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(Sneak Attack)

Su Zimo kept silent the entire time, looking frighteningly calm.

Standing beside him, little fatty naturally could feel the sharp aura that was exuding forth from within Su Zimo – it was horrifying!

“Bro, if you want to fight, please don’t touch them out here. The sect’s rules states that cultivators can only spar within the spirit arena.”

Even though Su Zimo was only at Level 6 Qi Condensation, for some reason, little fatty always felt that he was extremely strong.

Terrifyingly strong.

Su Zimo headed up and checked out Xue Yi’s wound.

The sword had pierced his shoulder blade and the wound would take at least a month to recover.

Xue Yi’s face was pale. When he caught sight of Su Zimo, he forced out a smile. “Junior Brother Su, you’re here too.”


Su Zimo nodded his head. “Senior brother, rest well. I’ll make them pay for this.”


Xue Yi’s expression changed as he tugged at Su Zimo’s arm, shaking his head. “Junior brother, don’t fall into their trap! The reason why they did this was to lure up into the spirit arena so that they can cripple you, rendering you incapable of taking part in the year end face-off.”

“That’s right, Junior Brother Su! You don’t have to bother with our affairs. As long as you win Feng Haoyu in the year end face-off, that’ll be as good as making them pay,” The other Weapon Peak disciples chimed in.

Su Zimo shook his head.

When he saw that, Xue Yi was even more anxious. “Junior brother, you’ve only joined the sect for less than three months so you’ve probably never been to Spirit Peak to learn battling techniques between cultivators. How are you going to fight them? I’m at Level 9 Qi Condensation and I lost, let alone your Level 6. Don’t be silly!”

Even though Xue Yi’s words were unkind, he had actually said them out of concern.


Sun Tao who had exited the spirit arena passed by Su Zimo and the others. When he heard that, he smirked and raised his brow. “If Junior Brother Su wants to have a fight, we’ve got other Level 6 Qi Condensation disciples in Spirit Peak. If that doesn’t work, how about I get a Level 5 to go against you? How’s that sound?”


A series of laughter burst forth from the crowd.

“Junior Brother Su, I’m only at Level 5 Qi Condensation! I’m willing to spar you in the spirit arena, do you dare to?” A disciple from Spirit Peak stood up.

Another Spirit Peak disciple yelled, “Junior Brother Su, we joined the sect at the same time. Even though I’m only at Level 4 Qi Condensation now, I can still be your opponent too!”

Feng Haoyu looked at Su Zimo and remarked idly, “If you’re thinking of finding a Level 3 Qi Refinement Warrior as an opponent, then I guess that’s something Spirit Peak doesn’t have.”


The laughter roared even louder.

“That’s too much!” The disciples of Weapon Peak were so angry that their faces went green.

Little fatty sighed at the side.

Even though he sided with Su Zimo, he was still someone of Spirit Peak at the end of the day and could not say anything at the moment.

Xue Yi clutched his wound and said softly, “Junior Brother Su, let’s head back. Don’t fall for their trap.”

“I was the cause of this to begin with so things should end with me.”

Right after he said that, Su Zimo turned to look at Feng Haoyu before saying slowly, “Feng Haoyu, for the sake of that fake title of being top of three peaks, you’ve created so much trouble directly and indirectly. I had initially thought that you would be a somebody, but now”

Su Zimo did not continue, merely shaking his head.

A gold glare flickered through Feng Haoyu’s eyes as he asked icily, “What do you mean by that?”

“You’ve been wanting to challenge me, right?”

Su Zimo continued, “As you wish. Get to the spirit arena then!”

The voices in the crowd gradually vanished.

Everyone looked at Su Zimo in astonishment, unable to believe what they had just heard.

Su Zimo wanted to challenge Feng Haoyu?

One was at Level 6 Qi Condensation while the other was at Level 8.

One was a disciple of Weapon Peak, untrained in fighting techniques, while the other was the number one genius of Spirit Peak!

The difference between the two of them was like heaven and earth!

Even little fatty was stumped as well.

While he believed that Su Zimo was strong, it wasn’t to the extent of Feng Haoyu’s strength.

But, the sudden challenge declaration to Feng Haoyu sent little fatty into a fluster.

“Junior Brother Su, don’t! Don’t do that!” Xue Yi thought that Su Zimo had issued the challenge because he was young and impetuous.


After a momentary silence, an even louder roar of laughter burst out from the crowd.

Some of the Spirit Peak disciples clutched at their stomachs in laughter. “I can’t do it! This Su Zimo is way too hilarious! He wants to challenge Junior Brother Feng!”

“That’s what I call overestimating one’s strength!”

“Isn’t that right! How did he manage to even say it out? That guy is real thick, that’s for sure.”

Feng Haoyu merely smiled and watched Su Zimo silently.

He did not have to say anything. By now, Su Zimo was already a laughing stock of the entire place.

Sun Tao said with a stifled chuckle nearby, “Are you even fit to challenge Junior Brother Feng?”

Su Zimo eyed him and replied coldly, “Don’t worry, once I’m done with him, you’ll be next.”


Suddenly, the spirit tiger lowered its body and gave off an ear-piercing howl, silencing the clamor of the crowd instantly.

Many of the disciples that were onlooking were shocked as well, stumbling back instinctively as a stir broke out through the moving crowd.

Scouring around the place, the spirit tiger’s aura was ferocious as it looked on with feral eyes and snarling teeth. Some of the female disciples were so rattled that they screamed endlessly.

This ended the spirit tiger’s previous depression as it gloated internally.

The fact that it was subdued by Su Zimo did not mean that it was weak.

On the contrary, it was strong. In fact, a high leveled Qi Refinement Warrior might not even win it in a death bout.

Most of the Spirit Peak disciples head out often and have been in many battles including against spirit beasts. Right now, they were much more composed as they realized that this was Su Zimo’s spirit beast from the badge on its neck.

Sun Tao narrowed his gaze and sneakily dodged away from the spirit tiger’s line of view. Pulling out a flying sword stealthily, his eyes were filled with malicious intent.


The flying sword left his hand and shot out towards the spirit tiger’s head!

Sun Tao’s attack was extremely sneaky without any warning at all.

Coupled with the fact that there were more than 2,000 people around, the entire place was noisy with auras mixed together. By the time the spirit tiger noticed, the flying sword was already near to it!

It was an extremely vicious move that was aimed on killing it without holding back at all.

With its life at stake, the spirit tiger leapt to the side and slanted its head as quickly as possible.


A stream of blood flashed by.

A long, bloody wound appeared on the body of the spirit tiger as its skin peeled outwards with blood flowing endlessly.


Crumbling to the ground, the spirit tiger’s body shivered repeatedly. It howled out miserably with pain in its eyes.


Su Zimo’s expression changed as he turned around sharply. Looking at the spirit tiger injured on the ground, his heart was filled with a strong killing intent!

The reason why Su Zimo did not realize the danger approaching was because Sun Tao’s attack was not aimed for him. By the time he heard the sound of the flying sword, it was too late.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s attention was focused on Feng Haoyu with his back facing Sun Tao.

He had not expected that someone would ignore the rules of the sect and strike outside of the spirit arena!

When he saw Su Zimo’s eyes, little fatty’s heart skipped a beat. “Shit, something bad is about to happen!




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