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 Season 7

Episode 17

(Admit the mistake honestly)

Alice stared at David in a way as if she wanted to tear him apart. She was on the verge of losing her temper and had a good mind to knock him down for what he had done. However, she refrained herself and asked, "Why didn't you discuss with me about it?"    

"I..." David stammered staring at Alice's eyes that had gone red with anger. He quickly lowered his head and answered, "I thought that all girls may like flowers. So..."    

Alice stopped him in between and charged again, "How do you know what you thought is right? Why are you so confident with yourself?" David noticed that Alice was literally trembling in anger as she spoke.     

"Forgive me, darling. I know what I did was wrong,"  David pleaded. "Now?" She blurted. Then she shook her hands and said, "Just keep me out of this.   

You should deal with it all by yourself!" Then she added, "Why did you have to tell this to me now?"   

 "I... I screwed it up. I really don't know how to handle it now,"  David said with a helpless look on his face.    

 "Now you should go to Mr. Lu's office and tell him about it. Remember, make sure you sound earnest so that Mr. Lu may have some mercy on you." By this time Alice had regained her composure as she advised David in a very calm tone.   

  Looking at the calm expression on her face, David flared up. He frowned and asked, "Darling, do you want me to die? If Mr. Lu came to know that I made such a stupid mistake, he would not spare my life!"    

"Huh!" Alice shrugged her shoulders and sneered at him once again, "You seem to know your fate already." Then she lowered her voice and added, "If you don't admit your mistake to Mr. Lu honestly, he will not spare you either. 

Rather, he will punish you with a more torturous method. So speaking it out frankly and accepting your guilt is the best way out.   

You know how important Mrs. Lu is for Mr. Lu. What if Mrs. Lu misunderstands her husband after what you just did?" Alice pushed David to move and said, "That is exactly the reason why you should admit to Mr. Lu. Maybe you can get his forgiveness before it causes severe aftermath."    

David became a little thoughtful as he listened to Alice and then walked towards Charles' office. He stood at the door and closed his eyes as if he were saying a prayer. He gathered all courage before knocking.     

"Come in!" Charles had his head buried in the laptop. He glanced over a few papers from a file kept in front of him. He looked up at David and motioned him to come in. "Have you connected the clothing factory?" he asked.    

 "Yes, I have,"  David spoke in a timid voice. David did a good job on his work and Charles trusted his ability.    

 However, it was too hard for David to court Sheryl for Charles.   

"So what brought you here?" Charles asked in confusion.    

 "I..." David had his head lowered as he hesitated to speak. He cast a glance at Charles, hesitated for a long while and finally stammered, "Mr. Lu, I... I came for... something that concerns Mrs. Lu."    "Sheryl?" Charles put his pen aside and asked with a frown on his face, "What happened to her?"   

 "She... She is alright." David was in a panic as he saw Charles frown. He added immediately, "Mr. Lu, you asked me to help you court Mrs. Lu, right? So I bought her a bunch of flowers and signed your name."   

 "And then?" Charles had predicted something wrong would happen.    

 David swallowed briefly and continued, "Then Mrs. Lu got angry. She told the flower shop assistant that she forbade anyone to send flowers to her from then on. And..."  

"And what?" Charles shouted. In a matter of few minutes Charles' attention and focus towards his office work just vanished. He had an expression of all-crumbling-in-front-of-his-eyes as he stared at David. David's meek and hesitant voice made him feel hopeless all the more.     

"She even said that she did not want to see you any more." David closed his eyes as he finished his last words, waiting for Charles' violent rage.    

 But what he expected didn't happen. It was still quiet in the office and David raised his eyes to look at Charles. Charles' face was dark and looked horrible.     

"Mr... Mr. Lu,"  David called him after hesitation. Then he admitted his fault in an apologetic manner, "It was all my fault. I know that I made a terrible mistake. And I am ready for any punishment that you feel befits my mistake. But please don't ask me to court Mrs. Lu for you. Please. I can't make it."    

After having confessed, David felt lighter. Though he waited for Charles to give his verdict on his mistake, he felt a heavy weight off his chest as he finished speaking his mind to Charles.   

"Where is she now?" Charles asked him abruptly.    

 "Who?" David was stunned for a moment and realized that it was Sheryl he was asking about. He promptly replied, "She must be in BM Corporation now."    

By that time Charles had already picked his car key and rushed out of the office in a dim face before David could even finished his words.    

 Seeing Charles leave, he prayed to the lord that Charles could regain his wife's heart. David, being one of the oldest employees in the organization, was well aware of what Charles had been through in the past three years. And like every well wisher, he also hoped that Charles and Sheryl came together like before. Also, then, he hoped to be pardoned for his mistake.    

 "How is it going?" Alice watched Charles rushing out of the office. And just after a few moment David walked out with a somber face. Even Alice was anxious about their meeting. She walked up towards him and asked, "Did Mr. Lu blame you?"  

David shook his head and Alice was amazed to hear that. Marking the sad and somber look on David's face she asked, "So why are you so unhappy?"   

 "You won't understand,"  David answered in agony. Then he explained, "Mr. Lu didn't blame me because he has no time to do so right now. It is important for him to explain to his wife right now. When he comes back, he will surely take me up for a task."    

David would not be able to relax till this matter was settled for good.     

"Why did you choose the gift so randomly as per your choice? It was sheer stupidity on your part!" Alice accused David with anger, "And more than anything else, it's too ridiculous that Mr. Lu should ask you help him to court his wife. It sounds like a joke."    

David was rendered speechless. Now even he believed that he was just an idiot who could only make trouble for others.     
Charles had no time to waste on the blunder committed by David. He just wanted to see Sheryl and explain everything to her.   

On his way to BM Corporation, he even drove past the red light for several times in his mad rush to reach Sheryl as soon as he could. When he arrived, he came across George who was about to leave his office with Holley.   

  "Hi, Mr. Lu!" George greeted him. George and Charles were rivals in business for a long time, but it was the first time they met each other.     

George walked up to Charles with a big smile and said, "I should have visited you when I just came to Y City but I was too busy then. I invited you to attend the Spring and Summer Fashion Show last time, but you didn't come. So what brings to my office now?"

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