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(Attack Of The Stupid Bird)


An ear-piercing boom sounded out as the main entrance to the cave abode was slammed wide open. Instantly, both doors dropped to the ground heavily, creating a dust cloud.

One must not be disturbed during the process of pill formation. Caught unaware, Su Zimo was totally shocked as he saw the pills that were about to be formed explode on the spot!

His efforts had gone to waste!

Not only that, because Su Zimo was still stunned, his mouth was slightly agape and he ended up eating a mouthful of dust

He was finally about to bear fruits for the elixir refinement he had spent an entire afternoon on only to see it go up in smoke.

Right then, Su Zimo even had thoughts of killing someone. Unable to control his blood in a fit of anger, he transformed to his demonic form.

"Caw, caw!"

At that moment, a familiar, mocking cry rang out in front of his cave abode.

Turning around, he caught sight of a crane standing at the entrance of his cave abode, flapping its wings excitedly and looking gleeful.


Su Zimo was about to cuss when he realized his mouth was filled with dust and coughed furiously.

"Caw, caw!"

When it saw that, the crane was even more amused; if it could laugh, it would have done so long ago.

This was the crane that had fought against Su Zimo on the front peak when he was about to join the sect.

Su Zimo recognized it right away.

Of all times, this stupid bird chose to arrive at this critical juncture. Su Zimo was so pissed off that his curled fists were crackling and his eyes were bloodshot.


The spirit tiger leaped up and roared towards little crane with widened eyes.

Glancing at the spirit tiger, little cranes eyes were filled with disdain.

Initially, the spirit tiger was rather wary about making the first move against little crane that was a spirit demon.

However, that look of contempt triggered the spirit tiger instantly.

"I cant take that lying down! Ive got my pride!"

With a feral roar, it rushed up with fire flaring out of its eyes.


The spirit tiger was sent rolling back even faster and more ferocious than it was when it had pounced ahead.

The moment it leapt ahead, little crane flapped its wings and knocked it back. Rolling a few times on the ground, the spirit tiger ate a mouthful of dust as well, looking wretched beyond anything else.

Flipping up, the spirit tiger spat out its mouthful of dust and hollered, ready to strike once more.

"Come back!"

Su Zimo called softly.

Without any hesitation, the spirit tiger retreated as though it was waiting for Su Zimos command from the get go.

At the end of the day, the spirit tiger was only a spirit beast and wasnt a match for that stupid bird.

"Alright, since you destroyed a batch of my elixirs today, lets use that to write off our feud. From now on, dont come look for me and I wont offend you too. Hows that sound?"

Su Zimo decided to negotiate with the stupid bird since their feud wasnt deep to begin with.

If he did not resolve this issue, he was not going to have a peaceful life in the future as well.

Notwithstanding elixir refinement, Su Zimo wouldnt be able to handle it even if the stupid bird came every once in awhile during his cultivation.

"Caw, caw!"

Little crane raised its head in disdain.

Su Zimo frowned the stupid bird did not seem as though it wanted to let things end here.

"On account that your elder is the Mystical Guardian Beast of the sect, I dont wish to hurt you. You should not continue to bother me," Su Zimo said slowly with a stern and blackened expression.

"Caw, caw! Caw, caw!!!"

Little crane continued to cry out with a taunting look.

Without saying anything more, Su Zimo patted his storage bag as a blood red bow appeared in his hands.

Arrow, load and strung bow like a full moon!

The entire process was fluid like water as though he had practiced it countless times.


The sound of an arrow tearing through the air rang out as a black light streaked past little crane, missing it by an inch.

The speed of the arrow was so fast that little crane jumped in shock, totally caught unprepared.

Su Zimo declared coldly, "That arrow was just a warning shot. If you continue to bother me, Ill kill you with my next arrow!"

Naturally, there was no way Su Zimo would dare to kill that stupid bird unless he was tired of living that was merely a threat.

Furthermore, this stupid bird was still in its infancy stage and was merely being playful; it did not deserve death just for that.

"Caw, caw!"

Upon hearing Su Zimos declaration, little crane was enraged as it flapped its wings. Glaring at Su Zimo sharply, it wanted to engage him in a bout!

In a swift motion, Su Zimo dashed out of the cave abode.

This time round, little crane was prepared as it flew into the skies instantly. Circling around the skies, its talons shimmered dangerously looking as though it could swoop at any moment.

Su Zimo arched his bow once more.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

He fired three arrows with all his might.

Little crane dodged everything in midair with nimble ease.

"Caw, caw!"

It cried out loudly, laughing at Su Zimos archery skills.

Su Zimo was starting to regret things now.

Had he known that this would be the case, he would have pierced the stupid birds wings with his first arrow while it was unguarded.

But now, things were awkward for him.

Even if he could use his flying sword, he would never be as agile in midair as a spirit crane with wings.

He wouldnt be able to unleash his fighting prowess completely.

Furthermore, Su Zimo did not dare to engage the spirit crane in melee combat right now. If he lost control of his blood and showed signs of his demonic self, the consequences would be dire.

However, if he wanted to make use of his flying sword, he was only at Level 6 Qi Condensation. He might not be able to hurt the crane even if it stood still for him.

There was no way for him to fight!

After standing at the entrance for awhile, Su Zimo realized that there was nothing he could do to the stupid bird and decided to return to his cave abode.

The moment he sat down, little crane appeared before the cave abode and started yelping before he could even take a single breath.

"That stupid bird"

In a fit of anger, Su Zimo rushed out once more.

Again, little crane flew away

The moment Su Zimo returned to his cave abode, little crane returned. It refused to enter his cave abode and instead stood at the entrance taunting him while crying from time to time.

Suddenly, Su Zimo had a bad feeling.

If this stupid bird were to continue with this, notwithstanding elixir refinement and raising of his cultivation, even a good nights rest would be a pipe dream.

True enough.

Su Zimo had just fixed the door to his cave abode when little crane broke it once more.

Little crane stood outside with Su Zimo remaining inside. The man, crane and a spirit tiger spent their day looking at one another without doing anything

To that, little crane found extreme joy.

The man and the tiger suffered immensely.

For the next few days, little crane would visit Su Zimos cave abode from time to time, crying loudly outside.

At times, the man and tiger would catch a breather once little crane left. But, the moment they tried to catch up on sleep, little crane would return

Not only was Su Zimo unable to cultivate or refine elixirs, even sleeping was a tall task for him.

It has been a few days since the man and tiger have slept.

Both Su Zimo and the spirit tiger had lost quite a bit of weight.

The spirit tiger was on the brink of tears.

Previously, it was tormented by Su Zimo for some unknown reason in this cave abode, ordered to roar continuously.

Now, a stupid bird had appeared out of nowhere to torment them.

By now, the spirit tiger was suffering from mental trauma. It was even contemplating if it should leave Su Zimo for the time being so that it could escape to the forest for a good nights sleep.




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