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(Tit For Tat)

It was only normal for someone of the Disciplinary Hall to come settle things since a disciple had broken the sects rules.

However, if the person that had arrived was on good terms with Feng Haoyu, that meant something

This person did not mean well!

Chen Yus expression was solemn as his gaze swept through the messy crowd. Descending slowly, he surveyed the place and asked sternly, "Who is Su Zimo?"

Su Zimo was just done with attending to the spirit tigers wound and the red gleam in his eyes had disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with a look of hidden uneasiness.

He wasnt worried about this disciple of the Disciplinary Hall, but something else.

When he heard Chen Yus question, Su Zimo patted the spirit tigers body to comfort it before standing up. Turning around, he replied calmly, "I am."

"I heard that youve only joined the sect for less than three months?"


"How dare you!"

Chen Yu suddenly bellowed out coldly.

Su Zimo remained silent.

Feng Haoyus hands were behind his back with his lips slightly curled, looking on with a hint of mockery.

The moment Chen Yu arrived, Feng Haoyu knew that Su Zimos reputation was over. He could not think of a way for Su Zimo to get out of this.

A ban from the year end face-off was probably the lightest of all punishments for breaking sect rules.

For worst case scenarios, Su Zimo could be locked in seclusion indefinitely, have his cultivation crippled or even kicked out of the sect!

Chen Yu smirked internally at Su Zimos silence and declared, "Su Zimo, youve broken our sect rules by hurting your fellow sect mates. In the name of the Disciplinary Hall, I shall cripple you and kick you out of the sect!"

The moment he said that, everyones expressions changed.

That punishment was way too severe!

Even disciples from Spirit Peak felt that it was a little too cruel as they looked at Su Zimo with pity.

Anyone who could join Ethereal Sect were all people who had exceptional endowments and mental fortitudes. Yet, he was going to have his cultivation crippled, turning him into a mere mortal. Not just that, he was even going to be kicked out of the sect. That was a blow that no one would be able to accept.

Leng Rou frowned and looked at Su Zimo instinctively.

To her surprise, the green robed mans expression had not changed in the slightest bit. His eyes were indifferent as though he hadnt heard what Chen Yu had said.

"Is he utterly dejected or scared silly?"

But Leng Rou wouldnt have imagined in her wildest imaginations that Su Zimos current calmness was because there was no fear in his heart as he had already made up his mind.

No one will be able to take away his cultivation!

If Chen Yu dared lay a hand on him, he would dare to fight back or even kill!

And in the worst case scenario, even if his cultivation was crippled, he could continue with his demonic cultivation. He was not going to let things end so easily today!

Little fattys expression was worried. After much conflicted thoughts, he could no longer hold it in as he said loudly, "Senior Brother Chen, I think that the punishment is a little too severe. Please show some mercy."

"Thats right, Senior Brother Chen. Su Zimo has only joined the sect for less than three months. Its understandable."

"I agree. Similar things have happened in the past but Ive never heard of anyone having their cultivations crippled or kicked out of the sect."

Many disciples of Weapon Peak chimed in to speak up for Su Zimo.


Chen Yu harrumphed loudly and shouted, "All of you, shut up! Since you guys are not convinced, Ill explain to you why!"

"Ignoring sect rules and hurting fellow sect mates is something thats subjective. However, this incident nearly escalated to a full out bout between disciples of Weapon and Spirit Peak! Thats unpardonable! If I was slightly later and disciples of both peaks end up fighting with severe injuries, who is going to bear the responsibility?"

The way Chen Yu put it made it seem as though the crime was truly heinous.

Suddenly, everyone went silent.

Right then, Su Zimo spoke.

"Based on what you said, I didnt start the incident. Everyone saw that I wasnt the one who started the provocation. Sun Tao was the one who made a move first. If were talking about who broke sect rules, he did it first."

When he heard that, Feng Haoyu shook his head with a taunting look.


Chen Yu was expressionless as he asked, "Sun Tao struck at you?"

"Thats right," Su Zimo nodded.


Chen Yu shouted, "Sun Tao clearly struck your spirit beast. The sect decreed that cultivators are not to strike at one another. However, theres no rules stating that theyre not to strike at spirit beasts. So, Sun Taos actions do not equate to a violation of sect rules!"

At that moment, some people finally realized why Sun Tao chose to strike at Su Zimos spirit beast instead of him it was premeditated. He just probably had not expected to be knocked out by a single slap of Su Zimo.

Calmly, Su Zimo replied, "Striking at my spirit beast is the same as striking at me. Theres no difference."


Chen Yu scoffed coldly, "How dare you argue at a time like this. A spirit beast is nothing more than an animal. How dare you break our sect rules to injure fellow sect mates for an animal? That makes your doubly guilty!"

"To me, spirit beasts are no different from people. In fact, some people arent even comparable to spirit beasts. At least spirit beasts dont create internal strife and plot against you."

Su Zimo continued indifferently, "If spirit beasts are no different from animals to you, then some people arent even comparable to animals to me. If I whack those people, so be it then."

When he heard that, Feng Haoyus expression turned stiff.

Those words pierced at his heart like needles.

Most people around could tell what Su Zimo meant by those words.

Little fatty and Xue Yi could not help but roar in agreement internally.

If it was them, they would not be able to rebut the same way in front of someone from the Disciplinary Hall!

"What a glib tongue you have."

Chen Yus voice was ice cold as a killing intent rose within him.

They were surrounded by trial disciples of all five peaks. Su Zimos constant rebuttal caused him to look bad in front of everyone.

If he did not exert his authority right now, his image as a disciple of the Disciplinary Hall was going to suffer in the future.

"Su Zimo, dont force me to kill you with my own hands!" Chen Yu narrowed his gaze, no longer hiding his killing intent.

Little fattys body shuddered as he tugged at Su Zimos sleeves, hinting for the latter to not say anything more and let matters get worse.

Everyone could tell that if Su Zimo continued, Chen Yu would definitely make a move to kill him right there!

Xue Yi looked at Su Zimo nervously, shaking his head fervently.

The tension was so high around the spirit arena that the atmosphere felt ice cold.

Everything that had happened was beyond everyones expectations, including Feng Haoyu.

No one expected Su Zimo to be this stubborn and unyielding!

Lowering his head, Su Zimo placed his palm on the storage bag and in the blink of an eye, a cold, gleaming saber appeared in his hands!


Everyone gasped.

What Su Zimo did was simply way too dangerous he was going to get himself killed!

Before that thought even dispersed from everyones minds, Su Zimo spoke indifferently, "If you dare lay a finger on me, Ill kill you."

That was tit for tat!

All 2,000 odd disciples of the five peaks broke into an uproar!




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