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(Ten Formations Stele)

The ancient stele was thick and heavy. At about ten feet tall, it was called the Ten Formations Stele.

It was of extraordinary significance and honor for any trial disciples of Ethereal Peak to have their names left behind on the Ten Formations Stele.

Carrying with it the memories of Ethereal Sect over thousands of years, the Ten Formations Stele had also witnessed the changes of the sect through those years.

There were a total of hundred names on the stele, all of them geniuses through the history of Array Peak.

Time was merciless and cultivators were no exception to that rule. Many of the genius cultivators on the list had passed away and the only trace left of them was probably on the stele.

Behind every single name was the number of levels cleared as well as time taken.

The higher the levels cleared, the further ahead ones name would be. For those at the same level, ranking would be dependent on time taken.

The bottom 30 odd names on the Ten Formations Stele were trial disciples who had passed Level 4.

A huge chunk of names in the middle were disciples who had passed Level 5 with the fastest amongst them using 12 hours.

The tens of disciples on top were those who had cleared Level 6. Zhong Wens name was right at the top of the list he was the top of Array Peak!

There was reason for Zhong Wen to be proud and he was definitely qualified as well.

After all, he had already taken over every single genius through the thousands of years of history of Array Peak he was the true number one of Array Peak!

A line of words was displayed on the first row of the Ten Formations Stele.

"Zhong Wen, cleared Level 6, 11 hours!"

Right then, Level 2 of the Ten Formations Pagoda suddenly shone with a bright light, attracting the attention of the Array Peak disciples.

That unique light that belonged to a formation pattern would only shine if someone had cleared the level.

Zhong Wen declared indifferently, "To think that someone would be here earlier than me today to challenge the pagoda. Interesting."

"Greetings, Elder Luo."

Zhong Wen arrived before the Ten Formations Pagoda and bowed slightly to the elder at the entrance.

Elder Luo looked at Zhong Wen in appreciation. "Youre here so early to challenge the pagoda. Are you intending to clear Level 7 this time round?"


Zhong Wen nodded.

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "Ive learnt quite a bit during this period of time. Even if I cant clear Level 7, I should be able to make a new record on the Ten Formations Stele."

The so-called record was naturally the one he had created.

In Zhong Wens eyes, no one from the five peaks could compare to him in array formations.

What he wanted to do was to constantly challenge himself!

"Alright, Ill be awaiting your return from the challenge," Elder Luo smiled encouragingly and passed Zhong Wen a wooden badge.

Nodding to the many Array Peak disciples behind him, Zhong Wen entered the Ten Formations Pagoda.

Challenging the pagoda was something he was extremely familiar with.

Without hesitation, spirit qi seeped out from his fingers and he started drawing the moment he entered Level 1 his choice of supplementary formation was the simplest type.

Challenging the pagoda wasnt only a test of the number of levels cleared, one had to take into account the time taken too.

Zhong Wen was naturally not going to waste any time.

Before long, he was done drawing the formation pattern. Placing a spirit stone in the formation eye, the entrance to Level 2 appeared.

Retrieving his spirit stone, Zhong Wen rushed up to Level 2 swiftly.

Similar to Su Zimo, Zhong Wen found himself transported into an illusionary formation the moment he entered Level 2.

Looking calm, he surveyed his surroundings and walked about casually, stopping from time to time to observe the ground.

15 minutes later, he heaved out a sigh gently and summoned his flying sword, piercing it at the ground nearby.

All of a sudden, the surrounding illusion disappeared and the entrance to Level 3 came into sight.

Zhong Wen was in excellent condition as he walked confidently to Level 3.

Su Zimo was in the Level 3 trap formation at the moment as well. Even though they were in the same level, they were in different formations and neither would see nor affect the other.

Outside the Ten Formations Pagoda.

When they saw the burst of light emit from Level 2, the crowd gasped.

"Senior Brother Zhong only took around 15 minutes to clear two levels! Thats slightly faster than before!"

"Of course. He wouldnt have come for the challenge if he wasnt confident."

More and more trial disciples were gathered when they heard about Zhong Wens challenge of the pagoda today.

An hour passed and a bright light shone from Level 3.

"He passed!"

"Yes, an hour. Thats around the same as before."

The disciples of Array Peak discussed.

"I wonder how long Senior Brother Zhong will take for Level 4."

"I remember he took two hours previously."

"Actually, Level 4 is not too bad. Its just a singular formation after all. Level 5 is the most difficult since its a combination formation. The difficulty is doubly high!"

Time passed by quickly and another two hours were gone.

A bright light shone from Level 4. Just as the shocked disciples were about to speak, a bright light shone from Level 3. That caused a clamor.

"Huh? Theres someone else other than Senior Brother Zhong challenging the pagoda today?"

Some of the Array Peak disciples that had arrived later asked in confusion.

Many disciples of Array Peak would normally choose to avoid the pagoda if Zhong Wen was challenging it.

Even though all challengers were unaffected by one another, they would undoubtedly feel the pressure knowing that they were doing it at the same time as the number one of Array Peak and that would affect their performance as well.

"Hmph, that person sure is ambitious to want to challenge at the same time as Senior Brother Zhong," Someone scoffed coldly.

"I wonder who he is. Hell definitely suffer at Level 4!"

"Fufu, Ill wait here and see that person get kicked out of the Ten Formations Pagoda in a wretched state!"

Many Array Peak disciples were waiting to see a joke.

Shocked, Elder Luo turned to look at the Ten Formations Pagoda as he recalled a handsome disciple in green.

"Disciple of Weapon Peak?"

Chuckling and shaking his head, Elder Luo murmured to himself, "To think that the lad could clear Level 3 as well. Yes someone like that is definitely talented in formations. I wonder why he was sent to Weapon Peak to begin with."

In truth, notwithstanding the many Array Peak disciples, even Elder Luo did not expect much of Su Zimo.

To Elder Luo, even if Su Zimo could get through Level 3, he would definitely fail at Level 4.

After all Level 4 was a killing formation!

Every single step within was filled with danger. Any misstep and one could lose their life there. Under such tense circumstances, most people would be so rattled that they would instinctively break the wooden badge and be transported out, let alone compose themselves to dispel the formation.

For a first-timer like Su Zimo who had never experienced a killing formation, it was a level he couldnt possibly clear.

Not only did Level 4 test ones understanding towards formations, it also tested ones determination and courage in life and death.

How should one maintain their composure within a treacherous situation to calmly analyze the formation while detecting the loophole within that was the key to clearing Level 4!

However, neither the Array Peak disciples or Elder Luo understood Su Zimo.

Compared to the nights in Cang Lang Mountain Range, the danger posed by a Grade 1 killing formation was way too weak for Su Zimo

Furthermore, he possessed an ability no one else had spirit perception!

The current state of Array Peak was akin to a calm lake where Su Zimos appearance was like a pebble dropping into the lake.

Right then, no one realized that the pebble would not merely cause a few ripples. Instead, it was about to whip up a torrential tide that would shock all five peaks and the sect!




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