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 Season 7

Episode 8

(Find you an ally)

"Honey, your phone is ringing. It has been for sometime. Can't you hear it? Why don't you answer it?" George casually and absent mindedly told Holley.     

"Oh, I didn't hear it. Sorry!" she mumbled and stiffly straightened her back. She told George reluctantly, "Please give me a moment to answer this call."    

She hurriedly got off the car and walked away as she picked up the call. She heard a cheery greeting as soon as she answered. Her hair stood on end in fright at the sound of the voice coming over her phone. She could never forget that voice her entire life. She was often frightened awake by the sound of that voice in her dreams at night.     

"Hey, long time no see, Yvonne,"  the man on the other side of the phone greeted her. At once, her unsavoury past, which she had tried hard to forget in the past three years, overwhelmed her mind. Holley held her phone in a firm grip so as not to drop it.   

The voice was the reason for her many nightmares.     

"Why are you calling? How did you get my number?" Holley asked in a quivering voice. She pressed the phone nervously and tightly against her ear.     

She was scared of the man and hated him deeply from the very depths of her heart.     

"Hey, that's a silly question. I am missing you so much. It has been a long time since we met each other. So, I'm just calling to catch up,"  the man replied drowsily. It was none other than Ferry. 

Three years ago he took Charlie away from Autumn. Thereafter he went abroad and hid himself on a small, remote island. Even though Charles had tried every means to seek him, he would not have found any trace of Ferry.     

The small island had been located and chosen by him as his hideout much in advance of his flight. Everything he needed for a comfortable living was available there. He had lived a good, carefree life for the past three years.   

"Listen carefully to me, Ferry! I'm no longer the same person I was three years ago!" Holley nastily hissed between clenched teeth, "And I don't want to receive any calls from you. Please leave me alone! Or, I'll..."    

Abruptly, she stopped talking.     

She just realized that she was on shaky ground. Much as she wanted to warn him and threaten him not to call her, she was at his mercy.     

Ferry knew all her secrets and shortcomings. She couldn't do anything but only follow his instruction like a puppet. She was helpless and bound to him.     

Apparently, Ferry knew he had her in his grasp. He burst into laughter upon her reaction and said in a leisurely manner, "Relax! I just called to catch up with you. To tell you the truth, I'm actually offering you my help."    

"Help?" Holley murmured with a cold smile on her face. She recalled with bitterness all she had gone through because of him. He had done his best to torture her before throwing her to an unknown county. He never helped her and instead had vanished from the surface of the earth.   

Today, she cherished everything she had. God knew how hard she had worked to get here. She felt proud to achieve her dreams all by herself. Also, she was close to victoriously tramping Autumn beneath her heels. To her immense surprise, Ferry called and offered to help her at this point. It was so ridiculous and could she ever believe him again?    

 Holley tried hard to hold back her bitterness and said lightly, "You know what Ferry, I think you are not in your full senses just now. Listen, I don't need any help and especially not your help. Please leave me alone and never call me again. This is the only help I need from you!"    

After living a stable and carefree life, she was very afraid of losing what she had now. 

The more she worried, the more she hated Autumn and held her responsible for it. George had been great to her ever since they were together. He was so sweet and she felt she was really lucky to have him in her life.    

 She only had two more very important things to do in her life now. One was to take her revenge on Autumn. The other was to live in peace with George in her life.   

She was fully aware that her current life would be ruined if her past was known to George. She would rather risk her own life than allow her past to be revealed to George. She had long disassociated from her old self.     

She was about to hang up, when she heard Ferry sneer over the phone, "Don't hang up in a hurry! Let me explain the kind of help I'm offering you!"    

"Don't bother, Ferry! I have gotten my own plans. I'm not in need of help. Understand?" Holley hissed and sounded slightly hysteric. But she dared not shout at Ferry. She knew that she couldn't afford to upset him.    

 "I know that you're dating the president of BM Corporation with the hope of marrying him. Do you think you can get rid of me in this manner? Don't be a naive little girl!" Ferry said in a cold voice, "Never forget, I can return you to your original state at any point of time. You're nothing but a petty criminal. Would you like to go back your cold cell again?"  

Holley was struck silent by his words. What he said just then was the thing she feared the most. Ferry always knew how to deal with her.    

 "Now, I believe you're willing to listen to my offer, right?" he continued as if the threat he made just then was not a big deal but commonplace.    

Holley, on the other hand, was totally defeated by him. Since he had her tight at his mercy, she had no other choice but do whatever he asked her to do. It seemed that her worst nightmare had come true.    

 "Fine. Let me know what your offer for help is,"  she replied in a low and ungracious voice as she pulled on a long face.     

"As I just told you, I called you to offer my help to you,"  Ferry replied lazily, "I know that you are trying your best to become the wife of the president of BM Corporation. After that, there are things that will not be convenient to do by yourself. I have found an ally for you. She'll do whatever you ask her to do."  

"Found me an ally?" Holley mumbled surprised. Then she asked, "Who's she?"    
"Leila Zhang,"  Ferry replied briskly as he was anticipating her question. Holley frowned as she remembered everything that had happened between Leila and her. It was definitely not a friendly and agreeable relationship they shared. She retorted, "Ferry, are you sure you are finding me an ally and not a major headache?"    

"Yes, I admit she is stupid. But she's bold, right? I believe she'll do whatever you ask. I don't think her stupidity will be a shortcoming to you,"  Ferry spoke straight and to the point, "Just listen to me. She will be a lot of help some day. 

Think of her as a tool, your secret tool."    Holley hesitated for a while before she agreed, "Okay fine, I will accept her. However, first you must assure me that she will listen to me without question. Otherwise, I will kick her out without notice!"  

"Of course,"  Ferry spoke in an offhand manner, "I hope you two cooperate perfectly in the future. I will be waiting for the good news."    

"All right then. I am done here,"  he finally said, "I've done what I needed to do. I'll leave everything in your capable hands now. Since I didn't kill Autumn three years ago, I hope to do so this time. Don't let me down!"    

As they had a common enemy, they should unite to bring Autumn down mercilessly.    

 The moment she hung up, George came to her and called out, "Come on, Holley! Let's go!"    She walked up to him hurriedly, but paused instead of getting in the car. "George, I am sorry but you have to go home alone. I need to see a friend. It's urgent!" she said.

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