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🌹(You're my soulmate)🌹


🔞🔞If you don't like sex scenes, or are too young, just skip to the end.🤔

One by one, Lincoln took off each item of my clothing; until I lay naked under him. I was breathing hard – chest rising and falling quickly – as Lincoln studied me. 

Being Wolf meant I spent a lot of time being naked on Full Moons. So, Wolves never had an issue with nudity.

Yet, under Lincoln's scrutinising eyes; I felt more self-aware of my nude body than ever before.

 So, to move the process along I began to pull at Lincoln's shirt – he understood, and began to undress himself.

He slipped two buttons through the holes, before pausing. "

You take it off" he told me. His voice was rough and hoarse – even more so than normal. I gulped, as Lincoln pulled back so that he was kneeling on the bed. I followed him up, kneeling in front of him.

He looked at me, green eyes piercing my body. My hands were shaking as I slowly reached up and took a hold of his shirt. 

Lincoln's eyes didn't move off of my face, as I undid his shirt. Once it was completely unbuttoned, I glanced at his toned chest and stomach.

I reached up and ran my hands down the hard contours, shivering as I did so. 

I was shocked with how much it made me feel – when he'd made me do it when I first met him I felt nothing. But, then, I felt everything.

Lincoln shrugged himself out of the shirt, getting annoyed with how slow everything was going. 

I wanted it to go slow, but he did no. He was impatient, just like with everything else in his life – he wanted me, and he didn't want to wait any.

Taking my hands he pressed them to his crotch. I squealed slightly at the large bulge that filled my hand. 

He left my hand there for a split second, before he moved them to his belt. I got the hint and unfastened his suit pants. 

He moved off the bed, and dropped them before pushing his underwear with them.

I blushed the moment he was naked, but there was also a heat that shot through my body. I was both terrified and excited. 

Desire was coursing through my body at lightning speed, soaking out of every pore, and forcing my heart to pound as fast as it ever had.

I glanced over Lincoln's nude figure; taking in his broad shoulders, patterned tattoos, scars, thick legs and hard erection. 

I had seen naked men before, at Full Moons, but none of them had ever been aroused like Lincoln was right then.

He was so turned on, that his large member, was pressed right up against his stomach – a large vein running through it.

 I gulped, nervous, but I also felt wetness soaking through my core as I realised exactly what was about to happen.

"Lay down" Lincoln grumbled – even in the most intimate of situations, he was still a man of little words. 

I did as he said, my chest heaving out of excitement.

 Lincoln admired me for a moment; eyes focusing most only chest and my hips.

Finally, he moved. He drew me into a heavy kiss, as he hoovered his body over me. 

I melted into the kiss, my fears flying out of my head, as I wrapped my hands around his neck. 

His tongue massaged mine, as he pressed his body flush against mine.

Taking my hand in his, Lincoln led it between the two of us and placed it around his erection. I held it loosely for a moment, before gathering some courage, and tightening my grip on it.

 He growled out softly as I allowed my hand to move up and down his large, and hard, erection. He liked that – so I picked up pace.

"Slow" he snapped at me, voice growing hoarser and hoarser as we progressed. "If you go to fast, I may come premature". 

He kissed my neck, as I slowed my hand. His hands moved up to caress my chest, as his teeth nipped at my nape.

His callous hands massaged my breast, and had my nipples hardening to an almost painful state.

 A few minutes later, Lincoln moved away from me slightly and my hand dropped his erection.

 He raised slightly – hoovering above me. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes" I nodded, voice raspy and breathy. He nodded at me, smiling softly but it was almost too harsh because of the intensity in his eyes.

 Lincoln moved so he was kneeling in between my legs, and I gulped in anticipation again. He slipped two fingers inside me.

I hissed in slightly pain, as his fingers filled me. Lincoln frowned before pulling his finger away. "You're not wet enough. 

The wetter you are, the less it will hurt" he stated.

Will it hurt a lot?" I asked, nervous once more.2

"I don't know. I'm not a woman" Lincoln replied simply. "But I'll be able to get inside you easier the more lubrication there is".

 He moved back slightly, before slipped his hands under my thighs. He lifted my legs up, so that my hips were raised off the bed.

I was confused for a heavy moment before his mouth moved down to my core. 

I shivered in delight, as his lips practically attached my most intimate area – his stubble tickling the skin.

 I let out an involuntary moan as his tongue darted out and explored the crevice.66

His tongue and lips worked my core to the point of quivering, before he pulled away.

 I made a noise of disappointment – as I was too breathless to actually voice any words. "You're ready" was all Lincoln said.

With his hands still under my thighs, he moved closer, still kneeling in between my legs. He slid his erection inside me.

 He got half way inside, before I cried out in pain. It stung badly. Lincoln paused for a moment, "it'll hurt the slower I go".

"Just do it" I nodded. Lincoln gave a final push and I hissed in pain.

 He waited inside me before a moment, as I breathed out. He looked at me, green eyes waiting. I nodded, telling him to continue.

For about five minutes I was in agony, every time he pushed in and out of me my core burnt. But the slowly it started to move away from pain, and towards pleasure. 

And soon I was encouraging Layton to go faster.

I began to moan and gasp, as the pleasure intensified. But my sounds of delight made Lincoln get more and more excited, and he began to pick up pace. 

I love it, wanting the fast friction – but then it became too fast, too rushed. "Lincoln" I called out, but that just spurred him on more.

"That hurts" I shouted at him. He instantly stopped, and pulled out of me.

 He knelt between my legs, both of us breathing hard as his shining eyes stared at my face. "You were going too fast" I explained.

Lincoln calmed himself for a moment, a soft growling vibrating in the back of his throat. 

He was more animal than human – he'd let his Wolf instincts take over. So he took a moment to calm himself, before he lay down over me.

He kissed me heavily for a long moment, before he slipped inside me once more.

 I preferred him making love to me from on top of me, it felt more intimate and meaning.

 And soon the two of us were climaxing.

The end 💜💜💜

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