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 Season 7

Episode 18


"I'm sorry Mr. Han,"  Charles apologized in a cold tone. "I was really busy recently, and wasn't able to attend the show. But I saw it on TV and I could say that it was a big success. Congratulations!" he added.    

"Thank you for your support, Mr. Lu. By the way, I heard that your company will be releasing your new product soon. I couldn't help but doubt your purpose of coming here in such a crucial moment." George answered Charles with condescending sneer.    

But Charles didn't mind it. Instead, he smiled and explained, "Take it easy. I didn't come here for you. I'll leave immediately as soon as I see the person I came here for."    

"You came here for someone else?" George asked in surprise. Holley was the one who answered, "George, didn't you know? Mr. Lu is Sheryl's friend. Actually, Mr. Lu also sent some flowers to Sheryl this morning." Holley tried not to show any hint of contempt in her voice.  

"Oh, really?" George seemed to be more surprised. He cast a glance at Charles and said, "I have never known that Mr. Lu is Sheryl's friend. But..." George paused for a while before he continued, "As far as I could remember, Sheryl already has a boyfriend. But her boyfriend is not Mr. Lu."    

While George was talking, Charles got a chance to stare at Holley. He had a feeling that this woman was familiar to him. However, he couldn't recall where and when they met. He just shrugged it off and decided to end the conversation. "I believe Mr. Han must have been very busy right now. You can just leave now. I can manage myself. I just have something to talk to Sheryl."   

 Mr. Lu..." George was a little hesitant. It seemed like George still had something to say, but Holley interrupted him, "George, you better go. Let's not delay Mr. Lu in seeing Sheryl anymore."    

Then she dragged George to the car and reminded him, "You have a meeting to attend, right? You must hurry or else you're going to be late."  

"Okay, I'll just go ahead,"  George said in surrender. But before he got in his car, he smiled to Charles and said, "Let's have dinner when we are both free. Give me a chance to know more about you."    

"Okay. No problem." Charles agreed in a calm tone.    

When George had left, Holley turned back to Charles. She asked, "Mr. Lu came here to see Sheryl, right?" "Let me tell her to see you right now,"  Holley added and turned to leave.    

But Charles stopped her, "Hold on." Although he didn't have any special impression about this woman, he felt something familiar. He felt like he had already known this woman before.   

 But no matter how much he tried to recall, he couldn't really remember so he'd better ask her.    

"Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Lu?" Holley asked when she heard Charles calling her. She looked at Charles, waiting for his reply. This man who had almost married her couldn't even recognize her.  

'This is too ridiculous!' she thought.    

"Do you know me?" Charles immediately asked. He looked at Holley in the eyes.    "Of course. Everybody knows your name in Y City, Mr. Lu,"  Holley replied promptly. Then she continued with a smile, "But I didn't know you are Sheryl's friend."    

"What I meant was..." Charles paused. He contemplated for a moment before he continued, "Have we known each other personally before?" Charles was trying his best to check on Holley's every expression.    

Holley's heartbeat sped up when she heard Charles' last question.    

'Did Charles finally recognize me?' she thought to herself.   

 'No! That's impossible!' she also consoled herself.   

 Her face had totally changed. If even Wendy wasn't able to recognize her, how much more Charles?  

'So he was just flying a kite, ' she guessed.   

 She did her best to stay calm and said to Charles, "Mr. Lu, you must be kidding. I think it's impossible for us to meet in the past because I've lived abroad these few years. I just came back recently so I couldn't remember any chances of meeting you."  

After a lengthy explanation, Holley paused a moment. Then she suddenly changed the topic, "By the way, I've just set up a new department in BM Corporation. And I am hoping that you could provide more chances to the models under my department." "I believe we could be the best business partners,"  she added cheerfully. 

"Of course!" Charles answered. Holley was not the same stupid and reckless Yvonne anymore. After everything she had gone through and all those sufferings, she had learned to become cunning. She also trained herself to become sophisticated and resilient. Now, it would be difficult to fathom her true inner thoughts and emotions.  

Charles decided not to ask anymore so he just said, "Please inform Sheryl that I'm waiting for her."    

"Okay." When Holley entered the room, Sheryl had just finished her make up and was already waiting for the photoshoot to start. Holley hesitated if she should disturb Sheryl. Finally, she decided to go back to Charles. "Mr. Lu, I'm afraid Sheryl has already started working. How about you stay for a while and wait for her to finish? I'll have someone prepare some tea for you,"  she offered.    

Charles thought about it first before he agreed. When he entered the room, the photographer was already taking Sheryl's photos. Charles found her so attractive with her make up and the red suit she was wearing.    

Even the photographer, Todd, praised Sheryl for doing a great job in showing her beauty in the photos. Not long after, he was able to get a lot of satisfying photos from Sheryl.  

Since he was happy of Sheryl's performance during the photoshoot, Todd said to the models, "Alright, let's take a break now. Then change your clothes and prepare for the next session." While the models were taking breaks, Todd decided to transfer all the photos from his camera to his computer.   

 Holley went beside Charles and commented, "I couldn't believe that even after being a mother, Sher is still able to keep a perfect figure."    

Charles didn't have any comments and just sat there quietly so Holley added, "Mr. Lu, just wait for a little while. They still have to shoot another set of clothes. Once they're done, I'll ask Sheryl to come and see you immediately."    

She then asked someone to bring a cup of tea for Charles. A little while later, the models came back to the stage and began their second photoshoot. This time, all the models were wearing sexy and alluring underwears, showing their perfect figures in front of the camera.  

Charles frowned slightly. He was worried that Sheryl would also wear the same outfit on stage later.    

He felt jealous as he thought of his wife's body being exposed in front of many people.   

 Sue came to the stage ahead of Sheryl. She had been a model for many years now so was already accustomed to this kind of work and even showing her body in front of others. But when she saw Charles in the crowd, her brow arched.    "What's wrong with you? Why do you look so unhappy? Do you think I can get good photos with a face like that?" Todd shouted toward Sue with discontent.  

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