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 Season 2

Episode 35


Austin and Fanny turned their eyes on the suspicious men in black when a light suddenly exploded from the ginseng plant and started to radiate all over the place.     

The light shined so bright like the sun peaking its brightest at noon. In a blink of an eye, its rays scattered throughout the whole valley, making the cultivators avert their gaze from the intense and vivid radiance.    

The beaming light separated the sky and the earth, creating a dream-like touch of heaven in between. Among the mountains were the shadows of living things. It was a scenario to behold, an otherworldly view that only lasted for a little while. In a matter of seconds, the luminous light vanished in thin air, leaving without a trace.    

 It took a while for everyone to react. When they were finally able to make sense of what happened, they quickly searched around and found a celestial energy ginseng at the heart of the valley, spangling under the sun. Its leaves and stem were coated with a pure ray of light that screamed divine.   

It had now fully grown!     

After a long silence, one of the cultivators let out a loud cry. All of them looked at the glistening plant with disbelief and excitement at the same time.     

After a while, a long lasso appeared somewhere from the hill. It stretched long enough to cover the entire precious ginseng.     

A devious cultivator controlled the rope that towered over the ginseng. He had planned for this in advance. He was ahead of the others, trying to take the crop before anyone else.     

"How dare you!" the flock angrily shouted.     

Just when the lasso was about to wrap the ginseng, a sword clicked and was followed by numerous attacks.     

Unable to dodge a considerable amount of hits, the lasso was cut into dozens of segments with its pieces lying torn on the ground.     

This attack came from a very skilled swordsman, Leo, who had mastered level-three sword intent.   

He was strikingly adept, yes, but highly ambitious, just like that vicious cultivator. No one could lay a hand on the ginseng except him.    

 He did not stop attacking even when the rope was chopped to pieces. A strong surge of energy rushed from the edge of his blade and formed a huge sword, discharging towards the cultivator. The woeful cultivator was severely wounded with his blood spilling on the ground. He lay dead with his body fully tormented.  

   The others were shocked and dared not to move a single bit, afraid that they might be the next target.     

With everyone shut and completely stunned, Leo and Cynthia advanced to the celestial energy ginseng.     

Even with the great fright of the swordsman, the cultivators could not resist the temptation of the ginseng. In an uproar, they swarmed around the ginseng and mobbed it.     

"Move out of my way or die!"  

A massive golden-colored machete flew high in the air and charged in a circle sway. Rays of light flashed around its swirl and hit four cultivators. Screams of pain followed as the attack had split their bodies into two. Their bodies scattered and their blood flowed like a stream all over the ground.     

It was Caden of the Bloody Hero Gang. He was also after the ginseng!     

Among the swarm was also Frank of the Flaming Sun Valley. With his halberds carefully placed on his back, he concentrated his energy and formed a shield around his body. He charged towards the ginseng at the speed of thunder as his black hair smoothly glided with the air. All the cultivators that stood on his way were knocked down on the spot.    

 Weaves of energy, weapons, and attacks filled the atmosphere as all the cultivators were fighting for the celestial energy ginseng.     

Marvin, who was one of the hordes, encountered two cultivators of the Earth Realm. He was welcomed with various fierce attacks that he had to step back. He struggled to reach the ginseng as a couple of strikes charged his way.   

Not far away was Matthew of the Blood Wolf Team and his men. They hid among the swarm and wickedly ran towards the ginseng.     

Meanwhile, all the cultivators were pouring out all their energy to the fight.     Martial arts, spiritual weapons, energies, and intents--all had been used by the cultivators. Driven by greed and hunger for blood-lust, they roared, screamed, charged, and attacked dauntlessly. Only the clashes of weapons and outcries of rumble could be heard, turning the valley into an abyss of anguish and torment.   

  After a while, Leo was nearing the celestial energy ginseng. When he activated his level-three sword intent, all the cultivators who dared to stand on his way was instantly killed.     

When he finally reached the ginseng, in total ecstasy, he stretched out for it.    

 But when he was about to tear it out from the ground, he suddenly stopped. He felt an undeniably dangerous entity approaching from behind.   

Wasting no time, Leo shielded his back. The space around him hummed and trembled.     

A loud bang echoed around the entire area.    

 In an earthshakingly deafening sound, Leo blocked the attack, but he was set stumbling. He became alert as he realized the indisputable strength of the cultivator.    

The intensity of his attack was sharper than Leo's.    

 Leo hurriedly looked back only to see a cultivator with a stern and proud expression fast approaching with his sword.    

 Leo didn't recognize the cultivator's face but recognized the skill he was using.     It was also level-three sword intent! And the newcomer's sword intent was much more powerful than Leo's!     

The cultivators neared one after another; they swarmed around the ginseng, eyeing the precious crop covetously.  

 Whenever anyone tried to pick up the ginseng, he was immediately bombarded by various attacks. Even the most powerful cultivators like Leo was unable to defeat the others and flee with the ginseng.     

A few greedy cultivators tried to lash out while the others were busy fighting viciously. They tried to swoop the celestial energy ginseng when they thought no one was looking but was immediately caught and killed on the spot.     

However, every cultivator was careful not to scathe the ginseng. Even when they were fighting, their attack would land at least meters away from the herb.    

 Almost as though it had been agreed in advance, the cultivators of each force divided themselves into two groups and worked together. One group aimed to go after the ginseng while the other's goal was to defend others.     

In this situation, a force with fewer members and weaker strength was undoubtedly at a disadvantage.   

Meanwhile, the mentioned group of men enveloped by thick black mist did not participate in the melee for the celestial energy ginseng.     

They retreated and joined the men in black who had been arrayed at the outermost part of the crowd. Then they scattered around the corners of the valley, seeming to activate something.    

 Austin knew that they have completed their formation and were waiting for the right time to strike.     

For a moment, he somehow felt scared and wanted to turn around and walk away, leaving this area.    

 But Fanny had made her promise that she could help Austin out of the array once it has been activated. Even with her distinct attitude, she certainly wouldn't lie on matters of life and death.   

  Austin recognized that the celestial energy ginseng was such a rare treasure, and he was sure as hell that he would not give it up to anyone.   

Moreover, he had always overcome difficulties and advanced courageously. It is against his creed to run away from dangers.    

 'Damn it! Opportunities come with dangers! I don't think Fanny would risk her own life when she said she could get me out from the array. She must have meant it! Alright, let's do this then!'    Gritting between his teeth, Austin made up his mind.    

 He then turned to Fanny, and ordered, "Fanny, stay here and wait for me. Don't move an inch until I'm back!"    

Fanny was filled with fear. The sight of blood and dead bodies scattered around the valley frightened her. She nodded to Austin and hid under a big stone.    

 Austin saw her frightened face and couldn't help but to smile at her. This girl was so timid. She should never run away from home alone. He needed to talk to her after this and persuade her to go home.   

He then activated his Wind-commanding Skill and rushed to the center of the melee. For each step he took, he further distanced from Fanny and neared the fight.    

 'Violet, at my order, prepare to attack. And, whether it succeeds or not, as soon as I withdraw, you must follow me out.' Austin communicated with Violet in his mind.     

'Yes, Master, '  Violet replied.     

Austin's movement was fast and secretive. While all the people were in a brawl, he had waded his way into the fray.     

He swiftly merged in the battle, pretending to make an attack.     

In truth, he was discreet, step by step, advancing to the ginseng.    

 Two meters. One meter and a half. One meter...    

 In just seconds, he was only one meter away from the ginseng. Austin abruptly stopped moving to avoid any suspicions.   

Ingeniously, he turned his back on the ginseng, still pretending to attack the other cultivators with an angry face.  

   With his front on the fight, his right hand was clasped behind his back. As his face formed a smirk, excited for his success, a ray of purple light illuminated from the tip of his finger towards the celestial energy ginseng.    

 With a blast of green smoke and a dim pink shadow, the purple light transformed into a small fox appearing over the ginseng.     

It wrapped its paws around the celestial energy ginseng and held it tight.

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