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          🌼Choice 🥀

🌹(You're my soulmate)🌹

Julian's Pov 🥀

The officers took Lincoln and I into separate rooms. 

Lincoln didn’t like that, and started to shout and cuss.

 I held his hand, and willed him to calm down. He didn’t want to at first, but eventually allowed for the officers to separate us – although he strongly showed his dislike of the situation.

“If they start asking intrusive questions, then--”
“I know what to say Lincoln” I whispered, cutting him off.

 He was holding me tight in his arms, a possessive hold to his broad chest.

 Lincoln half smiled – but only for a second before his furious look returned.

 He really didn’t like that I was going into a room with two humans – males at that – without him.

“I was just going to say, if they start acting suspicious, don’t answer and demand a lawyer”. 

He raised his hand and cupped my cheek. “I don’t want to leave you” he whispered thickly, before bending down and kissing my lips.

“Mrs Addison, we really need to get started” a police officer interrupted us.

 Lincoln glowered, and pulled away from me.
“Sure” I said, and stepped towards him. Slowly, looking pained, Lincoln let go of me and I followed the officer. 

He took me to a dingy, dark, questioning room. There was a scratched wooden desk in the centre, with a one-way mirror on the left side of the room.

Two men sat behind the desk, one was Sergeant Harries and the other was a tall man with red hair – Detective Smith. 

Both had unreadable expression. They read a few things – for the benefit of the recording tape – before they began the questioning.

It started out with simple questions about how we found the body, did we know the girl, had we had wild animals on our land before.

 All the things I answered perfectly. Then, came the harder questions.

“So you and sir Lincoln own the land yes?” Sergeant Harries asked.

“Yes” I replied.
“And you have people that live on the land with you, is that correct?”

“Who are they too you? Family? If so, you have an awfully big family”. 

His questions were unnerving me, I hated people prying. But, I took a big breath, and smiled slightly. 

I wanted to cry and hide, or run out the room and find Lincoln. 

But, I couldn’t, I had to be the Alpha Female that Lincoln wanted me to be.

“They are friends, some family, but mostly friends” I smiled. “I’m sorry Officer, but I don’t see what this has to do with the death of that poor girl”.

“I’m just trying to get the full picture here, Mrs Addison ”. He gave me an over exaggerated grin – it set me on edge, it was a sly smile, almost fox like.

 “Now, how did you and Mr Addison meet?”
“We have mutual friends, we met at a gathering of sorts”.

“Does your husband run a cult?” Detective Smith blurted out. I turned to him, eyes wide and shocked.

 I couldn’t believe that he had outright asked me that. A lot of humans thought that the Wolf Pack communities were cults, but I hadn’t expected for him to ask me straight out.

“What? Of course not” I gasped, surprised.
“We’ve been watching your husband for a while now. We’ve seen the way he is with you. 
How he is with his people, and with woman. Does he hurt you? Does Mr Addison beat you, Julian?

 Can I call you Julian?”
“No. It’s Mrs Addison” I stated. I was angry that he could suggest that Lincoln could ever hurt me, or hurt woman.

 Lincoln wanted to protect woman, he treated woman with the up most respect.

“Alright, Mrs Addison. Sergeant Harries, and I, have been watching your husband for the past year or so. 

And we’ve seen the secretive way, how the other people bowed down to him as if he is their leader. 

Not to mention, how the simple idea of you speaking to a male without him--”
“I would suggest you stop talking about my husband in such a way, Detective”. 

I was on the verge of growling in an animalistic way. I was scared, upset and angry. 

It was a bad combination for a Werewolf – when our emotions got too much, we exploded violently.

I was a naturally calm person, only two times had I gotten to the point of explosion. 

More dominate Wolves, like Lincoln, reached the explosion level weekly.

 It always got ugly when our emotions got that high. 

We were a danger to ourselves, and others, when we get to that stage.

 So I took a deep breath, and focused on calming myself.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, Mrs Addison. I just wanted you to understand that if your husband were to hurt you, we could offer you safety.

 All you’d have to do is testify that he is administrating a cult and--”
“We are not a cult” I told them calmly, “please stop insulting me, my husband and my community. 

My husband would never lay a finger on a woman, and people respect him for looking after everyone.

 Is it a crime to be respected? We are peaceful people who just happen to live in a close, gated, community. 

And if you don’t like that, then I’m sorry, but it really has nothing to do with you”. I was proud of how confident I sounded.

“Mrs Addison, like I said earlier we have been monitoring the activities of your community.

 And we know that you were taken from your home – in another community similar to this one – and within a few weeks you were married to Mr Addison”.

“What are you suggesting, Detective Smith?” I asked, fisting my hands on my laps as I tried to control my emotions.

“If you were given to Mr Addison, as a gift to a leader or for money, then we can get you out of this. You’re a very attractive girl, you have many options--”

“You think Lincoln bought me?” I screeched. I was outraged and hurt. 

I stood up, carelessly pushing my seat aside so it hit the floor. 

Hot tears sprung to my eyes, and spilled out my eyes and ran down my cheek. 

I choked on a sob, as I shook my head in disgust. “How dare you? How dare you say such things about me, about my husband and about my community”.

“julian” Sergeant Harries sighed heavily, “please understand that--”
“It’s Mrs Addison to you” I snapped, shocked with my own anger. 

“I am disgusted that you have spoken to me in such a way. You either get me a lawyer right now, or you let me go. 

Because I am done answering your questions. I am married to Lincoln for love, and you suggesting anything else is a disgrace”.

I was still crying, as I turned on my heel and stormed out the questioning room. 

Detective Smith nor Sergeant Harries followed or called me back. 

Lincoln was in the waiting room, and as soon as I saw him his jaw set in anger. 

I rushed into his arms, clinging to his shirt.

“ Julian, what’s wrong? What did they do to you? I swear to god if they touched you”. He let out a menacing growl; gripping hold of me tightly.

“They started asking whether we were running a cult, and then if you’d paid for me – as if I was some kind of prostitute and--”
“They did what?” Lincoln yelled, at the top of his voice. 

Everyone in the room, froze at the sound of his anger. 

He was like a volcano; ready to explode at any moment.

 Lincoln took a deep, calming, breath before pulling his phone out his pocket. He dialled a number, before placing it to his ear.

“Arlene, come to the police station. I want you to pick up Julian and take her home, come as soon as possible”.

 He promptly hung up the phone, before turning to me. He hugged me close to his chest, swaying slightly as I sniffed and tried to contain my sobs.

Mr Addison” a voice – that of Sergeant Harries – called out, as he came into the waiting room.

“How dare you suggest such things about my wife” Lincoln growled, hands tightening around me.

“I understand that you are unhappy about certain things, Mr Addison, but I can assure--”
“We will discuss this once my wife has left” Lincoln growled – his voice thick and threatening. 

“Right now, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and get your Captain on the phone, because I have a lot of things to discuss with him”.

Sergeant Harries didn’t reply, and soon Arlene arrived. 

She drove me home, but we made little conversation as to we did so. 

“Thank you, Arlene” I smiled at the Pack Wolf, as the car rolled into the entrance of the territory. “I can walk from here”.

“With all due respect, Alpha Female, you’ll stay in the damn car. A killer is on the loose, and I’m not going to let your get yourself ripped apart like that poor girl. 

Sorry, Alpha Female, but it’s not going to happen”.

“Alright” I nodded, chuckling slightly. Arlene reminded me largely of my mother – they were both stubborn and opinionated but in a caring way. 

She drove me to my doorstep. “Thank you, Arlene.

 I mean that. You were nice to me when no one else was, and you’re loyal to Lincoln. So, thank you”.

The house was quiet, and our uneaten dinner was cold on the table.

 I looked at it, thinking about how simple everything seemed mere hours before. Lincoln and I were in a good place, and the Pack was safe. 

But, then, everything changed. A girl died, a Wolf trespassed and the police got involved.

I cleared away the plates, before I made myself some pasta. I left a large bowl for Lincoln, and put it in the fridge.

 I sat at the table alone, and thought over everything that had happened since the Choosing Ceremony.

I glanced at the wedding band on my finger, and smiled slightly. 

I never thought I’d be happy with Lincoln, with the bad Alpha, but I was. I was happier than I ever thought. I understood him, and I understand why he did the things he did.

An hour or so after me, Lincoln returned home. As soon as I saw him, I rushed up to him. “What happened?” I demanded.

“It’s sorted” was all he said. I gave him a desperate look, willing him to explain. “Leave it alone, Julian. 

It is sorted” he warned. He gave me a hard look and I nodded.

“I thought you’d be hungry” I said, taking his hand and leading him back to the kitchen. 

He took a seat at the table, and I got the pasta out the fridge. “Do you want me to warm it?” I asked.

“No, I’ll eat it as it is” he replied. I nodded and walked over to him. 

I placed the food in front of him, before I climbed onto his lap.

 He was surprised by my actions, but smiled at me as I got comfortable – leaning into him.

 One of his arms slipped around my waist to hold me to him, as the other picked up his fork to eat.

“This is good” Lincoln commented in between mouthfuls.

“Well, I’d thought you’d be hungry” I shrugged, as one of my hands absently minded played the threading on his shirt.

 “ Lincoln , do you agree with the police officer? Do you think that you like bought me.

 Not in the way that you paid, but as in you shopped for me until you found the right mate?” I blurted out.

“No” Lincoln stated forcefully. “You’re a prize. You’re my reward for waiting to choose a mate. I didn’t buy you, I won you”.

Then, as if my mouth had a mind of its own, I blurted out some dangerous words. 

Words that I hadn’t meant to say, but I meant. “ Lincoln, I love you”.

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