby Ten Formations Pagoda with widened eyes and gaping mouths; they could not recover from the shock.


Elder Luo sensed it and looked back.

When he saw the light of Level 4 shining, he was stumped as well.

That lad had cleared Level 4?

Also, it was so fast! It seemed like it only took 17 seconds?

How was that possible?

Countless questions surfaced in Elder Luos mind as he frowned.

"What did I just see? Level 4s formation pattern had lit up as well?"

"From the moment he stepped into Level 4 to the lights shining, it only took a few seconds. How could he be so fast?"

"Who is that person?"

After a brief moment of silence, sounds were heard from the crowd as the Array Peak disciples discussed fervently.

Even the number one of Array Peak, Zhong Wen, took two entire hours to clear Level 4.

How did that man dispel Level 4s formation using just a couple of seconds?

"Ive got it!"

Suddenly, a disciple exclaimed, "There must be two people in Ten Formations Pagoda other than Senior Brother Zhong! So, someone had cleared Level 3 previously and another person cleared Level 4!"

"Right, right! That must be the case!" Another disciple nodded furiously in enlightenment.

"Yes, it must be a coincidence that someone had managed to clear Level 4 right after the first person cleared Level 3."

"Damn, that scared me. I told you it was impossible."

The Array Peak disciples relaxed slightly as the crowd calmed down.

After all, many of them were unable to dispel Level 4s formation yet.

If they knew that someone had cleared it using only a few seconds, it would be a huge blow for them.

Upon hearing the conclusion in the crowd, Elder Luo lowered his head slightly to conceal his shock.

No one knew better than him that from morning till now, only two people had entered the Ten Formations Pagoda.

Since Zhong Wen had already cleared Level 4, there was only one other person who could have cleared Level 4 using a couple of seconds.

It was that trial disciple from Weapon Peak Su Zimo!

Elder Luo turned and glanced at the Ten Formations Stele.

The thirty-over lines at the bottom were all formation geniuses who had cleared Level 4. The fastest amongst them was Situ Boyan who had spent 1 hour.

Even if Su Zimo failed at Level 5, he would definitely leave a mark on the Ten Formations Stele above Situ Boyans name!

His time taken to clear Level 4 was the fastest through history 17 seconds!




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