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(Something Weird)

Back in his cave abode, Su Zimo was in no hurry to start with elixir refinement. Instead, he continued pondering over everything he had learned today and took mental notes of his doubts.

Thereafter, he memorized the recipe of the Spirit Gathering Elixir by heart and just like that, an entire day had passed.

Night descended.

According to his previous plan, Su Zimo should be lying on the stone bed right now, cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

However, because he could no longer cultivate the Marrow Cleansing section, Su Zimo could only go to sleep while following the breathing and expiration technique of the first three sections, Body Tempering, Tendons Transformation and Bones Strengthening.

Thankfully, he had only just learned the Marrow Cleansing section and it was not a habit for him yet.

The second day, he got up bright and early and began on his Qi Condensation. Retrieving a spirit stone from his storage bag, he gripped it in his palm and started to raise his cultivation.

After Level 5 Qi Condensation, Su Zimo could sense a clear decline in his cultivation speed.

If he were to merely absorb spirit qi making use of the spirit stone, he would most likely only reach Level 8 Qi Condensation at best by the end of the year.

After all, he had to spend a huge chunk of his time on elixir refinement as well as fighting techniques too.

In the blink of an eye, it was already noon.

Su Zimo left his cave abode once more and headed to Elixir Peak on his flying sword.

To his surprise, the person explaining things today was Elixir Peaks master, a brown haired youth!

Compared to Bo Xuezhen, the brown haired youths knowledge of elixir refinement was way deeper.

As he explained, the brown haired youths gaze would linger from time to time towards Su Zimo for some reason.

After an hour of listening, Su Zimo felt his understanding of elixir refinement deepening with many of his previous doubts clarified.

After the talk, just as Su Zimo was about to leave, the brown haired youth called him back, beckoning with his hands.

Su Zimo went over hurriedly.

"How was it? Could you understand?" The brown haired youth asked, smiling with a warm attitude.

Even though Elixir Peaks master looked to be a youth, his tone was no different from that of an elderly person one could tell that he had reverted to his youthful appearance.

"Yes, its not bad," Su Zimo nodded his head.

"Do you have any doubts?"

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before asking, "I heard Senior Brother Bo mention previously that every medicine contains 30% poison. Except for perfect elixirs, every other elixir contains impurities. Would that affect the cultivation of cultivators who consume them?"

An approving look flickered through the brown haired youths eyes as he nodded. "There is a reason why we set 40% impurities as the minimum value for inferior-grade elixirs in the world of elixir refinement. This is a conclusion made by seniors before us through history and experience. Therefore, any elixirs that have a grade, even inferior-grade, are harmless to cultivators."

With a slight pause, the brown haired youth continued, "However, seniors have mentioned the impact on ones cultivation should they consume too many elixirs such that the impurities become sediment in the body and are unable to be purged. Regarding that, there are many different theories to it in the cultivation world but no one has yet to discover the specific impacts that would be caused."

Su Zimo nodded.

The brown haired youth patted Su Zimo on the shoulders. "Go back and practice. Elixir refinement is much easier than weapon refinement and youll get better with practice. With a Level 3 Spirit Fire as foundation, you can definitely do it. If you have any doubts in the future, feel free to come look for me at any time."

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized.

He might have been the reason why the brown haired youth was conducting the session today!

Touched, Su Zimo nodded his head.

The brown haired youth passed Su Zimo a storage bag. "Theres quite a bit of spirit herbs in here. This should suffice your practice needs. Keep it."

Hesitating for a moment, Su Zimo took over the storage bag and bowed deeply.

Back to his cave abode.

Su Zimo retrieved his Elixir Furnace and prepared himself for his first elixir refinement.

Before him, four sets of ingredients were laid out neatly according to their types.

Su Zimo had already memorized the recipe as well.

The first step of choosing materials was completed.

Second step, extraction.

As the name implies, this step requires the use of spirit fire to purge away the impurities within the spirit herbs so as to extract its essence.

Unlike weapon refinement, the level of spirit fire did not determine the outcome of extraction for elixir refinement.

Spirit herbs had a high spirit content and was less rigid, requiring the continuous heating of a strong fire.

Most spirit herbs are fragile and the temperature they can endure is different too.

If the temperature was too high, the spirit herbs would turn into ashes and one would have to conduct a new extraction.

If it was too low, the desired outcome of extraction would not be met.

That was the reason why Elixir Refinement Masters had to practice continuously so that they understood the temperature requirements of different spirit herbs.

Heaving a deep breath of air, Su Zimo took up a spirit herb and started the extraction process.


The moment his flames were ignited, the spirit herb turned into ashes.

Watching at the sides, the spirit tiger snickered in a mocking manner.

Su Zimo glared at the spirit tiger and regained his composure, taking up another stalk of spirit herb for a new attempt.

Failure! Again!

Another failure, another attempt

Su Zimos gaze was resolute and firm as he attempted repeatedly, adjusting the temperature time and again.

Finally, under the heat of the flames, the stalk of spirit herb turned into essence in powder form.

Placing the tuft of powder into a corner of the Elixir Furnace, Su Zimo continued with the extraction of another spirit herb.

It was another round of failures until he finally managed to place another tuft of powder into the Elixir Furnace, separate from the first tuft.

After a full four hours, Su Zimos forehead was filled with sweat and his spirit qi was almost exhausted. Finally, he had managed to extract the essence of four stalks of spirit herbs, placing them in four corners of the Elixir Furnace.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he sat down in a lotus position and started recovering his spirit qi unhurriedly.

After awhile, Su Zimo got up and started with the third step of elixir refinement synthesis.

This step required the mixing of the powdered essence in a specified ratio and order.

It was a relatively simple step since the ratio and order were documented in the recipe.

However, a single margin of error would affect the content of the produced elixir and in worst case scenarios, it would be a failed refinement.

After synthesis was the fourth step, secondary extraction.

This was the most critical extraction.

A failure in this step would result in a waste of all previous efforts.

The fusion of four difference spirit herb essences would result in a structural change such that high heat could be endured. This was the time where a furious flame was required.

This was also where the advantage of having a Level 3 Spirit Fire comes in.

Whether or not an elixir could be formed with a grade would depend on the amount of impurities that could be purged with this step.

The scarlet Level 3 Spirit Fire heated up the Elixir Furnace repeatedly, turning the powdered essence into liquid form.

The nine holes of the Elixir Furnace began to seep with white smoke as a fragrant medicinal smell wafted out.

If the level of spirit fire was too low for this step, black smoke might be emitted instead along with a pungent smell.

After a moment, the secondary extraction was completed.

Fifth step, formation.

This was a step that required absolute focus and the slightest bit of distraction could result in a failure of elixir formation!

Su Zimo took in a deep breath of air and composed himself before dividing the essence within the Elixir Furnace into nine portions. Fusing together, they gradually took shape and solidified towards a pill form.

Right then, something weird happened!




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