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(Defeat? Forced Foundation Establishment!)

The six flying swords formed the hexagonal star sword formation and a bedazzling light of formation patterns blocked in front of Su Zimo.

Feng Haoyu’s attack was extremely swift as shadows were produced endlessly from his sword. It was difficult to distinguish where the sword was through vision anymore.

However, the advantage of a sword formation was reflected at this moment as well.

The sword formation formed by six flying swords was enough to block Su Zimo’s body entirely.

Feng Haoyu’s attack that came right for him would definitely hit the sword formation!


True enough.

A crisp sound was produced when Feng Haoyu’s flying sword struck the sword formation.

Both sides exerted their strength!

“Break it!”

Feng Haoyu controlled the flying sword and injected spirit qi continuously. His eyes were wide with anger as his body trembled – he was using his full strength to break the Hexagonal Sword Formation’s defense.

Behind the sword formation, Su Zimo was calm as usual. He pushed his hands forward and twisted them.

The light of the formation pattern shone.

Instantly, the Hexagonal Sword Formation spun and sent Feng Haoyu’s sword flying in the blink of an eye.

“It’s impolite not to reciprocate. Feng Haoyu, have a taste of my sword formation’s power too. Let’s see if your secret skill can block this!”

Su Zimo stopped the Hexagonal Sword Formation from spinning and pointed forth with his finger.

In midair, the blinding light of the gigantic Hexagonal Sword Formation tore through the voids and smashed towards Feng Haoyu.

All disciples of the five peaks felt their hearts pounding as they watched with bated breath.

Everyone realized that this may very well be the move that reveals the outcome of the fight!

At that moment, the five peak masters were solemn as well.

The Hexagonal Sword Formation was considered as a Grade 2 formation. Even with the sect’s secret skill, Feng Haoyu was unable to face the might of the Hexagonal Sword Formation head-on.

From the point of view of the Golden Cores, Feng Haoyu had no chance of winning at all.

If Feng Haoyu were to give up on defense at that moment and continued to control his flying sword to unleash the sect’s secret skill to strike at Su Zimo, he might stand a shot at victory.

However, that would require a kind of fearlessness to cast life and death aside.

In a flash, Feng Haoyu’s expression changed.

Feng Haoyu subconsciously chose to defend himself against the terrifying might of the approaching Hexagonal Sword Formation.


Conjuring the Ethereal Sword art, Feng Haoyu injected all the spirit qi he had into his flying sword to defend against the incoming Hexagonal Sword Formation!

When he saw that, Wen Xuan sighed gently with a look of disappointment.

He was defeated!

If Feng Haoyu chose to fight head-on, this was a fight he was bound to lose!


The flying sword smashed against the Hexagonal Sword Formation and it exploded with a loud boom. Sparks flew as a surge of heat spread out!

The sword formation trembled and almost dispersed. However, it soon stopped quivering and stabilized.

As for Feng Haoyu’s sword, it was repelled entirely!

The Hexagonal Sword Formation paused for a slight moment before continuing to crush forward!


Gasps could be heard from the crowd as they saw this.

Everyone realized that this elite who had won first place in yesterday’s Spirit Peak face-off might very well be defeated!

Right then, Feng Haoyu reached inside his storage bag and swallowed a Qi Rejuvenation Elixir. Summoning his silver shield, he roared and pushed forward!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Hexagonal Sword Formation spun and struck at the silver shield repeatedly.

With every single strike, Feng Haoyu would be knocked a step back and his face would turn frailer while his body trembled violently.


The Hexagonal Sword Formation was finally dispersed.

At the same time, Feng Haoyu was also sent flying. He fell from the spirit arena and rolled a couple of times on the ground. Clothes filled with mud, he looked extremely wretched.

Wen Xuan closed his eyes.

The disheveled old man heaved out a long sigh of relief.

There was silence in the crowd.

After a while, little fatty waved his fists and let out a cheer.

Xue Yi and the others looked excited and could not suppress their excitement.

A Weapon Peak disciple had defeated the number one of Spirit Peak! This was something that had never happened in the thousands of years of history of the sect!

Furthermore, it was a defeat with a level difference!

Many Spirit Peak disciples were silent as they lowered their heads dejectedly. Looking at Feng Haoyu who was crawling up from the ground, their expressions were complex.

It wasn’t because the number one of Spirit Peak this year wasn’t strong enough.

On the contrary, the number one of Spirit Peak this year was much stronger than previous years because Feng Haoyu was already cultivating the sect’s secret skill while being in Qi Condensation realm.

However, to their helplessness, Weapon Peak had produced an even more terrifying disciple!

A genius in both elixir and weapon refinement, he even became a Sword Formation Master and managed to release a Grade 2 sword formation, taking down Feng Haoyu in a single move.

It was said that Qi Refinement Warriors’ fighting techniques were relatively simple. However, this fight was full of twists and turns with both parties revealing their trump cards – it was truly an eye opener for many disciples.

Su Zimo put away his flying swords and his expression showed a hint of exhaustion.

Even though a sword formation was strong, controlling six flying swords at the same time drained a lot of spirit qi. By now, the spirit qi within his body had dried up.


Right then, a sinister laugh sounded from beneath the spirit arena, attracting countless gazes.

“I haven’t lost yet!”

Feng Haoyu slowly stood up with blood still oozing from the corner of his mouth. His expression was deranged and his eyes were filled with madness.

Just as Su Zimo was about to leave the spirit arena, he heard that statement. He paused in his tracks and frowned, looking over.

Feng Haoyu retrieved a jade bottle from his storage bag and poured out a pill. Rearing his head, he swallowed it before declaring coldly, “Su Zimo, you will definitely lose today.”

“What is that?”

“I think it’s a Foundation Establishment Elixir!”

“Senior Brother Feng is trying to forcefully reach Foundation Establishment!”

When he saw that, the disheveled old man stood up and said grimly, “Wen Xuan, aren’t you going to stop him? The five peaks face-off is a spar between cultivators of the same realm. If Feng Haoyu were to reach a Foundation Establishment realm before fighting Su Zimo, what would that amount to?”

Wen Xuan closed his eyes and struggled inwardly, looking hesitant.

He knew that even if Feng Haoyu managed to defeat Su Zimo as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, it wouldn’t be a glorious victory.

However, Feng Haoyu might not ever recover from this blow of defeat if he lost this battle.

This was someone that he had chosen and even regarded as the future of the sect.

Wen Xuan couldn’t bear it.

Xuan Yi also persuaded, “Let the battle end here. This is against the rules.”

When he heard that, Wen Xuan opened his eyes suddenly and yelled, “What are rules? This is not a fight for the five peaks face-off, it’s a personal feud between the both of them! Even if Haoyu becomes a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, that’s his own strength!”

“Also, Xuan Yi! The Hexagonal Sword Formation is a Grade 2 formation! Who are you to talk about rules by imparting it to Su Zimo beforehand!”

Xuan Yi frowned and shook his head. “The reason why I imparted Su Zimo the Hexagonal Sword Formation was because he had the right to learn.”

Actually, Xuan Yi’s statement had already vaguely revealed who the challenger who cleared the Ten Formations Pagoda was.

However, in the heat of the moment, both Wen Xuan and the disheveled old man did not think too much of it and naturally could not comprehend the hidden meaning behind Xuan Yi’s words.

Wen Xuan flicked his sleeves and said, “If not for the Hexagonal Sword Formation, Su Zimo would have been defeated by now. Since he was the one who broke the rules first, who’s to stop Haoyu from fighting Su Zimo again after advancing to be a Foundation Establishment Cultivator?”

“Wen Xuan, are you crazy?!”

The disheveled old man could not help but scold, “What’s there to fight if Feng Haoyu advances to become a Foundation Establishment Cultivator! Why don’t you go and fight a Nascent Soul Perfected Lord then?!”

The disciples of the five peaks below were dumbfounded.

For the peak masters to argue over a fight between Qi Refinement Warriors that was something that was even more exciting than the battle earlier.

“Alright, that’s enough. All the disciples below are watching. Can you guys behave like the elders you are?” The cold lady frowned and persuaded.



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