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(I Don't Care)

The disheveled old man consoled him, “It’s just a small mistake. Just be more careful in the future. Don’t be discouraged.”

Su Zimo nodded.

No matter the end result, his trip today was not wasted.

Even though forging looked to be a simple step, there were many factors to consider when shaping a spirit weapon so as to unleash its full potential.

Fourth step, tempering.

The forged flying sword hovered within the Weapon Tripod as Su Zimo reignited a new ball of Level 3 Spirit Fire to heat it up.

Temperature control was crucial for this step.

Too high and the flying sword would melt.

Too low and the desired effect of tempering would not be achieved.

It was crucial to have the spirit weapon burn at a scarlet, transparent color.

Through the past month, Su Zimo had failed countless times at just the tempering step.

After a brief moment, the flying sword in the Weapon Tripod began to turn red. Under the continued burning of the flames, the sword’s body gleamed with a bright red.

Su Zimo maintained his control and placed the flying sword at the bottom of the tripod before conjuring a hammer using spirit qi to start the tempering process.

Cling! Clang!

Tempering can not only eliminate even more impurities, it can strengthen the sturdiness of the sword as well.

Out of all six steps, this step was where technique was most important and every Weapon Refinement Master had their own way of doing things.

Su Zimo went about it with pure brute strength as he knocked at the sword.

The disheveled old man who was watching him frowned – Su Zimo was way too rough in his technique and was no different from blacksmiths of the mortal world.

At the same time, Feng Haoyu had begun tempering his flying sword as well.

Unlike Su Zimo, Feng Haoyu was much cleaner in his tempering skills.

Feng Haoyu had a wind spirit root and because of that, the element of wind spirit qi was present in the hammer he conjured to strike at the flying sword. Because of that, the tempered sword would be more agile and swifter.

While hammering, the sharpness of the sword was gradually revealed too.

It was clear that Feng Haoyu was experienced through his technique and faster. Before long, he was almost caught up to Su Zimo.

After five minutes, Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

He was done with tempering!

For a pseudo spirit weapon, the final step would be to just throw the scarlet flying sword into cold water for the quenching step.

However, Su Zimo had an idea.

Since this flying sword had a hilt and was imperfect to begin with, he could attempt spirit gathering with it!

For the past month, Su Zimo had already destroyed tens of flying swords without a single success on spirit gathering.

Based on what the inner sect disciples mentioned, there was no technique required for spirit gathering and it was more of a luck thing – the luckier one was, the higher the chances of success.

But of course, that was on the pretext that there were no major issues with the four previous steps.

After tempering, Su Zimo did not shift the flying sword out of the Weapon Tripod and instead glared at the spirit qi within it keenly.

“Is he thinking of spirit gathering?”

“If he manages to succeed, that’ll be amazing!”

“Hmph, I think he’s thinking too highly of himself trying to attempt spirit gathering after a single month into weapon refinement!”

A series of discussions filled with shock and ridicule broke out around them.

Casting away all distractions, Su Zimo calmed his mind – this was a step that required absolute focus from the Weapon Refinement Master without any bit of distractions!

Taking in a deep breath of air, he controlled the spirit qi within the tripod and willed it towards the scarlet flying sword.

Through the pressure, a pattern appeared vaguely on the sword. It was faint and barely formed.

“Look, a spirit pattern!”

“It’s really a spirit pattern! But it has yet to take shape.”

“Could he really manage to create an inferior-grade flying sword?”

Right then, Feng Haoyu was just done with his tempering step as well. When he heard the discussions, his heart skipped a beat as he turned towards Su Zimo.

If Su Zimo had managed to create an inferior-grade spirit weapon, he would have to take the gambit and attempt spirit gathering too.

However, Feng Haoyu had no confidence about it. After all, spirit gathering was way too difficult and he had yet to succeed at it too.

The disheveled old man glared at the flying sword within the tripod fixedly, sweat forming on his palms – he was even more nervous than Su Zimo.


Right then, a crisp sound rang out from Su Zimo’s Weapon Tripod.

It was over!

Su Zimo lamented internally.

What followed was a booming sound as the flying sword exploded with its shards striking at the interiors of the Weapon Tripod.

He had failed!

However, it was to be expected.

Su Zimo shook his head and chuckled in exasperation.

The disheveled old man sighed gently.

At the side, Xue Yi looked on with pity.

At that, Feng Haoyu was finally relieved.

Because Su Zimo’s flying sword had exploded, Feng Haoyu had no intention to attempt spirit gathering as well. Instead, he took out the pseudo spirit weapon from his tripod and dipped it in cold water.


A thick, white smoke billowed out from the water basin.

The flying sword was successfully created with a sharp gleam and a suffocating aura!

Feng Haoyu placed the flying sword at the front desk and awaited the evaluation results.

Right as Su Zimo kept his Weapon Tripod, a loud voice boomed out in the hall.

“The level of one’s spirit fire isn’t listed as one of the six steps of weapon refinement. Don’t think that you’ll become a Weapon Refinement Master just because you can cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire.”

Su Zimo turned to the voice and met with Feng Haoyu’s cold, sneering gaze.

With a fake smile, Feng Haoyu continued, “Junior Brother Su, one has to be tread steadily. If one were to attempt flying before they can even walk, they might end up falling twice as heavily.”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The both of them had only met a couple of times before and had never spoken nor crossed one another’s paths. Yet, for some unknown reason, Feng Haoyu had a strong enmity towards him!

It was particularly so today.

“Well said, Junior Brother Feng!”

“Fufu, some people are way over their heads because they have a Level 3 Spirit Fire. Know your place!”

The disciples who spoke were not from Weapon Peak; they were Spirit Peak disciples who had come to take the test. There was naturally no way they would give up on a chance to take sides with Feng Haoyu by mocking Su Zimo at such a juncture.

“Stop with all that salty talk! How about talking again after any of you can get a Level 3 Spirit Fire!” Xue Yi could not help but stand up and scoff coldly.

Many of the Spirit Peak disciples found themselves speechless as they looked awful.

No matter what, even if Su Zimo had failed in spirit gathering, it was a fact that he had managed to cultivate a Level 3 Spirit Fire. No one from the five peaks could match that!

Feng Haoyu continued, “Junior Brother Su, don’t take this loss to heart. We’ve still got the five peaks face-off at the end of the year. I hope that you’ll be able to win me by then.”

Su Zimo looked at Feng Haoyu indifferently without replying.

The disheveled old man stood at the side watching without saying anything. At the end of the day, he was a senior and was naturally not bothered with the verbal squabbles between disciples.

After awhile, the disciple hosting the test declared, “Even though all of you crafted a pseudo spirit weapon, Feng Haoyu’s flying sword has a better quality and he was faster. As such, he is the first place for this test.”

Many Spirit Peak disciples began cheering.

Feng Haoyu grinned as he looked past Su Zimo to the disheveled old man. Bowing slightly, he spoke, “Peak master, please take me to observe the projections of weapon refinement left behind by seniors of the sect.”


The disheveled old man nodded nonchalantly. “You’re naturally qualified since you took first place.”

Thereafter, he yanked Su Zimo by the arm and commented casually, “Come on, lad. You’ll go have a look too.”

Su Zimo froze for a moment.

Feng Haoyu frowned and said gruffly, “Su Zimo doesn’t even have a ranking place in this test because he failed to create a weapon. So, he isn’t qualified to watch it. Are you sure what you’re doing is appropriate, peak master?”

“Indeed, it’s inappropriate.”

The disheveled old man nodded in agreement before grinning. “But, I don’t care.”




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