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Season 2

Episode 36

(The Red Blood Magical Python)

Violet materialized from the Illusion Bead and pulled out the celestial energy ginseng. She got it in her hand.

"Damn! A fox took away the celestial energy ginseng!"

A warrior cried out in surprise as he saw the precious ginseng missing.

All warriors stopped the fight simultaneously. They looked at Violet who was in the center, still holding the celestial energy ginseng. A sudden deathly stillness arrested the place and no one dared even exhale.

A demonic beast!

In the Grand Desolation Mountain range, the warriors fought with demonic and diabolic beasts every day. They knew everything there was to know about them. Just by the breath, they could tell which beast it was. So of course, they all knew what she was as soon as they saw Violet for the first time.

Seeing a demonic beast among them wasn't a shock at all. They were now within the mountain range of the Grand Desolation Mountain where most demonic and diabolic beasts lived.

Till yesterday, rumor had it that the celestial energy ginseng was guarded by a level-four red blood magical python. But since they came to this valley, most warriors hadn't seen a shadow of either beast.

So naturally they took it as a rumor and soon forgot all about it.

But now suddenly with a demonic fox popping out, everyone was stupefied. Wasn't it a level four red blood magical python that guarded the celestial energy ginseng? How come what they saw was a level three demonic fox? It seemed that someone had spread wrong information.

The strength of the level three demonic fox resembled the Earth Realm's power at its preliminary stage in the human world. She hadn't materialized until everyone was engaged in fighting. She fished in troubled waters and took away the celestial energy ginseng. Going by the legends, foxes were tricky in nature. And this one was no different.

After a short moment of silence, all the warriors regained composure and started fighting to the best of their abilities.

"Kill this demonic fox!"

Seeing that everyone had locked on Violet as their target, Austin was worried. There were so many warriors. The chances to escape for Violet looked slim.

Probably, he had been too rash with his plan. Among those warriors, at least twenty of them were at the Earth Realm. The strength of Violet, in comparison, was equivalent to the Earth Realm's power at its preliminary stage. Clearly, she was no match for them. The difference in the strength between the two parties looked undefeatable.

"Violet, use the illusion! Ready to run! Remember, give up the celestial energy ginseng when necessary. Your life is most important!"

Austin passed the message to Violet through his mind power.

Seeing herself surrounded by a horde of strong enemies, Violet felt cornered. She was under great pressure. She held the Illusion Bead tightly in her hand, which was continuously emitting purple energy giving strength to Violet's body.

In the next moment, Violet was about to use her best skill — illusion.

The skies were filled with a rumbling sound as the earth shook with great force.

Crackle. Thunder. Boom...

Loud cracking sounds echoed all around them and soon gave way to a loud thunderous crash. With their hearts and minds jolted, the warriors looked down and found the ground beneath their feet vibrating violently and cracking open like an egg. Like a sinewy spider web there were lines everywhere as the earth tore apart itself.

Austin frowned in consternation. This wasn't meant to be.

Violet was startled too. She sensed a great danger rushing out from the earth. She immediately stopped her illusion.

"My god. The ground is cracking... ..."

All the warriors were frightened. They jumped and leaped in chaos, trying to keep themselves from falling into the cracks as few became as huge as chasms.

Warriors that were slow to react and clumsy in movement met the most unfortunate fates. The gaping lines soon swallowed them up as they shrieked and cried, falling into the cracks and disappearing forever.

The ones that managed to climb to safer spots heard horrible cries of desperation that cast a spell of dread into the hearts of the survivors. As the shrieks faded, a pall of terror hung in the air.

The ones standing on the earth felt a chill in their spines.

With their ears pricked and hearts shuddered, they stood like statues, waiting. Just then another thunderous sound blasted their ears. A piece of earth about twenty square meters in all collapsed and sank, forming a huge hole right in the center of the valley.

The warriors had predicted this. They all began to flee as fast as they could.

A strong foul smell came from the underground of something rancid. It eddied and whorled like a hurricane, making all gag with the smell. In all the confusion, two bright red eyes emerged from the darkness. A ferocious looking snake's head popped out next from the nether world like a lightning from the hole.

Gargantuan in size, the snake's head was as big as a house. The two big diamond-shaped eyes flashed with menace. The snake occasionally flicked out its sharp forked tongue, like a sliver beam dazzling the warriors.

And in a wink, two warriors nearest to its mouth were down its throat, gulped down into its sinuous body, soaked in its stomach juices that would dissolve the two bodies as acid did.

"It is a level four red blood magical python!" someone exclaimed.

And so it turned out, the rumour was true! There was indeed a level four red blood magical python guarding the celestial energy ginseng.

The python had been there all the time, lying in wait until now.

It was said that the red blood magical python was not only horrible, the blood of sacred beasts of the ancient times coursed through its veins. This gave it almost magical powers. The python could evolve and even break through to the next level. When the right time came, it could even turn into a flood dragon, flying over clouds and controlling the very forces of nature. It was said that when it flew at the speed of thousands of miles in a jiffy, both heaven and earth trembled by the force.

If you considered strength, the level four red blood magical python's strength was equivalent to the human's medium stage of the Earth Realm. With its many physical advantages, a level four red blood magical python could even compete with a human at the premium stage of the Earth Realm.

This was why when the red blood magical python appeared, all warriors were dumbstruck. But now knowing what they faced, they gathered all their vital energy to readily defend themselves with complete strength.

The red blood magical python stared at the human warriors around it. Its huge pupils dilated with rage. It became thirsty to drink the warriors' blood. The truth was that it had been hiding underground right beneath the celestial energy ginseng before the warriors came. When the celestial energy ginseng made the breakthrough, spiritual energy from heaven and earth would be attracted to it. As they would gather around the celestial energy ginseng, the red blood magical python would take advantage to gain insights to advance like never before.

This time after the red blood magical python gained some insights through mediation, it woke up to discover droves of human warriors fighting each other and scrambling for the celestial energy ginseng. And at last the celestial energy ginseng was taken away by someone else.

The red blood magical python had been guarding the celestial energy ginseng when all of this happened. It had already taken the plant as its own. So, how could it let anyone steal it?

The red blood magical python rushed out, ready to take the celestial energy ginseng back.

After devouring the two warriors, the red blood magical python focused its enormous bloody red eyes firmly on the celestial energy ginseng and saw Violet holding it to her chest. This made the python angrier. It flicked its tongue in and out rapidly, hissing in fury.

A big bang rang through the earth and the heavens, making all birds flee to escape. An ominous tremble shook the ground with great force again.

Dirt flew in all directions and rocks collided as the two hundred feet long body of the red blood magical python soared up in the air. In mid-air, it opened its bloody mouth and the colossal body came crashing down at Violet.

The huge body of the python was blood-red all over, as if it had just bathed in the Sura blood sea. There were red scales densely scattered on the surface of its skin, reflecting cold blood-red light. The sinister light tingled the spines of all the warriors.

Seeing that the target of the red blood magical python was the demonic fox who had just taken away the celestial energy ginseng, the warriors retreated to the sides and fixed their eyes on the two beasts and the fight they would get embroiled in. They secretly hoped that both the beasts when weakened by the fight would give them the perfect opportunity to ravage the spoils of victory without lifting as much as a finger.

To their surprise, the demonic fox just stood there, her right claw grasping the celestial energy ginseng that was emitting nine halos in the color of the rainbow. She just stared at the huge mouth that was coming down to gobble her, but Violet didn't seem to react at all. She stood still, as if frozen.

Was the demonic fox stupefied by the momentum of the red blood magical python?

However, an elegant smile came on Austin's lips. He managed to hold the smile back and put his Wind-commanding Skill to use. Then he quietly left the site as quickly as he could.



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