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 Season 7

Episode 20

(Are you not going to take care of me)

Charles looked at Sheryl from head to toe. Sheryl then realized that she was only wearing underwear. Her face immediately turned crimson when she tried to take a glimpse of Charles who was standing in front of her. 

"Well...uhm..." she stammered. "Please give me a moment. I'll just change my clothes. I'll be back soon."    

She immediately turned around and almost ran to the room. She could still feel her face blushing from the embarrassment a while ago. After she put on a decent and comfortable clothes, she went out. She found Sue waiting for her outside. She looked worried as she asked, "Sher, are you sure you're going to the hospital with him?"    

"So what?" Sheryl asked back. She took a glance at Sue and went on, "Sue, I know you don't like him. But he saved my life. If I don't take him to the hospital right now, I wouldn't feel at ease." She sighed, "I hope you understand me."  

"But..." Sue protested with a frown. "Aren't you worried that..." Sue stopped mid-sentence.     

"I know what you're worried about." Sheryl didn't wait for Sue to finish her sentece. Roughly, she could already tell what Sue wanted to say. She grinned and then comforted Sue, "Don't worry, Sue. I know myself. I'll just accompany him to the hospital for some physical checkups. Nothing more." "After all he was injured because of me,"  she added.     

"Well, then I should go with you,"  Sue suggested. However, Sheryl declined her offer.     

"Sue, there is really no need for you to do that. Besides, I also want to talk to him. Shirley is still at Amy's so could you help me pick her up?" Sheryl made her voice sound sweet and her eyes tantalizing while asking a favor from Sue. She knew Sue would easily give in with this kind of appearance.   

  "Okay." As expected, Sue conceded defeat. Then she added, "But remember that you have to take care of yourself. Call me any time if you'd need my help." Sue knew there was no use insisting because Sheryl would definitely still say no.   

A staff was helping Charles to the car when Sheryl came out. When she was already in front of him, he handed her the key. Then he requested, "Sheryl, please drive."    

"What?" Sherry was stunned. She hesitated for a moment but finally took the key from him. She had no other choice since Charles was injured at the moment.     

Though she was not very proficient in driving, Charles patiently guided her and never criticized her driving skill.     

Moved by his patience, Sheryl felt somehow warm.    

 The car stopped at the gate of the hospital. Sheryl got off from the car first and then helped Charles out. Since Charles was injured, he held on to Sheryl's shoulder for support.     

Slowly, they staggered into the hall. Sheryl helped Charles settle on a bench first before she fell in line for Charles' registration.     

Shortly after, a nurse came to take Charles into the examination room. When the results came out, they found that Charles had a hairline fracture. Sheryl was startled to hear the result. 

She didn't expect Charles' injury to be this bad. Moreover, the bruises on his back also stunned Sheryl. But the good thing was that the doctor assured her there was nothing to worry about. He just gave Charles some prescriptions and advised him to rest for a few days. 

  Sheryl was relieved by the doctor's words. She repeatedly reminded Charles to take his medicines on time. "You have to take it seriously or your wounds won't heal,"  said Sheryl in a serious yet worried voice.     

When she was done talking, she looked up to Charles just to find out that he was not listening at all. He was just staring at her blankly.     

Sheryl frowned and asked, "Do you hear everything I said?"    

Charles just shook his head slightly without saying a word.    

 Sheryl got pissed off. "Seriously? Did I just waste my breath all along? Fine! Just do whatever you want!" Sheryl then turned and stomped to leave.    

 Charles hastily grabbed her wrist to stop her. However, Sheryl was already furious so she just shook his hand off. "I need to go now. You can go back on your own."    

"Ouch!" wailed Charles. When Sheryl heard his cry, she hurriedly turned back and asked him with utmost concern, "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" "I am so sorry. I didn't mean it',"  she was flooded with guilt.   

But soon, Sheryl realized that Charles was just acting. She felt more furious to be fooled by him.     

Her face darkened so she turned her back again. This time she was really determined to leave. But Charles held her tightly. With a very sad expression, he pleaded, "Please, don't leave me alone."  

  Sheryl's heart softened when she saw Charles' pitiful face. She sighed deeply and said, "Well, let me drive you home first, okay?"    

"You are not gonna to take care of me?" Charles asked in a shaky voice. Charles looked at Sheryl's eyes and said, "Have you already forgotten what the doctor said? He said that I've got a hairline fracture and I need to stay in bed for a few days. Don't forget that I got injured because of you. Now, you're just gonna leave me alone? You can't do that to me."    

"I..." Sheryl was at a loss for words. Yes, the doctor said that Charles was injured and needed to rest for a few days. But he was not paralyzed. He could still move and do things on his own. Why did she need to take care of him?   

Does he want me to take care of him all day long?' Sheryl thought to herself.     She really wanted to release her anger to Charles now. But she forced herself to hold back and stay calm.    

 'Sher, calm down. After all, he's your lifesaver. You can't get mad at him,' Sheryl told herself.     

To compose herself, Sheryl took a deep breath. "Well, Mr. Lu, how do you think I should repay you for saving my life?" she asked. She looked into his eyes, waiting for his reply. She was eager to know his answer.     

"You should stay beside me until I recover. You have to take care of me all day long until my health is restored,"  replied Charles with a sly smile. Charles took this opportunity to keep Sheryl by his side and he was determined to make it happen.     

He was very aware that Sheryl was deliberately avoiding him. So this time, he would let Sheryl stay with him. It might not be a good idea but he didn't care. No matter what, he would seize this rare opportunity that he could be with her for a little longer.   

In this way, he could get a chance to have a peaceful talk with her. Sheryl would always refuse to talk to him calmly so he had no other choice but to do this.    

 "Charles, don't cross the line. You are really going too far!" Sheryl gnashed her teeth in anger. She continued, "In the first place, I didn't ask for your help earlier. It was you who intervened. I must admit that you got injured because of me. But how could you ask me to take care of you all day long? I am not your servant. You can afford to pay as many servants as you'd want.     

The servants at your home would definitely take care of you once you're there. I am sure you also know that, right?"   

 "Alas! It seems that moral degeneration is getting worse day by day. How can you be so ungrateful? I saved you but you didn't even appreciate my kindness. 

What's worst, you even refused to take care of me. I am really sad,"  said Charles. However, Sheryl felt even more indignant by his words. She glared at Charles. "Charles! Oh, perhaps I should call you Mr. Lu." Sherly's voice was full of sarcasm. "Let me remind you that I don't live alone. I have a daughter and she also needs me. She needs care more than you do. Now that you're forcing me to take care of you, what about her? Who would take care of her? Besides, you were not badly hurt. You could still take care of yourself. So, why do I need to take care of you?" added Sheryl. Sherly was getting impatient. All she wanted to do was leave this place.   

"Oh, is that so? If your concern is Shirley, I don't see any problem with that. You could take Shirley with you to my house. I am sure Charlie would be very delighted about that too. You know that he likes to play with Shirley. What's more, at this time of each year, the servant at my house usually goes back to her home for a holiday. So definitely no one could take care of me at home." Charles stopped for a while and then continued, "Though I could move, I couldn't cook for myself. I don't want to eat takeout every day."   

 "You..." Sheryl was hopeless. But she was still doubtful of the excuses that Charles gave her. "Your servant went home for a holiday? How could that be possible?" "When did they go?" she asked.    

 "Actually, today,"  Charles replied. He then took his phone out and called Nacy. "Hello, Nacy. You could start your holiday today. I'm giving you a few days off. I'll just send you your pocket money later." After he hung up, he turned to Sheryl who was still in awe.  

   "See? You heard it. No one could take care of me now except you."  

Sheryl sneered and replied sarcastically, "It seems that Mr. Lu is really generous to his servant. You even give her pocket money for her vacation."    

"I'm sure you know that I have always been kind and generous to others,"  replied Charles in a cheerful voice. He felt victorious this time.

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