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(Joining Ethereal Peak)

The thing that truly shocked the five peak masters was not the fact that Su Zimo had endured through the eight distresses.

It was that slash of his.

As Perfected Golden Cores, all five of them could sense the sort of energy the slash carried along – its might had surpassed even the full strength of a Perfected Qi Refinement Warrior!

For a mere mortal to surpass the strength of a Perfected Qi Refinement Warrior with just a burst of his physical body, what sort of a phenomenon was that?

That was proof that this man’s body was as tough as spirit beasts! In fact, he might even be able to match early-stage Foundation Establishment spirit demons!

Not just that, Su Zimo’s slash carried a heavy killing intent!

This man must have killed quite a number of times to display a slash as such!

Yet, how could a mortal have killed so many times?

Furthermore, their shock came from the fact that Su Zimo had dared to strike at Xuan Yi with such resolute decisiveness!

One had to understand that Su Zimo was but a mere mortal.

However, Xuan Yi was a Perfected Golden Core, the peak master of Array Peak! To mere mortals, he was what they would define as immortals!

Yet, Su Zimo’s slash had the intention of murdering an immortal!

“Why did you strike at me?” Xuan Yi’s gaze was bright as he glared at Su Zimo and asked grimly.

By now, Su Zimo had realized that he had fallen into an illusion and everything he had experienced was merely his hallucinations.

Lowering his head, he replied, “I mistook you as the one who had struck at me to push me off the peak. Hence, the attack.”

The five peak masters had expected that answer.

However, that answer was also troubling at the same time.

This was a man that couldn’t be tamed. Be it whether the other party was an immortal or had anyone strong backing him, as long as this man was offended, he would kill the other party!

To them, Su Zimo was like a double edged sword. Resolute and sharp, not only could he kill, he could injure them as well.

It was hard to tell if it would be a fortune or disaster accepting someone like this into the sect.

However, Su Zimo had an extremely rare mental fortitude such that he was even able to endure through the tribulations of the eight distresses. It would be difficult for Ethereal Peak to give up on such a rare talent.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had already passed all three tests of the sect.

Exchanging glances, all five peak masters could not arrive at a decision.

Normally, Spirit Peak’s master, Wen Xuan, would definitely be the first to accept someone as such. Yet, he was keeping silent at the moment.

Contemplating silently, Wen Xuan retrieved a spirit testing stone from his storage bag and handed it to Su Zimo. “Test your spirit root again.”

Su Zimo gripped the spirit testing stone tightly.

It shone scarlet red and emanated heat.

All five peak masters nodded their heads in agreement.

Fire element, heaven spirit root. That’s right.

Before that thought passed them, the spirit testing stone turned into ash and scattered from Su Zimo’s fingertips.

Everyone was stunned.

What had just happened?

The fat child pointed at Su Zimo agitatedly. “Peak master, see! I didn’t lie!”

Even though all five peak masters were Perfected Golden Cores, they had never seen anyone who could turn a spirit testing stone into ash for a mere test.

It was weird.

Suddenly, an authoritative voice boomed out in all five of their minds.

“This lad has too much killing intent and is too brash. Since he has a Fire spirit root, we can let him join the Weapon Peak to learn more about the craft of refining weapons. We can make other plans for him after we shave away some of his aggressiveness.”

That voice was from Ethereal Peak’s sect master. Other than the five peak masters, no one else knew what was going on.

The peak master of Weapon Peak was the disheveled old man.

He snickered at Su Zimo. “Come, follow me back to the Weapon Peak. From now on, you’ll be a trial disciple of Ethereal Peak. You’ll be under me.”


Su Zimo nodded.

The haughty man, white bloused woman and little fatty were inducted into Spirit Peak naturally while the three remaining mortals were assigned to Elixir, Array and Talisman Peak.

Waving his oily robes, the disheveled old man collected Su Zimo and left the peak.

Before long, Su Zimo was brought to the Weapon Peak as the disheveled old man remarked, “I’m your master from now on. We don’t have so many rules here in Weapon Peak. You can just call me old man.”

“Xue Yi. Yes, you! Come here!”

The disheveled old man beckoned to a disciple passing by nearby.

The man named Xue Yi was frail and skinny. Running over, he nodded his head to the disheveled old man and greeted courteously, “Master.”

“Su Zimo here has just joined the sect and he’s your junior brother. Go get him one of our sect badges and items for trial disciples before choosing a cave abode.”

After giving his instructions, the disheveled old man waved his robes and left.

“I’ll be troubling you then, senior brother,” Su Zimo greeted with cupped fists.

Xue Yi smiled and waved it off. “It’s fine, don’t stand on courtesy.”

He brought Su Zimo before a majestic cockloft and introduced, “This is our Elixir Peak’s Spirit Weapon Chamber. If any of the trial disciples from the five peaks want a spirit weapon, they would have to come exchange for it using their contribution points. To exchange for spirit stones, elixirs and cultivation manuals, one would have to use contribution points too.”

“How do you get contribution points?” Su Zimo asked.

“There is a mission stele within the five peaks that will refresh with new missions every now and then. The greater the difficulty of the missions, the more contribution points they give.”

Xue Yi brought Su Zimo to the Spirit Weapon Chamber and greeted the elderly guard, “Senior, this is a new disciple of Weapon Peak and he’s here for a sect badge.”

“Oh, name?”

The elderly guard opened his sleepy eyes and asked feebly.

“Su Zimo.”

From his storage bag, the elderly guard retrieved a long jade badge where one side was etched with mysterious patterns and the other side was smooth and blank.

With his sharp nails, the elderly guard shot out a stream of spirit qi and wrote down in cursive letters – Su Zimo.

Tossing the badge out, the elderly guard went back to sleep.

Su Zimo took the badge over and examined it to find out that there was nothing extraordinary about it.

Xue Yi smiled. “Junior brother, don’t look down on this sect badge. Holding it gives you freedom in and out of the sect and even the mystifying fog barrier outside can’t affect you.”

Su Zimo nodded his head and kept it carefully.

Suddenly, Xue Yi slapped his own head as though he recalled something. He then turned and smiled to the elderly guard. “Senior, are you forgetting about something?”

Without even opening his eyes, the elderly guard tossed out a storage bag casually.

Receiving it, Xue Yi passed it to Su Zimo. “Junior brother, there’s a manual for the Spirit Peering Art and Qi Condensation along with 10 inferior-grade spirit stones. Do keep it well.”

Xue Yi knew that Su Zimo had not mastered Qi Condensation yet and hence opened the storage bag before placing one of the two manuals in the latter’s hands.

He summoned a flying sword and had Su Zimo hop on it. Arriving at the mid of the peak, he pointed to a row of cave abodes. “Weapon Peak does not have much disciples so many of our cave abodes are empty. Just pick whichever one you fancy, junior brother.”

Remembering that he had to cultivate his Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, Su Zimo chose a secluded one at the corner as his home in Ethereal Peak.




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