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          🌼Choice 🥀

🌹(You're my soulmate)🌹

Episode : 15

Julian's Pov 🥀

The following Monday, the police were still hanging around. 

So Lincoln made the decision to move the entire pack to Gresall Pack territory – for the Full Moon.

 It was just too dangerous to shift into our Wolf forms around so many humans.

So, we packed a weekend bag and all headed off. 

Lincoln hired two buses for the majority of the Pack Wolves, and the rest of us drove.

 Due to Lincoln having a few last minutes things to do, we stayed behind until the following day.

The Endoro Pack was quiet with just Lincoln
and I, and a few male Wolves who volunteered to stay behind. 

It was risky for them to do so, but it was even more risky to leave the territory in the hands of the police. 

So about five men stayed behind.

Do you still hurt when you shift?" Lincoln asked me, as we put our bags into the car on the Tuesday morning. 

Every male Wolf shifted on the first Full Moon after their sixteenth birthdays, whereas the She-Wolves shifted on the first Full Moon after their eighteenth birthday. 

The earlier shifts were the most painful.

I had only shifted six times since my summer birthday, so it was still painful.

 But, nowhere near to the degree of the first Full Moon after my birthday.

 It was excruciating – every bone in my body breaking and reforming.

 I screamed and screamed and screamed, until I passed out. I didn't enjoy shifting; because of how much it hurt.

I'll be with you" Lincoln said to me, seeing the small bit of fear slipping into my eyes. 

We got into the car, and I flicked the radio on. "I told you I don't like the radio on" Lincoln snapped, as he started the car.

 I sighed loudly – showing my annoyance – as I flicked the radio off. "Don't try that attitude with me" he snapped, growling angrily.

"What are you, my mother?" I sassed, folding my arms over my chest.

 Lincoln snarled at me, showing his teeth in a feral manner.

 There was a thick moment of tension in the car, as Lincoln began to drive.

For about half an hour of the drive, Lincoln and I drove in an awkward silence – Lincoln's eyes focused on the road ahead, and mine on the passing landscapes.

 "I'm sorry" I whispered, realising how rude I had been to talk to Lincoln the way I had.

It's okay" Lincoln nodded, "we're both on edge. It's the Full Moon tonight, our emotions are all over the place. 

We never meant to get angry at one another, we both understand that, so let's just leave it".

I nodded, before leaning over and pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Sorry" I said again.

"It's forgotten" Lincoln told me, reaching over and taking one hand in mine. 

Our conjoined hands rested in the middle arm rest – our fingers absentmindedly playing with one another.

 "Are you excited to see your family?" he questioned. 

I didn't answer. "Julian, I asked if you were excited to see your family".

"The day after we first slept together, I called my mother". I paused, biting my bottom lip.

"And?" Lincoln prompted. He was getting short tempered with me again – due to the Full Moon – but he was trying to contain it.

"And she told me that she didn't want anything to do with me anymore".

 I tried to shrug it off, but I felt the sting of tears in my eyes. Your mother was supposed to love you unconditionally, yet, my mother didn't. 

She pushed me to find a mate, and then when I did – she shunned me for it.

"Why would she say that?" Lincoln demanded. He sounded furious; his fingers whitening from how hard he gripped the steering wheel.

"Because I'm mated to you". My voice was small, and child-like. 

I knew Lincoln already felt like he was bad for me – he had told me on many occasions – so I felt bad for telling him that it was his fault my mother disowned me.

When we reached Gresall Pack, it was busy. My old pack only had about thirty Wolves in total, but with the added sixty of the Endoro, the entire area was full.

 The forest surrounded the small village – a collected of houses with a large building in the centre.

 On the edge of the territory, tents were erected by my new pack.

"Are we staying in a tent?" I asked, as the car pulled up next to the buses and other cars of our pack.

"Yes" Lincoln nodded, smirking at me. Leaning forward, he spoke directly into my ear – his hot breath fanning over my cheek. 

"A small, very private, tent in which I'll have to keep you very close to keep you nice and warm and sweaty". 

His lips nibbled at my ear lobe, teasing the skin with his teeth.

I giggled girlishly, pushing him away playfully. Lincoln growled at me, before reaching over and resting one hand on my leg. 

"Full Moons cause heightened emotions. But you want to know what else is heightened right now?" he teased, kissing my neck. I moaned softly.

Alpha Addison?" a voice called out to us. And we snapped apart quickly; I blushed a bright red colour and cast my eyes down. 

Standing in front of the car was Alpha Jones, Beta Heaton and my mother.

"Don't submit" Lincoln hissed at me, annoyed. I raised my head again, but wasn't able to make eye contact with any of the people outside the car – I was too embarrassed.

 Lincoln got out the car, and I quickly followed suit.

We both walked to the front of the car, and Lincoln slipped his arm around my slim waist as I leant into him. 

"Jones" Lincoln nodded to Alpha Jones, giving him a look of distaste.

"Addison" Alpha Jones nodded back – looking equally as displeased with my mate's presence. "Welcome to my pack".

"Thanks for having us" Lincoln growled out, hands digging into my hips from the angry tremor than was running through his fingers.

"It's part of Pack Law". The reply was short and snappy, Alpha Jones saying he didn't agree with Pack Law and its rules. 

When the Pack system was first created, the Alpha's all set down and rules that had to be followed – under all circumstances.

The most important rules was never allow humans to find out about our existence. 

So, when police swarmed our land, Alpha Jones had no decision but to allow us to stay with his pack. No matter how much he hated Lincoln.

"We'll have a meeting now. Your mate can stay behind and tend to your pack" Alpha Jones said.

 growled angrily, pushing me behind his back. "Don't

 tell my mate what to do. If I want to keep her with me all afternoon, then I will". 

The two Alpha Males stared heatedly at one another – both of them used to being the top of the food chain, and both their emotions rocketing due to the Full Moon.

I could see both of them shaking in anger. They wanted to fight, to injure, to kill.

 I had a strong feeling that Lincoln would win the fight, but I didn't want to test that theory.

 "Lincoln" I whispered, slipping one of my hands around his biceps. "Go, I'll be fine".

Lincoln paused, letting a long exhale through his flaring nostrils.

 Then he turned to face me. He looked down at me, hands roughly grabbing my neck before leaning down and kissing me. 

The tangle of our lips was hot, passionate and dominate. When he pulled back, he looked down into my silver eyes.

"Any problems, call me" he instructed. Lincoln had brought me a mobile a few weeks prior, however he told me that I was only allowed to call him on it. 

He was the only contact I had, and the contact he would allow me to have.

I'll be fine, Lincoln, don't worry". I smiled up at him, before getting on my tip-toes and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. 

Lincoln looked intensively at me for a moment, or two, before turning and leaving with Alpha Jones.

Turning back to my pack, Arlene waved me over. She helped me set up my tent – a little away from the rest of the pack – before I helped her with her tent. 

I met her husband, Steve, and their six year old girl, Katie.

When it got near to evening, I decided I needed to swallow my fear and visit my mother.

 So, I left my pack to set their tents up, as I walked back to my old house. Lincoln wouldn't have been happy to know I had left, but I had no other choice than to have to see her before the Full Moon.

I walked around the outside of the village – not wanting to be seen my old pack. I quickly rounded to my house, and knocked on the door.

 There was a few minutes before my mother answered. She looked the same as I remembered; cropped blonde hair, dull blue eyes and long thin body.

"Julian" she sighed, "I've been expecting you". She pushed the door opened, and I followed her in. 

The lounge looked exactly the same as I remembered, nothing had changed. My mother took a seat on the couch, and I sat on the other side.

"So, how have you been?" I asked, not sure what else to say.

My mother sighed heavily, shaking her head. "Let's not play happy reunion, Julian.

 You've mated to a monster. I saw you earlier, all doe eyes and flirty. 

You could have been with someone so much better, but you let yourself be degraded by whoring yourself out to an Alpha". 

She was spitting at me – words full of venom and fury. She truly hated me.

"I love him" I whispered, tears spilling out of my eyes. I loved my mother, she was my last parent, and I loved her. 

But that didn't mean that I wouldn't choose Lincoln over her, because I would.

"Then you're ever dumber than I first thought" she replied, sounding almost sympathetic. In that moment, I realised she still saw me as a child; someone unable to look after myself.

 That made me awful. Lincoln didn't look at me like that, he saw me as my own person – that was why I fell so hard for him.

I flinched at her cold words, beginning to cry. "You're my mother, you should love me no matter what" I cried, hurt deeply by her words.

"I love my daughter, I don't love the Bad Alpha's mate" she snarled at me.
"But your daughter is the Bad Alpha's mate".

"Then, I guess you are no daughter of mine". Getting up, she walked away and towards the front door. 

She gestured with her hand for me to leave. I was sobbing hard by that point, hiccupping slightly from the lack of air I was taking in as I cried.

I clutched my hand to my aching chest, and walked out the house I used to call home. I cried, and walked, and cried. Then, I cried harder when I heard the door slam shut behind me.

My hands were shaking, as I took a calming breath and wiped my eyes. I had no doubt my makeup had smudged, and run. 

But I didn't care any, I was too hurt. As I wondered deeper into the forest, all I wanted was too see Lincoln.

I pulled my phone out my pocket, and dialled number. I heard the dial tone and the phone rang, but I quickly dropped the phone when someone grabbed me from behind. 

I screamed, the phone getting casted into the woodland debris.

I spun around quickly, to see a familiar face. I let out a heavy breath of relief, as I placed my hand over fast beating heart. 

My friend towered a good head taller than me, he smiled down at me. "I didn't mean to scare you".

"Jacob" I smiled happily.


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