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(Hidden Eyes)

Above in the clouds, the hidden eyes had not left and was watching everything unfold beneath keenly.

When it heard Su Zimos declaration, an amused look appeared in those eyes.

"Brave lad indeed. Interesting."

At the spirit arena

All the disciples were in shock. They were not even thinking about how a Level 6 Qi Refinement Warrior could go against a disciple of the Disciplinary Hall.

All of their thoughts were on how Su Zimo even had the courage to make such a declaration!

There were only two possibilities he was either stupid or insane.

Everyone looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a dead man.

Initially, Chen Yu had only wanted to cripple Su Zimos cultivation and kick him out of the sect.

But now, he could rightfully kill Su Zimo on the spot!

"Well, well, well!"

Chen Yus anger turned into laughter as he nodded his head repeatedly, remarking coldly, "To think that trial disciples of Weapon Peak have fallen to such a state where they dont even know whats good for them. Since you want to die, Ill grant you your wish!"

Slapping his storage bag, a flying sword appeared in Chen Yus palm.

Injecting spirit qi to it, the flying sword shone with a bright gleam as two bedazzling spirit lights appeared on the sword!

It was a middle-grade spirit weapon!

Su Zimo narrowed his gaze. Right as he was about to move, an authoritative voice boomed out from the skies.


A shadow appeared and sped over with a frightening speed.

Soaring through the skies without the use of any items it was a Perfected Golden Core!

Chen Yu turned his head slightly and frowned he was not going to have the courage to strike in the presence of a Perfected Golden Core.

With a dark expression, Chen Yu glared at Su Zimo and suppressed his killing intent for now.

The person who had arrived as in his fifties. Arriving in lightning speed, his white robes fluttered loudly, exuding the aura of an immortal descending upon the world.

On the sleeves of the mans white robe was an emblem of a flying sword.

It was Spirit Peaks master, Wen Xuan!

Su Zimo had seen this person before at the top of the front peak when he joined Ethereal Peak.

"Greetings, master."

The many disciples of Spirit Peak shouted out.

"Greetings, peak master."

Disciples of the other four peaks bowed and greeted as well.

The appearance of Spirit Peaks master naturally meant that there would be no fight. Heaving a sigh of relief, little fatty, Xue Yi and the rest finally looked more relaxed.

Spirit Peaks master would be the one to decide how this matter should be resolved.

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before keeping his Cold Moon Saber.

"Peak master, Su Zimo"

"Its fine, I know everything."

Chen Yu spoke right away, wanting to explain everything to Wen Xuan but was interrupted by the latters wave of his hand.

Standing tall in the air, Wen Xuan looked at Su Zimo silently. Even though he looked calm, no one could read his thoughts at all.

After a long time, he asked slowly, "Su Zimo, do you acknowledge your wrongdoings?"

Hearing that, little fatty, Xue Yi and the rest were delighted.

That meant that there was a high chance Wen Xuan wasnt going to punish Su Zimo as heavily as Chen Yu did.

Before the joy could disappear from the eyes of little fatty and the rest, Su Zimos reply caused their expressions to freeze up.

A stir broke out amongst the crowd as well.

"Im not in the wrong."

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at Wen Xuan, replying calmly.

If Su Zimo rebutting Chen Yu was understandable, his rebuttal of a peak master was definitely irrational.

But in truth, Su Zimo was never a rational man.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have stood his ground instead of kneeling back in Ping Yang Town against Perfected Cang Langs oppression.

He would not have headed into Yan Citys capital alone to kill the King of Yan despite knowing of the dangers.

He would not have proceeded resolutely despite knowing that there was a high chance he might die in the hands of Joyful Clans Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Right was right and wrong was wrong Su Zimo was never going to bow down in the face of power!

Not too far away, the other four peak masters watched the situation develop.

There was no way they did not know about such a huge commotion where disciples of two peaks challenged one another.

When he heard Su Zimos reply, Array Peaks master sighed gently. "Even though that lads character is stubborn and somewhat unlikeable, its really rare. I do admire him."

"Thats the type of guts and defiance that someone who cultivates should possess. The path of cultivation is one that defies the heavens to begin with."

"Even though thats true, that lads cultivation path will definitely be fraught with obstacles."

Three peak masters discussed amongst themselves as the disheveled old man shook his head without saying anything.

It wasnt appropriate for them to make an appearance since everything was happening on Spirit Peak.

At the spirit arena

After hearing Su Zimos reply, Wen Xuan went silent for a moment.

"Su Zimo, let me ask you a question."

Wen Xuan spoke slowly, "Today, you injured Sun Tao because he injured your spirit beast. If he killed your spirit beast, what would you have done?"

As though it had realized something, the spirit tiger growled softly.

It had an intellect equal to that of a grown man and it could tell that if Su Zimo were to bow down in defeat now, he would be able to get off with a light punishment.

Its roar was to hold Su Zimo back.

Turning to look at the spirit tiger on the ground, Su Zimo suddenly smiled.

He already had an answer for that question.

Su Zimo was bent on revenge against Perfected Cang Lang for killing his steed, Zhui Feng. Why would things be different now that this spirit tiger was his spirit beast too?

"Of course Ill kill him!"

"Youd kill your fellow sect mate for a spirit beast?"


"Give me a reason."

"Since the spirit beast chose to follow me, I naturally have to protect it properly too!"

Roar! Roar!

Ignoring its wound, the spirit tiger struggled to stand up and walked to Su Zimos side, growling in deep pain while rubbing its head against his arm.

The spirit tiger had never truly decided that it wanted to follow Su Zimo.

Besides, it could leave at any moment without the binding of a blood oath.

That was until this moment when it had made up its mind to never leave this person for the rest of its life.

Even if they had no blood oath, that would be the case.

When the four peak masters heard the conversation, all of them frowned.

No matter how much of a ruckus Su Zimo caused in the past, they could overlook it because nothing had blown out of proportion.

But the fact that he expressed his willingness to kill a fellow sect mate over a spirit beast was a hard pill for them to swallow.

Right then, even the Perfected Golden Cores did not realize that in the depths of the clouds, a hidden pair of eyes was still watching everything silently.

When it heard Su Zimos reply, the pair of eyes gave a look of slight surprise before turning into a ruminating admiration.

"Master, I think that not only is this man heartless, hes merciless towards our sect mates as well. Were bound to be faced with greater turmoil if he remains in the sect."

Finally, Feng Haoyu had spoken up.

The meaning of his words was clear kick Su Zimo out of the sect!

Wen Xuan was silent.

Countless pairs of eyes watched him, awaiting his final decision.




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