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 Season 7

Episode 12

(Holley's Instigation)

"Fine!" Holley had no other choice but to give in. George knew that Holley was only compelled to agree because of him. So he also tried to console her, "Whatever her reasons of coming here, I would always be with you. Let's face all the problems together."    

Then he added, "I have been wanting to marry you since then. I think I should do it as soon as possible. So please, just be more patient for now. Please do it for me." George pleaded in a tender tone.     Holley sighed and said, "Fine. I'll try."    

Holley ate just a little for dinner because she would go to the bar with some models of the company. George asked his driver to take Holley to the bar and then he went back to the company to deal with some matters.   

On the other hand, Sheryl wasn't able to come to the bar so Sue came alone. But since Sue was Sheryl's best friend, she received an indifferent treatment from all of their colleagues. Because of that, Sue decided to just sit in one corner by herself.     

When Holley greeted the models, she noticed Sue in the corner. She walked towards her and asked, "Why are you here alone?"   

 "Hi, Miss Ye,"  Sue greeted her. Sue always found Holley's behavior strange. Right now, she felt that Holley approached her because of a hidden purpose.    

 "Are you Sheryl's best friend?" Holley asked. She prompted the waiter and ordered two glasses of cocktail for them. Her voice sounded friendly and calm.   

  "Yes, I am." Sue nodded. Then she asked Holley, "Miss Ye, why did you want to know?"    

Holley shrugged. "Just out of curiosity, nothing more." Holley wore a smile all the while. "Since you're Sheryl's best friend, you definitely know many things about her, right?"  

"Yes,"  Sue answered in puzzlement. She couldn't help but frown. She sensed that Holley was interested in Sheryl so she said, "What do you want to ask me? Just go ahead."    

"Nothing really important, actually,"  Holley answered. The smile never escaped her beautiful face. Then she continued, "I'm just worried about Sheryl. As a single mother, why didn't she marry someone?"   

 "She has a boyfriend,"  Sue confirmed. Her brow arced just naturally.    

 "Is it the man who came with her in the hotel?" Holley inquired. When Sue didn't answer, Holley added, "He's very handsome and he also has a kid. I think they are perfect for each other. If they got married, they would have a warm and happy family."   

 "I think you have misunderstood, Miss Ye." Sue realized that the man Holley was talking about was Charles. So she explained, "That man isn't Sher's boyfriend. He is just a friend and Sher doesn't even know him that much. Sher's boyfriend is currently in the US for some business, but he'll be back in a few days. I will introduce him to you if you'd want."  

Sue felt uncomfortable when Holley mentioned Charles. She didn't want Sheryl to be associated to that man so she told Holley, "Sher's boyfriend is a good guy. He loves Sher and her daughter so much. They are very happy together."    

"Oh, really? That's wonderful!" Holley plastered a fake smile on her face. 

Holley had investigated everything about Sheryl thoroughly including her best friend, Sue. She found out that Sue had a crush on Anthony so she was planning to instigate a conflict between the two women. In that case, when Sheryl had nobody to turn to, she could destroy her effortlessly.    

 "But I think..." Holley paused for a moment trying to sound worried. "Maybe it's just my gut feeling, but I feel that Sheryl is in love with that man. I can see that her eyes are full of affection every time she looks at him. To be honest, if you didn't tell me just now, I really thought that he was her boyfriend."    

Sue grasped the glass tightly as she heard Holley's words.   

She felt very sad because she didn't want to see Anthony and Sheryl break up. And, if Sheryl did love another man, Anthony would be heartbroken.     

"Do you know Sheryl's boyfriend?" Holley asked on purpose.    

 Sue nodded her head slightly and said, "We have known each other abroad. We are good friends."    

"So... what kind of a person is he?" 

Holley asked another question. But then she immediately added, "Please don't get me wrong. I'm just curious so I want to know what kind of a man does Sheryl like."    

It was very noisy in the bar but Sue felt it became quiet when she thought of Anthony. Anthony's appearance came into her mind and her face lightened. Then she said, "He is a kind and warmhearted man. He does a very good job in taking care of Sher and her daughter. He could be a perfect husband."    

Holley commented, "If you've met him before Sheryl did, maybe you're his girlfriend right now and not Sheryl." 

Holley sneered and added, "Anyway, I couldn't find any signs that Sheryl loves him. It would be a pity if he marries a woman who doesn't truly love him."  

"You've got to be kidding me, Miss Ye,"  Sue said. Sue was astonished as she heard Holley's words. She looked at Holley's face to confirm if she was serious. To her relief, Holley's facial expression clearly showed that she was just kidding. Then she heaved a deep sigh and said in a serious tone, "Sheryl and Anthony have been already together before I met them. Moreover, Sher and I are best friends. So how could I even think of stealing her boyfriend?"    

To tell the truth, Sue had once thought about the possibility of being with Anthony. But she did her best to drive that idea out of her mind.     

First, she knew that Anthony didn't love her at all. Second, she could see that Sheryl and Anthony were happy together so she couldn't have the heart to tear them apart.     

However, Holley's prodding seemed to lead Sue to a realization. She suddenly realized that her feelings for Anthony had never changed even though she had just kept it hiding inside her heart for many years.   

Her heart seemed to have awaken and she couldn't keep the feelings hidden anymore.     

"I was just kidding. Don't take it serious." Holley pretended to take her words back. But she also added, "Personally, I still think that man with a kid is more suited to Sheryl. After all, if they could be together, you will have the chance to be with Anthony."    

"Miss Ye!" Sue urged her to stop. She didn't want to talk about this further with Holley so she said with finality in her voice, "Anthony is Sheryl's boyfriend and I would never come between them whether they break up or not."    

She cast a cold glimpse at Holley first before she added, "Please never say those unbefitting words again."   

 "Okay, I won't say them again,"  Holley promised. "Let's have a drink now."    

Holley secretly smiled maliciously. She felt victorious that her little tricks worked. Now, she could be certain that Sue really loved Anthony. If not, she would have just told Holley straight.   

But Sue didn't. She just kept on defending Sheryl and Anthony in front of Holley. She only stressed the importance of her friendship with Sheryl that she couldn't betray her.

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