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( Love Me Like I Do... )


He's handsome and dishy

He has a pretty girlfriend

He has a beautiful and caring mother

He has a cute spoilt younger sis who's a student of Golden Brains high school, she's seventeen

He has a friend like a brother

He graduated from Oxford just three months ago and is back to take over his dad's company...

D-Royals group of companies.. Germany

Hey I mentioned his dad.

He'd have had a complete perfect life if not for his dad

A man who cares about nothing but Money, becoming richer and more popular, then always wanting D-Royals to skyrocket in every means he knows, even crook means

No matter the source, so far it's spendable, his dad is ready to go for it ...

Who am i talking about?

His name is Louis Diamond

His dad's name is Alan Diamond

His mother's name is Tanya Diamond

His sister bears Miley Diamond

His friend's name is Dre Marcus

His girlfriend bears Daisy Mason

Louis's biggest wish is to take over D-Royals after graduating and make it soar higher just like his greedy dad has always wanted

His dreams came to pass and he truly took over D-Royals..

But after a while, things took a new path, his dad brought a new way to become richer

What's the new way?

A contract marriage with Cheryl Tanner, daughter of the owner of the biggest company in Germany

Contract marriage?

Someone who has a girlfriend he can die for?

How will this go?

Will he agree?

What if he agrees?

Will things take a new turn?


Then our second male lead,... his name is Shane Richmond, a hot, handsome grade twelve student of Golden Brains high school who lost his girlfriend in a plane crash last year and since then, his life never remained the same

He became cold like ice and locked his heart, he hates people touching him except his best friend Warren

Shane believes no girl can ever be like his dead girlfriend despite the fact that a lot of girls are crushing on him in Golden Brains high school

Is that really true?, Will there be really no girl who can capture his icy heart again?

Who's the second female lead?




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