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(Test Commencement)

“Quite incredible? That’s extremely incredible!”

Xue Yi lamented softly, “I’ve already been in Ethereal Sect for six years now and I’m only edging at the border of Level 2 Spirit Fire.”

“Heh, let’s not talk about these anymore.

Picking himself up, Xue Yi shrugged his shoulders. “But if Feng Haoyu really does become accomplished in both refining elixirs and weapons and end up making a name for himself in those rankings during the sect competition, that would be quite the honor for our sect too isn’t it.”

Smiling, Su Zimo nodded.

“Everyone, please be silent!”

Right then, a Foundation Establishment Cultivator appeared at the front of the Weapon Refinement Hall and pushed his hands down, causing the chatter in the hall to die down.

“Everyone, please head forth and select your materials before finding an empty spot within the hall on your own to refine your weapons. The test commences now!”

All of the disciples began dispersing after choosing their materials as Su Zimo and Xue Yi waited before choosing a spot at the back of the hall.

With his hands behind his back, Feng Haoyu stood right in front with a haughty expression; no one dared to stand shoulder to shoulder against him.

Before this, Feng Haoyu had already asked around and found out that none of the trial disciples within the five peaks had managed to create a Level 2 Spirit Fire; the best amongst them was nearly bordering on the edge of Level 2.

Thus, Feng Haoyu was extremely confident that he would definitely be able to top this month end test and obtain the rights to view projections of the weapon refinement process left behind by seniors of the sect.


Retrieving a Weapon Tripod from his storage bag, Feng Haoyu slammed it heavily on the ground and the entire hall rattled.

Every single one of his actions attracted everyone’s attention.

None of the hundred odd disciples attending the test were in any hurry as they all looked at Feng Haoyu after placing down their Weapon Tripod.

Feng Haoyu’s lips curled.

Even though he did not turn around, he could feel the searing gazes that contained jealousy and envy.

That was the type of feeling he enjoyed.

The adoration of the masses.

Extending his palm out slowly, Feng Haoyu channeled spirit qi.

A ball of flames rose. It was merely a faint red color – Level 1 Spirit Fire.

The entire hall went silent as everyone watched the man right at the front with bated breaths.


Feng Haoyu extended his other palm as a stream of spirit qi shot out from his fingertips, entering the initial ball of flames.

With a loud rumble, the flame burned brightly as its color deepened. Before long, it was a dark red color.

Level 2 Spirit Fire!

The crowd went into an uproar!

Even though many disciples of the sect had heard about it, they were still shocked seeing a Level 2 Spirit Fire personally.

A Level 2 Spirit Weapon would improve the success rate of creating inferior-grade spirit weapons greatly and was something that many cultivators would not be able to achieve in their lifetimes.

Sensing emotions running high in the crowd, a look of glee flickered through Feng Haoyu’s eyes as he pushed the ball of Level 2 Spirit Fire into his Weapon Tripod where it continued to burn.

He was warming his tripod.

First, the area around the Weapon Tripod had to be warmed evenly using spirit fire and after the temperature was balanced, the materials would be inserted.

Because weapon refinement was a long process, many of the cultivators behind Feng Haoyu began to gather their own spirit fires and work on the tripod warming phase as well.

Xue Yi looked at Su Zimo. “Let’s start too, Junior Brother Su.”

“Okay,” Su Zimo nodded.

Xue Yi extended his palm as a ball of flames rose. Even though it was a Level 1 Spirit Fire, its color was darker and showed vague signs of evolving to a Level 2 Spirit Fire.

One did not have to concentrate too much on the tripod warming process.

Xue Yi circled his spirit fire around the Weapon Tripod before letting it burn at the bottom and turning his head over to Su Zimo. He thought that he may be able to provide some advice given that this junior brother of his had just started on the craft of weapon refinement and might not be used to it.

However, that move of Xue Yi rooted him where he stood.

There was a ball of fervent flames burning on Su Zimo’s palm and the color of it was somewhat piercing!

Xue Yi was completely stumped as his mind went blank; he did not even notice that the flames beneath his Weapon Tripod had extinguished.

Su Zimo was learning from others around him as well by surrounding his spirit fire around the Weapon Tripod before letting it burn at the bottom.

The process of warming the tripod was something that was not mentioned when the inner sect disciples explained things previously.

Through the entire month, Su Zimo had not practiced warming the tripod in his seclusion.

“Seems like this test wasn’t a wasted trip. I got something out of it,” Su Zimo was delighted internally.

“J-Junior Brother Su! Y-Your Spirit Fire!”

Right then, Xue Yi’s stammering voice sounded out in Su Zimo’s ears.

Turning around, Su Zimo smiled. “I got lucky and somehow managed to cultivate out a Level 3 Spirit Fire by accident.”

He was not saying it out of humility – it was cultivated through accident and he did not know the reason for it till this day.

Xue Yi’s eyes were widened as his jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

This was the first time that he had heard someone say they created a Level 3 Spirit Fire out of sheer luck by accident!

Even though their voices weren’t loud, the surrounding disciples heard everything loud and clear.

Level 3 Spirit Fire?

Dream on!

Some of the disciples in front turned around and were stumped as well.

An odd tension began to spread and permeate through the hall.

Standing right at the front, Feng Haoyu seemed to have felt something as he frowned. However, he did not turn around out of arrogance.

Within the hall, there was no one worth his attention to turn around!

Suddenly, an ear-piercing shriek broke the odd tension in the hall.

“Level 3 Spirit Fire!”

After that shriek, the entire hall went bonkers.

“Scarlet! It’s truly a Level 3 Spirit Fire!”

“Who is this person? He doesn’t look familiar! How have we not seen him before?”

“I think he’s one of the new disciples who joined this year.”

“This is way too incredible. This man is only a Level 5 Qi Refinement Warrior and yet he’s able to cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire? What sort of talent is that?”

When he heard the discussion going on behind him, Feng Haoyu’s expression turned grim.

Standing silently, he composed himself and turned around slowly, looking back indifferently.

The scarlet flame was the first thing that entered his line of sight.

Right after, a face with sharp features and green robes that he had seen before.

“Him again!”

Feng Haoyu narrowed his eyes coldly.


Sensing enmity, Su Zimo who was initially still warming his tripod looked over instinctively.

“What keen senses!”

Feng Haoyu remarked internally.

He had already kept his enmity well hidden but he had not expected that Su Zimo would notice it still.

Their gazes met for a brief moment as Feng Haoyu turned back indifferently, haughty as ever.

On the surface, it seemed as though Feng Haoyu did not take it to heart.

However, the Level 2 Spirit Fire beneath his Weapon Tripod had already been extinguished – that was a clear sign of his shock!

Su Zimo smiled and thought nothing more of it. Noticing that his Weapon Tripod was already warm, he was about to insert his materials when a head suddenly popped out beside him.

He was so shocked that he pulled his Cold Moon Saber out of his storage bag and almost slashed forth

“Greetings, master!”

“Greetings, peak master.”

When the disciples in the hall saw who it was, all of them greeted.

Su Zimo coughed gently, keeping his Cold Moon Saber without a trace.




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