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Episode : 25

Lincoln, Antony, Valentine and I all climbed into 
my husband's car. 

After the telephone conversation with Thomas, Lincoln had called his cousin, who had immediately flown over to our territory. I was glad to have Valentine's support.

Thomas wanted us to meet him in Chables Territory. 

I didn't know where that was; but Lincoln did. The Chables Pack was a small Wolf Pack, about two hours away.

 The old Alpha had upset Lincoln – a few years back – and he had killed him. After that, the Pack Wolves had fled to other Packs, leaving the territory completely unclaimed.

The drive was silent; thick with tension. Lincoln and Valentine were sat in the front, both of them rigid and stiff.

 It was an odd sight, seeing them like that; Valentine like a blonde angel and Lincoln like a dark devil – they were such opposites, it was almost humorous. 

No matter how many times I saw the cousins together, I was still shocked that they were so different.

Antony and I sat awkwardly in the back, both of us staring out the window. 

Occasionally we would glance at one another, and he would give me a small smile – trying to calm me down. 

I was grateful, because I knew he wasn't exactly the most sympathetic of people; but he knew how scary the situation was for me.

I felt completely out of my comfort zone, in every way. 

Lincoln, and the others, were used to fighting and killing and violence. 

But not me. I was used to a quiet life; staying at home and being a quiet housewife. 

That was what I was used to – staying at home, and looking after the aftermath of situations. 

I was a home-commitment solider, not one who went on front lines.

 Lincoln only took me along, as he was trying to demonstrate how he wanted me more involved in the Pack, and he wanted to try and give me more responsibilities

We're here" Lincoln grumbled as he slowed the car. I sat up straighter, and looked out the window.

The ground was muddy and uneven, a small dirt track in the middle of an overgrown forest.

 The vegetation was spreading rapidly out in all directions, giving the area an enchanted look. It was dark, the sun being blocked out by the thick trees.

We drove for a few minutes; all of us gripping the sides as the car threw us around a bit.

 Lincoln didn't apologies for the bumpy journey. When we got further into the heart of Chables Pack, I gulped deeply.

There was abandoned houses, and shops, all with broken windows and doors that were hanging off their hinges. 

The entire place looked like a ghost town – with only the sound of the car's tyres crunching the dry leaves filling the silence. 

I swallowed deeply; the place sent shivers over my spine.

When Lincoln pulled the car to a stop, and everyone got out, I paused slightly. 

Lincoln didn't notice, and began to look over the area. Valentine noticed, and opened my car door. Without a word, he held a hand out to me and helped me out.

He didn't drop my hand as we stood outside, a soft breeze blowing over us and making a few of the hanging doors creak. 

I was shaking – not out of coldness but out of fear – but Antony glanced in my direction and draped his coat over my shoulders anyway.

After Lincoln had finished looking over the area, he returned to the car.

 "No sign of him yet" he said. He glanced at where my hand was in Valentine, and where Antony's coat covered my shoulders.

Frowning deeply, Lincoln pulled the jacket off me and threw it back to his Beta.

 He then helped me put his coat on – rolling the sleeves up for me, before he glared at his cousin and took to holding my hand himself. 

I didn't comment on his possessiveness, because it was a small comfort in my discomforted state.

"I'm scared Lincoln" I whispered, a few minutes later. 

Valentine and Antony had gone to look over the area again; trying to find anything that remotely linked to the revengeful Alpha who was on his way.

I know you are, but I won't let anything happen to you" he replied. 

He looked down at me, cupping my cheek. We stared at each other for a while, neither of us saying anything – just simply taking in the sight of one another.

I knew what Lincoln looked like, I couldn't forget such a handsome face, but as I stared at him, I made sure to study the other things about him. 

The small lines on his forehead, the small freckle by his left eye, the way his left eyebrow was the tiniest bit higher than his right, the way his sideburns blended into his stumble. 

He really was beautiful, and I kept drinking him in.

Lincoln was the one to break the silence. "From the first day I saw you, I think I knew how I felt about you. 

I couldn't help but be bewitched by your looks, amused by your innocence and shocked by your kindness. As soon as I saw you, I knew that I had to have you".

"Lincoln I--"

"No" he cut me off, pushing his finger over my lips. 

"Just let me say this. Nothing is going to happen to me, but just in case something does, I need to say these things now". 

His eyes showed emotion, which made me nod – he only conveyed his emotions in times of real significance.

"That day, at the Mating Ritual, I went there not planning to take a mate.

 I wanted a pup, but I didn't want a mate. Yet, when you knocked into me – everything seemed to change.

 I saw this beautiful; blonde haired, grey eyed, little Wolf. Yes, she was weak and shy, but she made me feel something I'd never felt before.

"You made my heart race, and my hands sweat. And I knew, just from looking at you, that there was something different about you.

 It was your beauty, and your lack of desire that drew me to you. 

But it was something else all together that made me actually choose you".

There was a heavy pause, Lincoln looking at me as another soft breeze whipped around us.

 "I never meant to turn out like this Julian. I never meant to become like I am, but shit happens. And seeing you, I remembered something.

"When I was a child there was this girl in my pack. 

She was a year younger than me, and she looked a lot like you. 

She had these large blue eyes, and this beautiful blonde hair.

 I must have only been six, but we would play together because my parents were friends with hers. 

I used to really like her, she was like my childhood best friend – yet I still can't remember her actual name.

"Anyway, when I grew up I began to hate this girl. 

Because every time I thought of her, I thought of my childhood. 

So I began to hate what she represented; because she was so happy and I couldn't be like that, because of my mother.

 So I grew to despise that blonde haired, blue eyed, girl.

"You look a lot like her, and usually when I see girls who look similar – I hated them too. 

Yet, when I saw you, I didn't hate you. No, I felt something different. 

It was like you were this mass force, that just blew your way into my life and took over everything.

 Which was absurd because you were so scared of me that you wouldn't even look at me".

"Lincoln" I interrupted, my voice was shaking. I hadn't even realised I was crying, and neither did Lincoln.

 He offered me a sad smile, before wiping my cheeks. "Why do you sound like you're saying goodbye?"

"I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying hello" he replied, giving me a tight smile.

 "I have kept so much from you, and protected you too much that I have ended up putting you in danger.

 I just want to make it clear, that once Thomas is dead we're going to start a fresh. No more plan, no more".

"But you said that your plan was to make everything perfect".

"You're already perfect, so nothing you do could ever be wrong" he stated. I smiled through my tears, before getting on my tip-toes and pressing a kiss to my lips.

"I love you" I told him.

"Ditto" Lincoln nodded – which made us both laugh, like it always did. 

We kissed once more, before I just rested on his broad chest. 

I could hear his steady, strong, heartbeat as I slipped my arms around him. I felt like a scared child, gripping onto their father – but I was scared, and Lincoln was my rock.

Antony joined us a few seconds later. "What are you two girls gossiping about?" At his words Lincoln glared at him. "Hey, I thought you were trying to be nicer and fairer".

"Not to people who insinuate I am of a different gender".

Antony laughed, "alright. . Just in the interest of being nicer". His lips were smirking – he was teasing Lincoln, but Lincoln didn't realise.


"I giggled slightly, as Antony rolled his eyes. Lincoln may have admitted he was a bit strict, but he would never admit he was wrong. 

It was useless trying to convince him otherwise.

"Lincoln, he's here" Valentine shouted, making us pulling away and sober up. 

We turned to see Valentine jogging towards us, his blonde curls bouncing as he did so.

 Antony was close behind him. At his words, my fear rocketed. Lincoln noticed and helped me to him tighter.

"Stay close to me" Lincoln whispered into my hair, pressing a soft kiss to my head. 

Valentine moved to my left side, and I wanted to grab him as well – but I didn't want Lincoln any more upset than he already was. Antony stood on the right side of Lincoln and I.

Thomas arrived, a few minutes later. He drove in, parking about a hundred yards away.

 There was a heavy moment, as we all stared at the car, before the door opened and Thomas got out. Alpha Roberts was not what I expected.

Before us stood an elderly man, in his late fifties to early sixties, with a head of silvery grey hair. 

His skin was littered with wrinkles and crease lines; showing the life he had already lived. There was a heavy moment, as we all looked at him.

"Who the hell is that?" Lincoln finally snapped. "Where the hell is Thomas?"

It was then I realised that the elderly man wasn't Alpha Roberts, and that something odd was going on. 

I gulped, my fear making my hands shake. I gripped ahold of Lincoln's shirt, my fingers almost tearing through the fabric.

Lincoln growled softly, before forcefully pushing me into Antony. 

I fell into his Beta's arms, as he stalked away. Antony held me tightly, and I quickly cuddled into him – terrified. Lincoln stalked over to the old man.

"Who the hell are you? And where the hell is Thomas?" he screamed.

 I knew that his rage was down to one thing; he was nervous. 

He would never admit it, but Lincoln was nervous about what Thomas had planned. And when Lincoln was nervous, he turned all his emotion into blinding rage.

The old man didn't reply, and there was a moment before I heard a crunch to our left. 

I span on my heel, as did Antony and Valentine. "Lincoln, it's a distraction" someone shouted. I wasn't sure if it was me who shouted, or someone else. But, we had all realised it.

There was a split second, as I saw who I assumed to be Thomas. 

He was fairly short for a man, with a large broad build.

 He was stocky, with muscles that seemed to make him looked almost like a pumped up doll. His hair was a chestnut red, and his skin a pale colour.

For the briefest of seconds, Alpha Roberts and I met eyes. 

Then the man raised a gun in my direction, and shot. 

Before I could think of anything, I was shoved out the way.

 I feel to the floor clumsily, just as the discharged bullet hit the body of its victim.

 I screamed, as blood splattered me.


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