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 Season 2

Episode 41

(Spiritual Chain)

Austin was running when suddenly, he stopped and felt a force restraining his steps. He heard some clinking sounds like that of chains.     

Austin immediately realized that something was wrong.     

He used the spiritual sense to figure out what was making his steps heavier. He saw a long and heavy iron chain in his Soul Sea. 'When did it get here?' Austin wondered. The black, ghastly and bloodcurdling iron chain shone with a dark red light. Its aura screamed grief, despair, and certain gloom.   

  It was the spiritual sense martial arts skill!     

Austin was knowledgeable of this martial arts skill. At first glance, he recognized that the thick and black iron chain in his Soul Sea was controlled by the spiritual sense power. It belonged to a kind of spiritual sense martial arts skill.   

The chunky iron chain appeared clearly, and metallic clicking sounds followed its movement. It charged towards spiritual figure that hid in Austin's Soul Sea, trying to clasp it and make it burst.    

 Austin could feel that the spiritual sense power controlling the chain was not very powerful. It was even weaker than the spiritual sense power he possessed now.     

Yet, even with its weak spiritual sense power, it emanated an aura of misery and anguish. It screamed total destruction in form. Just by looking at it, it emitted negative emotions that made people feel desperate, sad, and resentful. The dreadful feelings just came continuously to affect and erode Austin's emotions and sanity.    

 When the spiritual figure was affected by these negative emotions, it would lose its sanity and even turn violent. At last, it would lose itself and easily be caught by the black chain.    

 Such spiritual sense martial arts skill was indeed mysterious and uncanny. Although the spiritual sense attached to the black chain was not very strong, it would cause significant harm to Austin if he would not drive it out of the Soul Sea in time.   

Austin didn't dare to treat it lightly and summoned one of his weapons. In an instant, a Spiritual Sense Flying Needle condensed and came into shape in his Soul Sea. It came fast at the black iron chain which was attacking his spiritual figure.     


With a crisp metallic sound ringing out, the chain was broken.    

 At the same time, the tomb owner's face registered shock. 'How did this guy have the spiritual sense power? More unbelievably, he did not only have the spiritual sense power, but he also understood the spiritual sense martial arts skill!' He furiously wondered.     

In normal cases, only a martial arts practitioner who had reached the Mysterious Realm could master the primary spiritual sense power and form the Soul Sea.     

The spiritual sense-related marital arts skill was uncommon, and only a few practitioners can master it. Even most of the Mysterious Realm practitioners could not comprehend this form of martial arts skill.   

The tomb owner was an exception. He learned some special martial arts method and absorbed energies from numerous spiritual figures. Besides that, he had spent years in specialized training that he finally managed to form his own spiritual sense power and mastered the skill of using the Spiritual Chain.     

The Spiritual Chain, his greatest weapon, never disappointed him. It had helped him defeat his enemies and won countless victories. It was a gift from the gods.    

 Even the Earth Realm cultivators could not possess the power of spiritual sense, let alone the warriors at Energy Gathering Realm.     

The tomb owner's cultivation base was only at the preliminary stage of Earth Realm, however, by taking advantage of the Spiritual Chain, he had killed many warriors who were at the medium stage of Earth Realm. As for his enemies at Energy Gathering Realm, he was able to take their spiritual figure with the help of the Spiritual Chain.   

That was why the tomb owner felt unbothered and calm when he saw Austin flee. He had thought that Austin was only a warrior at the seventh level of the Energy Gathering Realm. No matter how strong the guy's fighting ability was, as long as he summoned his Spiritual Chain, he'd definitely catch the guy's spiritual figure.   

  However, the tomb owner was wrong to underestimate Austin's ability. He was utterly dumbfounded when he realized that Austin possessed the spiritual sense power. To make it worse, his spiritual sense power certainly overpowered his own.     

Back in Austin's Soul Sea, the Spiritual Sense Flying Needle continued to attack the chain which created clanking noises. The chain withdrew a few inches with every attack, its body which was formed by the spiritual sense power dimmed and gradually became ethereal.    

 Finally, with several cracking sounds, the iron chain suddenly exploded in Austin's Soul Sea. It shattered into black dots and eventually disappeared.   

Austin heaved a sigh of relief when he realized he had succeeded. He then quickly employed the Wind-commanding Skill and ran towards the forest in the distance like wind.     

When he realized that the chain had been totally destroyed, the tomb owner trembled and backed a few steps. His face was ghastly pale as blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.     

The Spiritual Chain was formed by his spiritual sense power, which was closely connected to his spiritual figure. When the chain was destroyed, his spiritual figure was also affected by the impact and suffered considerable damage in return.     

"You brat. Just wait! Don't let me catch you or I'll kill you a thousand times!"    The tomb owner gritted his teeth, unwilling to admit his failure. He aggressively wiped away the blood in the corners of his mouth, extremely mad at the turn of the events.     

He turned around and looked at the center of the valley where the warriors and the red blood magical python were fighting.   

The red blood magical python was gravely injured, with its skin cut open and flesh torn. Its blood continually splashed from the big wounds caused by the attacks it had been receiving from all directions.    

 Indeed, the red blood magical python was aware of its disadvantage under the joint forces of numerous human warriors.    

 It waved its huge tails and deflected the attacks from several warriors. Realizing that it might not hold on for very long, it shifted its direction and slithered towards the big hole where it originally came from.     

"The beast wants to escape!"   

 The fight with the red blood magical python had been going for quite a while. The warriors had also suffered from this, not to mention some even lost their comrades. They would definitely not let the snake escape easily. Hearing the shout, all the warriors rushed forward.  

   In a flash, the red blood magical python gasped its last breath and died.   

The tomb owner was thrilled as he watched the python get butchered.    

 "Prepare to start the array."   

 In the Grand Desolation Mountain range, a black shadow which carried another figure swept past the ridges, like a flying bird.     

They were Austin and Fanny.    

 After getting rid of the tomb owner, Austin employed the Wind-commanding Skill and kept running without a halt.     Suddenly, Austin's heart trembled.     

His sensed several men were rushing towards them.     

And those men were all above the Earth Realm of vital energy.    

 Three of them even reached the premium stage of Earth Realm.    

 They got a hold of his trace and came rushing towards his direction.     

With the help of the spiritual sense power, Austin found that these men were not only strong in their cultivation base, but they were also surely faster than him.   

It seemed that it was not easy for Austin and Fanny to entirely flee from the brawl.     

Austin tried to figure out why they were after him.     

He slowed down and advanced at the speed of what an ordinary warrior at the Energy Gathering Realm usually went.     

After a while, five figures came into his view like lightning.     

"Austin, is that you?"    

A familiar voice came through loud and clear.     

"Steward Zhu!"    

It turned out that one of the five men was the steward of the Sun Sect---Murray!    

 "Steward Zhu, what are you doing here?"    

Austin immediately dashed to him and greeted.     

Murray was very close to his heart, who was his teacher who treated him like his own son. At the sight of him, Austin felt safe and reassured.   

At the same time, Austin was surprised to find that there were two Elders of the Sun Sect in the group.    

 The Elders were the second highest in command at the Sun Sect, after the Sect Leader.     

The ordinary disciples of the Sun Sect seldom had the chance to meet the Elders. Unless it was for significant events such as services or anniversaries, it was really rare to see them on normal occasions.     

The Elders of the Sun Sect were generally at the premium stage of Earth Realm. And it was said that some Elders might have already made a breakthrough and entered the Mysterious Realm.    

 The Sun Sect publicly declared that the Sect Leader, Theon, was the only one who had reached the Mysterious Realm. However, words on the ground had it that besides Theon, there were more than one Mysterious Realm masters in the sect. If it were not for this, the Sun Sect would not have become one of the five most prominent sects in the Violet Orchid Empire.


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