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(Found A Treasure)

Unknowingly, the disheveled old peak master of Weapon Peak had made his way to the Weapon Refinement Hall and appeared beside Su Zimo.

The disheveled old man eyed the Cold Moon Saber that Su Zimo kept and asked casually, “Lad, why are you always trying to stab others over every single disagreement?”

When he was joining the sect at the top of the front peak, Su Zimo slashed out at Array Peak’s master right after he came forth from the illusion.

Now, he nearly did the same to Weapon Peak’s master.

With an awkward expression, Su Zimo was ready to disperse his spirit fire and apologize to his master. However, the disheveled old man merely waved it off and shook his head. “It’s fine, continue with what you were doing. I’ll just be watching from the side, no pressure.”

“Alright,” Su Zimo nodded his head.

Pausing for a moment, the disheveled old man patted Su Zimo on the shoulders and commented sincerely, “Lad, you don’t have to be strung up all day all night in Ethereal Sect. Relax, no one is going to hurt you. Don’t brandish your saber for every small reason.”

In reality, Su Zimo’s reaction was trained during his time in Cang Lang Mountain Range and had already become a habit.

Outside the mountain range, every single beast was an enemy to Su Zimo.

Even back in his cave, he had to be alert against the Spirit Monkey’s mischievous attacks; that was why he was so neurotic.

However, it did not mean that Su Zimo would let his guard loose just because of what the disheveled old man said. He would merely pay more attention so that he would not brandish his saber casually.

The disheveled old man continued, “Besides, even if you want to brandish it, you’ve got to see your opponent first. One month into the sect and you’ve already pointed your saber at two peak masters. What’s going to happen the longer you stay?”

“Cough, cough. I’ll take note of it,” Su Zimo chuckled embarrassedly.

Usually, none of the peak masters would appear for a month end test as such, especially not the peak master of Weapon Peak who was known to be lazy by nature.

Yet, everyone present was clear why the disheveled old man was appearing now.

It was definitely not for Feng Haoyu, but Su Zimo.

Right then, Feng Haoyu who was standing right at the front had a burning sensation on his face. However, because he was back facing everyone else, no one could tell of the coldness in his eyes.

Composing his emotions, Feng Haoyu began to warm the tripod once more.

At the back of the hall, Su Zimo had already begun to insert the materials since his Level 3 Spirit Fire was not extinguished.

With all the materials inserted, he channeled a large amount of spirit qi and flames burnt furiously, enveloping the entire Weapon Tripod.

The temperature in the tripod continued to climb!

The process of smelting was to turn all the materials to liquid state using a high temperature before fusing them together once more, removing as much impurities from them as possible.

It was a step that had nothing to do with weapon refinement technique and was a clear indicator of the difference between different levels of spirit fire.

Even if it was an Advanced Weapon Refinement Master wielding a Level 2 Spirit Fire, he would not be able to match an amateur with a Level 3 Spirit Fire during the smelting process.

Before long, the materials in the tripod had begun to melt before turning into a metal liquid that emanated spirit qi.

The Level 3 Spirit Fire continued burning.

The golden liquid burnt within the tripod, bubbling endlessly as the spirit qi inside thickened.

At that, the disheveled old man’s eyes flickered with a hint of satisfaction as he nodded.

The metal liquid glowed bright red as the quantity was condensed through the repeated scorching – that was due to impurities being purged away.

15 minutes later, the metal liquid was no longer condensing.

That did not imply that it was free of impurities – it was merely the smelting limits of a Level 3 Spirit Fire.

The smelting process was over.

Right then, the materials of the other disciples had merely only started to melt. Of them, Feng Haoyu’s speed was faster as a metal liquid was formed within his tripod.

Not only was the Level 3 Spirit Fire better in purging impurities, it was faster as well as Su Zimo led the pack far ahead!

The next step, forging.

Su Zimo dispersed his spirit fire and waited for the temperature within the tripod to dip. At the same time, he cultivated and rested at the side, replenishing the spirit qi he had expended.

Forging required channeling of spirit qi to create a pair of spirit hands which would be inserted into the Weapon Tripod. One would then have to forge the shape of the spirit weapon they wanted before the metal liquid solidified.

If one entered too early when the temperature was too high, notwithstanding the fact that the spirit hands may disperse easily, it would be difficult to forge the weapon since the metal liquid would not be completely cooled.

However, if it was too late and the metal liquid was completely solidified, one would not be able to forge as well.

This step was a test of experience.

After five minutes, Su Zimo suddenly bolted up and channeled his spirit qi fervently. A pair of hands appeared in midair that reached into the Weapon Tripod, grabbing hold of the metal liquid.

That was the perfect moment when the metal liquid was malleable without solidifying just yet!

At the side, the disheveled old man was getting more pleased as he watched the focused Su Zimo.

“Bloody hell, I’ve really found a treasure this time round!”

If not for the fact that so many disciples were present, the disheveled old man could not wish for more than to hug Su Zimo tightly for a kiss right then.

For some reason, Su Zimo felt a gust of cold wind behind his ass and could not help but broke into a shudder.

Before long, a flying sword slowly took shape.

The blade was long without any edge yet – this was merely a rough shape.

By now, many of the disciples had given up on the test and were watching Su Zimo’s weapon refinement process instead.

When they noticed the shape of the sword being crafted, a shushing sound spread out from the crowd.

Feng Haoyu was done with his smelting at the moment and was waiting for the temperature in the Weapon Tripod to dip. As he sat where he was to rest, he could not help but turn around to check out the commotion.

The moment he saw the shape of the sword in Su Zimo’s Weapon Tripod, he scoffed with a look of mockery and turned back.

After the forging was complete, Su Zimo could naturally sense the strange tension around him.

“Master, have I made a mistake?” he could not help but ask.

The disheveled old man waved it off and replied nonchalantly, “It’s not really a huge mistake. You’ve grasped the forging timing really finely. It’s just that you’ve added an additional hilt to your sword.

“An additional hilt?” Su Zimo froze for a moment, confused.

The disheveled old man asked, “Do you know why most of the flying swords cultivators use do not have a hilt?”

Su Zimo shook his head.

“A flying sword is the most common Dharma treasure for swords in the cultivation world. Its advantage is that its fast, agile, versatile and both ends are bladed. Unlike a normal sword, a flying sword does not have a hilt because the presence of it leads to greater air resistance and in turn, a lower speed and agility.”

Suddenly, Su Zimo’s eyes lit up.

In the past, he did demonic cultivation and was always engaging in melee combat with others. Now, he was less than a month into immortality cultivation and did not have much practice with swords yet.

At the end of the day, immortal and demonic cultivation were different. Cultivators do not go against others by wielding flying swords with their hands. Instead, they channeled their spirit qi into a stream of energy so as to control flying swords from afar.

During a fight, if a flying sword that struck the enemy has a hilt, the sword would not pass through their bodies.

Without a hilt, the flying sword would pierce their bodies with ease, allowing the cultivators to continue controlling it without being affected.

If the opponent had a body tempering technique which gave them an extremely robust physical body, a flying sword with a hilt may end up in their hands instead.

Without a hilt, the sword would be edged at every point and the opponent would not be able to catch it barehanded.

For a flying sword, a hilt was nothing more than a burden.




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