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    Final Episode

The funeral was a sober affair – the rain was falling, the thunder was crackling and the air was suffocating. 

I woke up, to hear the rain fall hammering against the window. It made me think that the universe was crying for Antony – just as the pack cried for Antony.

I dressed in a knee length black dress, and a pair of heels. 

Once my hair was styled, and my make-up was applied, I went down to find Lincoln having a stiff drink. 

He glanced up at me, before gulping down the liquor.

He wore a suit, which was black and expensive, but his tie was still undone. 

"You look great" he told me, more because he felt like he needed to not because he wanted to.

 He didn't like the black dress, because it reminded him of the death, same with my smart hair and black jewelry.

"You ready to go?" I questioned. Layton poured himself another whiskey, downed it quickly, before nodding his head.

 Lincoln lopped his arm around my waist, before we headed out the back door. Lincoln held the large black umbrella over us, as we walked.

"I love you" I whispered, as his arm dropped from my waist and our fingers intertwined.
"Ditto" he replied, offering me a sad smile. 

Even though he'd told me he loved me, the day that Antony had died, he still had trouble saying it.

 But I didn't mind, he'd said it once, and that was all I cared about. He loved me, he'd told me so.

We walked together, in silence, as the rain poured around us.

 The Pack was already gathered in the clearing behind the village, and there was an eerie silence that fell over everyone.

Everyone was there; men, woman and children. They all wore black and sad expressions. Umbrella's obscured the clearing, as the rain continued to pour.

 Lincoln gave my hand a tight squeeze, as we walked to the front.

Lincoln spoke loudly, speaking of how gallant and brave Antony was. He spoke of his kindness, loyalty and his friendship. 

He sounded like Lincoln always did; dominant and loud.

 Yet, I could hear the waver in his voice, even if the pack couldn't.

Antony's father and kid brother carried his body in. I was crying, soft silent tears, as they placed the body on a pile of wood. 

Lincoln handed me a large piece of wood, before setting light to the top. Antony's parents and brother also lit their own pieces, as Lincoln did his.

All of us used them to set fire to the pile – the flames wildly growing, the reddish infernos licking the edge of Antony's body.

 I choked on a sob, as I watched his body being swallowed by the fire.

Lincoln held me to his side, as we watched the body turn to ash and the dark smoke fill the rainy sky.

 There was a haunting feeling to the day; as if the world knew of the death, and was mourning our friend with us.

 It was ridiculously narrow minded, and naïve, to believe that; but that was how it felt. Like no sunshine would show on that day of grieve.

For a solid week Lincoln was quiet and kept to himself; more than he usually did. 

He was grieving, and it was something he needed to work through on his own.

 Every night he would come home late, before crawling into bed with me.

Every night we would make love in silence, before holding each other in silence. 

The reason that I had always been slightly fearful of Lincoln – even after we'd married and mated – was because he was so hard and emotionless.

But it was only in those two weeks after Antony's death, did I finally lose that last bit of fear I had rooted deep in the back of my head.

 Because I could see that Lincoln was just as vulnerable as anyone else, and that made him seem more real to me.

I had mentally placed Lincoln on a pedestal; making him seem like a put together man who knew exactly what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. 

But it was only as I watched him in his sadness, and depression, that I realised that he was just as young and exposed as me. We were the same, but still so different.

Exactly a month after Antony's death, Lincoln called the entire pack to the village. 

I woke up that morning, with plans to have lunch with Arlene. So I was already in the village when he made the announcement.

"Julian" he called out to me, as I walked towards the café. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. "Hey" he smiled tightly, pressing a chaste kiss to my lips in greeting.

"What are you doing here?"

"Calling a pack meeting. What are you doing here?"

"Meeting Arlene for lunch" I replied, taking his hand in mine. 

His large hand covered my small one, and gave it a small squeeze. "Can I stand with you?" I asked, as the pack began to fill the area.

"Always" he replied, raising our conjoined hands and pressing a kiss to the back of mine.

When all the Wolves from our pack were there, Lincoln and I stood near the front. It quickly went silent, as everyone waited for their Alpha to speak. 

"Today" Lincoln's voice boomed after a few moments, "I am going to announce our new Beta".

I knew that it was a big moment for Lincoln, and I knew he had been dreading it. So, it was my turn to squeeze his hand. Instantly, his grip on my hand tightened, showing the significance of the moment. 

But no one else knew, because on the outside he was their usual blanked faced Alpha. 

No one, but me, knew the pain he felt in that moment.

"After the gallant death of our previous Beta; Antony Randy Strider, I have been watching all our strongest Wolves closely. 

Beta Strider's death was a sad moment for us all. 

And as my mate reminded me, whoever I appoint will be a new Beta, not a new Antony. And I want you all to remember that".

I smiled softly to myself, remembering how emotional he had been when I told him that – and I was glad he was telling everyone else the same thing.

 Lincoln let a soft moment of stillness fall over the pack, before he spoke again.

 That moment was important; it was him finally saying goodbye to his best friend.

"So, without further ado, the new Beta of the Endoro Pack is" Lincoln paused once more, "Patrick Collins".

 A soft round of applause filled the Pack, as the new Beta stepped out of the crowd. Patrick was a year or so younger than Lincoln, with a shaved head and thick eyebrows. 

He looked intimidating like Lincoln, but unlike Lincoln, Patrick had a large goofy smile on his face. He was a true big friendly giant.

Lincoln and Patrick shook hands, before Patrick turned to me. "Alpha Female, I know what Beta Strider did, and one day I hope you'll trust me enough to think of me as someone you can depend on like you did him".

"Thank you Patrick, I'm sure you will". I then hugged him, he was surprised but quickly accepted my hug. I knew Lincoln wouldn't be impressed, and when I felt him tug me back after half a second, I didn't complain.

"You're all dismissed" Lincoln told the pack, and they all went their own ways. "Patrick, I will meet you back at the offices".

"Thank you again, Alpha. I'll just grab my computer from home, before I catch up with you". He bowed his head, before leaving us alone.

"He seems nice" I smiled up at Lincoln.

"He looked like he enjoyed that hug a bit too much" he grumbled under his breath, in a childish way. 

I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but giggle a bit. I got onto my tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss on his lips.

"Make sure you come home early tonight" I told him, as we stepped apart.

"But--" he began, but I cut him off.

"No buts, Lincoln. Be home early". I playfully waggled my finger at him. Lincoln cocked an eyebrow, looking at me in slight shock.

"Yes, Alpha Female" he chuckled, a small smirk edging onto his lips.

"I mean it. I really need you home by six".

"Alright, I promise. Who is the Alpha out of us again?" he demanded sarcastically. 

I giggled again, because I was in a good mood, before kissing him in goodbye. 

Once I met Arlene, and she handed me the things I'd asked her to buy me, I headed home.

On the walk back, a voice called out to me. I turned to see an unfriendly red head storming towards me.

 I sighed heavily, as Andrea reached me. "Julian, can I have a word?

I wasn't sure what came over me, but suddenly a large confident person replaced me. 

"I believe that was five words. And you do not address me as Julian, you address me as Alpha Female. 

Now Andrea, if you are coming to tell me something important then say it, but if it is something horrible and full of jealously, then you might as well just leave".

There was a heavy moment, as Andrea just gawked at me.

 "Leave, now, before I call my husband" I added. Again, she just stared at me, before turning and walking away. 

"Oh and Andrea, I know you were helping Alpha Roberts, and so does Lincoln.

 So I would keep a low profile if I were you. Because if you so much as sneeze without our permission, I will make it my mission to have you exiled. So leave me, and my husband, alone".

I couldn't believe that I had finally stood up to Lincoln's horrible ex-girlfriend, it felt good. 

No, it felt better that good, it felt amazing. I felt powerful, and strong, and dominate. 

Andrea needed to understand that Lincoln was my husband, and I was her Alpha Female. And I felt like I and finally gotten that point across. The day was the best one since Antony had been killed.

When it came to six o'clock and Lincoln still wasn't home, I sighed heavily and used the house phone to call his office. 

However, Patrick answered. "Endoro Pack, Beta Collins speaking" he answered.

"It's Julian, can you put my forgetful husband on the phone please" I giggled. 

Patrick chuckled himself, before I heard the sound of movement on the other end.

"Alpha the call is for you" Patrick said.

"Who is it?" Lincoln grumbled, sounding annoyed.

"Your wife".
There was a moment, before Lincoln came on the phone.

 "Shit, I forgot. I'm leaving now", was all he said before he hung up. I laughed softly, as I took a bottle of wine out the fridge and poured Lincoln a glass for when he arrived.

"I forgot, sorry" Lincoln mumbled, when he arrive home.

 I smiled again, because I was still not used to him apologizing.

 He walked into the kitchen, placed a brief kiss on my head, before taking a seat at the table.

I served us both some food, before sitting down opposite him. 

"So what is the big deal about tonight?" Lincoln questioned me, as we began to eat.

"I have some news" I smiled softly, slipping my hand over the table to take his. "Lincoln, I'm pregnant again". 

I grinned brightly, as Lincoln put his fork down and stared at me.

 I was ecstatic about it, because I really wanted a child, but I was also terrified because of losing my last pup.

Lincoln brown eyes stared at me for an entire minute, before he gulped deeply. "And you're sure about this?" he croaked out.

"I was pretty sure, but Arlene picked me up a test and I took it this afternoon" I replied.

 Lincoln was out of his chair in a second, moving around to take me into his arms. 

I grinned happily, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and we embraced.

Lincoln and I continued to happily discuss the pup, and how much it was important to keep me safe the second time. 

We were both nervous about the pregnancy, but we were both happy as well.

When we finally went to bed, it was late. "Maybe" Lincoln whispered, a few seconds before I was about to go to sleep, "if the pup is a boy, we could call him Antony?"

"Yeah" I yawned, cuddling closer into his embrace. "That would be nice. I think Antony would have really liked that".

"You should get some sleep now, Julian". He pressed a soft kiss to the top of my head.

 "You're the best choice I ever made, you know? That day, 

That day, when I chose you, it was honestly the most important day of my life. And I don't regret a thing".

"I love you" I whispered, as my eyes began to close and fatigue took over my body.

"Ditto" Lincoln replied. I fell asleep with a happy smile on my lips, and the love of my life in my arms.

-------------------------THE END----------------------



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