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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 2


"That was harsh" Warren said Immediately he got to class with Shane

Miley came in with her minions and her eyes refused to leave Shane, she stared with her lustful eyes 

"Even you are aware that I loathe snapping since Samantha's death, I can only snap with her and since she's gone, no reason to snap again" he replied dryly

" Wait Shane, don't tell me you guys made blood covenant not to leave each other even after her death, it has been one whole year dude, one year since Samantha's death and you have refused to open your heart for another girl, you've been so uptight and won't loosen up even a bit" Warren complained

" I love Samantha a lot" Shane replied, not sparing Warren a glance

" But she's dead!" Warren said , almost screaming

Shane looked at him with a blank expression

"I'm sorry " Warren said quickly

Shane took his phone and left the class quietly

"I wonder when you'll give love a chance again, gosh!, How can someone still be in love with a dead girlfriend" Warren wondered, taking his seat


Shane went to the back of the class to sit alone, he opened his phone and smiled , her picture is still his wallpaper

She slid into his camera roll and only her pictures and their pictures together are there

He clicked on one of her pictures in which she smiled brightly, holding an ice cream cone with him beside her, pecking her cheeks, he can remember they went for picnic together when they snapped that picture

He smiled at the memories that's flipping through his head and can't help but imagine her beside him

"I love you" Samantha said

"I love you more than a million times" he replied and tried to touch her but she melted with the air and his imagination ended

He looked at the pictures again and brought his lips closer to it, he kissed her lips in the picture.

"I love you Samantha" he mouthed.


Daisy just finished preparing dinner when Louis came in

Camila is watching a modelling show in the living room

"Hey Cami" Louis waved

"L for Louis" she replied and stood to come give him a hug

"How was school?" He asked

"Just the best" she said radiantly

"Where's Daisy?" He asked

"Oh. She's in the kitchen" she replied, going back to sit

Louis entered the kitchen and met her arranging plates for dinner, her back is on him

He smiled and went closer to slip his arm around her from behind, his strong cologne whiffed past her nose and she Inhaled


"Baby I'm sorry about the other time, please" he said

"Your dad....

" I understand how you feel about how he treated you , but can you forgive me please? , I love you very much" he said, closing his eyes and letting his lips rub gently on her bare back, she's wearing a backless singlet on a bum short

"It's fine, I'm not angry with you" she finally said

"Really?" He said, turning her to himself

" Sure, I can never be angry with my pie" she replied with a big smile

" I love you so much, very much Daisy, you know I can die for you right?" He said

" Stop saying that " she blushed

" It's the truth dear, so will you allow me to eat now?" He said

" Eat what?" She asked, biting her lip though she knows what he's referring to

" You" he replied

"As you can see, I just finished cooking dinner, you should be talking of eating dinner with me" she said, rubbing his brows with her thumbs

"What if I want to eat before i eat?, You're a whole meal yourself so I don't mind" he replied, brushing his lips on her earlobe

That made her gasp a little 

"Ok, at least eat dinner first" she replied

He placed his hands on her hips and smiled, " it grew wider, with more curves for me" he said naughtily

"You're so naughty" Daisy smiled

"Sis I'm starving!" Camila shouted from the living room

" Ear that?" Daisy replied and made to go but Louis pulled her back and kissed her deeply 

"Louis" came a light moan from her, he fed on her lips like it's air he needs to breath

"Sis!" Camila called from the living room again

Louis parted his lips from hers and smiled at the effect he has on her, it's obvious on her face that she wants more

"After dinner, I'll have you all to myself" she said

" Thought you never wanted to" he teased

" Says who? " She winked and he laughed, following her behind as she took some plates out of the kitchen..



"You spent over three hours with Daisy, I've been waiting all day" Dre complained immediately Louis showed up at the bar they do hang out at

"I'm so sorry, I just couldn't get enough of her, and you know i won't mind staying with her all day" he replied, taking his seat

" So how was your first day at work?" Dre asked

"You just asked about an awful first day" Louis said and Dre started laughing

" I knew it"

" It's not funny, I mean, dad was telling me to raise stock prices suddenly, not minding the customers we'll lose, I wonder how he has been managing the company with that tactic" Louis said

" Wait you mean...he's still dictating for you?, Then why exactly did he make you the CEO when you can't do things for the company yourself" Dre replied

"Just leave us alone Dre* Louis replied

"So let's talk about you and Daisy" Dre raised a brow

" What about me and my baby?" Louis squinted

"You guys are....cute!" Dre said

"I know" Louis smiled

" But do you really think she deserves all the love you're showering her with?" Dre said meaningfully

" Why are you suddenly asking that?"

"Nothing, nevermind" Dre replied, drinking from his cup of wine .


Elena got home and breath out hard, it's been a tough day, the time is past eight and she's just coming back from work

She's seventeen, a waitress at a restaurant and a school dropout who's still gathering money to go back to highschool.... Elena Scott is her name

"You're back Elena" her mum said Immediately she entered the house, she was busy knitting

She's a knitter who knits sweaters, socks, jacket, mufflers and all others

" Mum" Elena smiled, hugging her tight but she quickly broke it when she felt pain on her body

*It still hurts?" Her mum (Arabella) asked worriedly

" You don't have to worry, it'll soon relieve me, by the way I got payed today" Elena said, bringing out the envelope containing her salary

" Great, I sold out more sweaters today too, I think we should be able to gather enough money for you to return to school before the end of next month" Arabella said

" Sure mum" she replied

" I made scrambled eggs, go change and come back to eat" 

"Ok mum" she replied, leaving the envelope on the table

She went in to change in her room and Immediately she took off her clothes in front of her mirror, she almost cried

Her body is not close to gorgeous, she has the worse body that any girl won't be proud to have, it's full of scars and bruises, spots and marks, both fresh and dried ones

Her body is not attractive at all and that's why she always wears long sleeves and Jean trousers

She left the front of the mirror and wore a comfortable home wear before going back into the living room.

Arabella has placed her food on the small centre table already

"Thanks mum" she smiled and sat, then she started eating slowly

Arabella brought out the money from the envelope and counted it 

"It's not the usual amount" she said

"My boss deducted from it cos I mistakenly broke a plate" she replied

" That cranky boss of yours" Arabella said and is about to return the money into the envelope when the tiger himself came in

Thomas,... Elena's dad, Arabella's husband

They both started shaking immediately he entered, as if he's really a tiger and they're the prey

Elena shaked so much that her spoon fell from her, the money fell from Arabella too and scattered on the floor

A wicked smile appeared on Thomas's face as he saw the money

"So you guys are trying to hide money from me again, I thought I already said all cash you bring into this house belongs to me, Arabella even if your illegitimate daughter here told you to do it, you should have turned her down when you know the type of person I am" Thomas said, picking up the money

" No dad, you can't take that!, That's my salary and I toiled so hard for it at the restaurant, you can't do this no" Elena said at the point of tears, standing up slowly

Either she talks or not, she knows she can't escape beating tonight anyways

"So .. you've grown some nerves huh?" Thomas said inhumanly, grabbing a cable wire from the back of the TV

"Thomas no, you can't beat her again tonight, Thomas please" Arabella pleaded, holding his leg

" Shameless prostitute!, Let go of my leg before I lose it!" Thomas ranted

Elena is already crying unstoppably

"Please Thomas, please I beg you" Arabella continued pleading

Thomas forcefully took his leg from her hold and pushed her away with his leg, she hit her head on the small table and her nose bled

Thomas aimed at Elena and lashed out at her with the cable hardly, tearing through her arm

"Dad I'm sorry I won't talk back at you again!, Dad please!!!!! , Dad!!!" She yelled in agony as Thomas continued beating her with the cable

Arabella intervened but he never stopped, he pushed her away and continued giving Elena hurtful hits, giving her more wounds and making her scream out in agony.


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