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(Three Major Secret Skills)

Summoning his flying sword, Su Zimo supported the spirit tiger on it carefully before hopping on himself. He nodded to Xue Yi and everyone else. “Fellow senior brothers, I’ll make a move first.”

“We’ll leave as well.”

The many disciples of Weapon Peak summoned their flying swords and sped off after Su Zimo, leaving Spirit Peak.

Little fatty hesitated for a moment before making up his mind and followed suit.

Before long, Su Zimo and the others disappeared from everyone’s sights.

Disciples of the other three peaks gradually dispersed from Spirit Peak as well.

It was a momentary still to the current crisis. However, everyone knew that the year end face-off would definitely create a huge stir!

The eventual victor will be decided six months later.

At the same time, a gigantic pair of wings tore through the skies from the depths of the clouds, flying into Ethereal Palace.

If any disciples of the sect saw that, they would have recognized the owner of those wings as the Mystical Guardian Beast – that terrifying crane!

The crane’s gigantic body landed into Ethereal Palace but with a spin, it turned into a ravishing middle aged lady, elegant with a head of red hair.

“Caw, caw!”

A cry came from a room as a smaller crane dashed over sadly upon sensing the aura of the redheaded beauty, flapping its wings furiously.

That crane was the one who had deterred Su Zimo and the others at the front peak of Ethereal Peak.

Shaking her head and smiling, the redheaded beauty looked at the little crane dotingly and asked, “Why? You’re sad about being locked up?”


The little crane seemed as though it wanted to explain something.

Looking at the pondering little crane, the redheaded beauty spoke gently after a while, “Child, I’ve been worrying about your future because I can’t bear to see you being enslaved as someone else’s spirit beast and losing your freedom. But I know that this day would come keeping you by my side since I can’t protect you for the rest of your life.”

The little crane did not know why its mother had suddenly turned so moody. Feeling fearful, it ran beside the redheaded beauty hastily.

Smiling, the redheaded beauty continued, “But, I seem to have found someone rather interesting recently. He’s quite suitable to be your master and I’m sure that you won’t suffer following him.”

“Caw, caw!”

The little crane called out once more.

Rubbing the little crane’s head, the redheaded beauty explained, “You can’t follow me all the time. I’m old now and you’ve still got a long road ahead.”

Instantly, the little crane was dejected.

After awhile, as though it could not repress its curiosity, the little crane asked inquiringly.

The redheaded beauty chuckled. “You know that man too. You’ve even fought him on the walls of the peak.”

“Caw, caw! Caw, caw!!!”

Stunned for a moment, the little crane turned extremely agitated as it shrieked loudly, looking furious and disdainful.


The redheaded beauty laughed. “Yes, he’s a little weak now but you might not be a match for him. Besides, that man hmm, he has some secrets in his body. It’s hard to tell how his future will turn out.”

“And of course, the most important thing is that you don’t have to make a blood oath to follow him. You’ll still retain your freedom.”

The little crane called out a couple more times, seemingly still disagreeable to the suggestion.

The redheaded beauty nodded her head. “Of course, it’s still your decision and I’ll not force you. What I mean is that there’s no harm for you to try getting along with him. If you like him, you can stay by his side. If you don’t, you can just leave.”

The little crane cried softly.

“Yes, of course I won’t lock you up anymore as well. You can head out and play from now on as long as you don’t get into trouble.”

Rolling its eyes, the little crane lamented. “Hmph, hmph! I hate that man the most! He caused me to be locked up for so long and mummy even wants me to follow him? He’d wish! Now that I’m out, I’ll definitely find a chance to get revenge!”

The redheaded beauty could naturally read the little crane’s mind through its expressions.

However, she merely chuckled and did not expose him.

In the skies not far away from Spirit Peak, four peak masters were present and Wen Xuan joined them now that he was done.

“Wen Xuan, my thanks. I owe you one,” The disheveled old man cupped his fists.

There was initially no need for a peak master to appear personally to resolve today’s incident – the Disciplinary Hall could have settled it.

However, worried that something might happen to Su Zimo, the disheveled old man requested for Wen Xuan to settle this personally.

Wen Xuan waved it off. “Let’s not stand on courtesy between one another.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Actually, I did not intend to forbid Su Zimo from entering Spirit Peak. It’s just that the lad was so arrogant to speak of such brazen words! In a fit of anger, I made that decision so that he could suffer some setbacks.”

“No matter what, I’m still thankful for you stepping in.”

The disheveled old man said, “Qi Refinement Warriors are all around the same, so it doesn’t matter whether he learns anything. As long as he enters Foundation Establishment realm and gets promoted as an inner sect disciple, he can learn all the fighting techniques he wants at that time.”

“It’s just that, the challenge between him and Feng Haoyu at the end of the year” Wen Xuan paused in his words.

The disheveled old man shook his head. “As you’ve said, if he loses, so be it. It’ll be good for him to suffer some setbacks. At least, suffering in the sect is better than losing his life out there in the cultivation world.”

Array Peak’s master, Xuan Yi, suddenly said, “Actually, Su Zimo is not entirely to blame for today’s incident.”

“That Feng Haoyu is quite a scheming fella,” The brown haired youth, Elixir Peak’s master, remarked wistfully.

Wen Xuan frowned in displeasure and shook his head. “Feng Haoyu is merely competitive, but he isn’t bad by nature.”

The brown haired youth shrugged his shoulders. “Forget it, take it as though I’ve said nothing.”

Xuan Yi hurriedly changed the topic as the five of them conversed idly for a while more before going their separate ways.

Su Zimo had just arrived at his cave abode in Weapon Peak when little fatty caught up to him.

“Bro, hold on,” Little fatty called out.

Turning around to see the descending little fatty, Su Zimo chuckled. “Thank you for speaking up for me quite a bit today.”

“That’s nothing,” Little fatty waved it off casually.

As though he had just recalled something, Su Zimo apologized, “Because of me, you’ve offended quite a number of people today. I’m afraid things in Spirit Peak might be tougher for you in the future.”

“Heh! Don’t worry about it, bro! Even though I’m only Level 7 Qi Condensation right now, there’s still six months more to the end of the year. I’ve got hope to reach Perfected Qi Condensation too. By then, there won’t be many people who can match me. If anyone’s unhappy with me, they can meet me in the spirit arena!” Little fatty replied in a relaxed manner.

When he was done with that, he sighed. “Bro, that final challenge you issued to Feng Haoyu was a little rash.”

“Oh?” Su Zimo could tell that little fatty was hinting something.

Little fatty asked, “Bro, do you know of the three major secret skills of Ethereal Sect?”

“Nopes,” Su Zimo shook his head.

Little fatty explained, “The reason why Ethereal Sect could become one of the five main clans of the Great Zhou Dynasty is because they have the legacy of these three major secret skills. Even if you’re promoted to an inner sect disciple, you can’t get to cultivate those skills. Only legacy disciples amongst the inner sect disciples have the possibility of learning them.”

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