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(Indeed Quite Incredible)

“How could this be?”

Glaring at the scarlet flame in his right palm, Su Zimo wondered.

Naturally, he would not assume that he had managed to create a Level 3 Spirit Fire right after learning about it through pure talent.

But, what was the reason for everything before him?

Opening his left palm, he channeled spirit qi and gathered a flame in that palm too.


A faint red flame appeared.

Level 1 Spirit Fire.

Both balls of flames continued burning in Su Zimo’s palms with strikingly different color and a distinct difference in temperature too.

Dissipating the flames, he tried again a couple more times.

Each time, his left palm would always form a Level 1 Spirit Fire while his right palm could reach Level 3!

Su Zimo thought back to a detail of Qi Condensation.

The second step of Qi Condensation was to absorb the qi internally.

Back then, the spirit qi in the air entered his body from his right hand – what did that imply?

Frowning, he looked at his right hand for a long time but could not find anything unusual about iit.

Even after a long time, Su Zimo could not figure out what was going on and decided to let the doubt go for now.

No matter what, it wasn’t a bad thing for him to have a Level 3 Spirit Fire right as he was starting to learn about weapon refinement.

The higher the level of spirit fire, the more efficient the purging of impurities from the materials would be!

Normally, a Level 3 Spirit Weapon could even refine a middle-grade spirit weapon!

But of course, the level of spirit fire was only one of the core factors for a Weapon Refinement Master. They had to be able to control the spirit fire, temperature and the most important process of spirit gathering. If any of the six steps were to go wrong, they would not be able to create any spirit weapons.

For Weapon Refinement Masters, they were divided to elementary, intermediate and advanced depending on the grade of spirit weapons they can refine. Only those that can create superior-grade spirit weapons could be termed as Advanced Weapon Refinement Masters.

For most Perfected Golden Cores, the spirit weapons they use would not be higher than superior-grade.

Therefore, in the cultivation world, if anyone could become an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master, their status would be equivalent to that of a Perfected Golden Core. In fact, in terms of reputation and networking, they would even surpass the average Perfected Golden Core!

However, even Advanced Weapon Refinement Masters would not dare to casually attempt for supreme-grade spirit weapons given the high failure rate.

As a disciple of Weapon Peak, Su Zimo obtained a Weapon Tripod from the elderly guard and spent the rest of his time training on his weapon refinement skills in his cave abode. Occasionally, he would train his Qi Condensation and spend the nights reading into the Marrow Cleansing section.

A month later.

Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was at Level 5 Qi Condensation and he was getting better at weapon refinement, having created a couple of pseudo spirit flying swords successfully. However, he still had no progress on the Marrow Cleansing section.

To be accurate, he did not even know how to carry on with it.

The Marrow Cleansing section stated that he would be able to achieve Marrow Cleansing by quivering the marrow with the sounds of tigers and leopards.

Having stayed an entire year in the Cang Lang Mountain Range, he was extremely familiar with the sounds of tigers and leopards. Yet, no matter how hard he tried to imitate it, he could not achieve the desired effect of Marrow Cleansing.

Su Zimo was even almost going hoarse by the end of the month

He could feel that he was not going in the right direction so he intended to look for an opportunity to capture a tiger and a leopard so that he could slowly work with that sound requirement.

This day, Su Zimo came forth from his cave abode.

Every end of the month, the five peaks would have a simple test held; it was not compulsory and any disciples of the various peaks could take part.

The first place of the test would have a chance to observe the projections of seniors in the sect refining weapons.

One had to understand that every Weapon Refinement Master had a different method of doing things. It was particularly so for the step of tempering in the Weapon Tripod which was extremely secretive and not shown to most people.

Through the entire month, Su Zimo had quite a number of doubts gathered. If he could take a look at those projections, it would be of great help to him.

Before long, Su Zimo arrived at the Weapon Peak’s Weapon Refinement Hall on a flying sword.

He took a quick glance and there were more than a hundred people present!

Weapon Peak’s trial disciples added up to a few dozens of people – where did the rest come from?

“Eh, you’re here, Junior Brother Su.”

Right then, Xue Yi walked over from the side and greeted Su Zimo merrily.

“Not bad, you’re already at Level 5 Qi Condensation!”

Xue Yi exclaimed before asking, “Why? Are you here for the month end test too?”

“Yeah, I want to give it a shot,” Su Zimo nodded his head.

“Sure, that’s good. You can also learn by looking at the way others go about it,” Xue Yi thought that Su Zimo was merely there to join the crowd since the latter had just gotten started on refining weapons.

“Senior brother, we’ve only got a couple dozens of disciples in Weapon Peak. Why are there so many people?” Su Zimo asked.

Xue Yi smiled. “Within the sect, any of the disciples from the other four peaks who have an interest towards weapon refinement can come to Weapon Peak to learn and take part in the month end test as well. In fact, even in the year end face-off if they want to. After all, for some of the geniuses, they will want to learn about weapons, elixirs, talismans and array formations even as they cultivate themselves.”

Su Zimo nodded his head – that was the same as what he thought.

Su Zimo swept his gaze casually across the crowd before fixating it on a man clad in purple robes.

The purple robed man looked haughty with his head slightly reared and eyes closed. It was easy to spot him from the crowd.

That man was Feng Haoyu, the person with a variant wind spirit root who had joined the sect at the same time as Su Zimo.

After a month, Feng Haoyu had already gone from Level 6 to Level 7 Qi Condensation!

Xue Yi followed Su Zimo’s gaze and said, “I heard that man is called the most talented genius our sect has obtained in a thousand years! With his innate variant spirit root and an exceptional talent, many of the seniors think extremely highly of him. I’ve even heard that he’s going to take part in the year end face-off and boasted that he was definitely going to be the top of three peaks!”

“Top of three peaks?” Su Zimo frowned.

Xue Yi explained, “Even though he’s a new disciple, he has a wind spirit root and by the end of the year, he would definitely be a Level 9 or 10 Qi Refinement Warrior. The only person that can compete with him in Spirit Peak is a woman called Leng Rou. I heard that she’s also a new disciple.”

“Even if he gets to be the top of Spirit Peak, what about the other two?” Su Zimo asked.

Xue Yi lamented, “Elixir and Weapon Peak. Our two peaks are the weakest in the sect. Even though it’s good for the sect that we have a Feng Haoyu, it’s still going to feel bad for us as disciples of Weapon Peak if he turns out top for our peak.”

Su Zimo was confused. “Feng Haoyu has a wind spirit root. In terms of fire mastery, can he compete with Weapon Peak disciples with fire spirit roots?”

“Junior brother, you know that anyone can create spirit fire regardless of their spirit root attributes?” Xue Yi asked in reverse.

Su Zimo nodded.

Anyone could create a spirit fire without a fire spirit root. It was just that in terms of sensing, cultivation and mastery of it, those with a fire spirit root would be more astute to it.

Xue Yi continued, “Fire blossoms with the presence of wind. That is Feng Haoyu’s advantage!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized.

Under the influence of wind, fire burns ever brighter.

Xue Yi whispered, “I heard that Feng Haoyu’s already able to create a Level 2 Spirit Fire!”

Stunned for a moment, Su Zimo looked at his right hand and nodded. “That’s indeed quite incredible”




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