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( Love Me Like I Do... 

Episode 1


"It's your first day at work so you have to look good" Tanya said, adjusting Louis's tie on his neck immediately he came downstairs for breakfast

"You're too caring" Louis smiled

"I know, I wanna be extra caring to my children so I'll get lots of love in return" Tanya replied with a wide smile

" Much love mother" Louis beamed before taking his seat, the maids served the food and he ate with great pleasure till his dad came downstairs, dressed for work too

Since he graduated from Oxford three months ago, he has been on his neck to take over the company, though that's exactly what he wants but a little rest won't hurt right?

That's exactly what he's trying to do but Alan his dad won't hear of it, so today he's taking over D-Royals completely as the CEO

Alan settled beside him and his breakfast was served too

"You look good in corporate" Alan commented

He muttered a dry "thanks" before he continued eating slowly

Yeah, he hates his dad's personality, so much that he never wants to be anything like him

Money is Alan, Alan is money

"You should have let the poor boy rest for one more week" Tanya finally spoke

" Rest for one more week?, Do you know how many Euros we'll lose if he rests for one more week? " Alan replied

" Everything is not about money Alan" Tanya replied seriously

" That's for you, but for me, money is everything, if I'm not rich, would you have married me?" Alan said, raising a brow as he dropped his fork

"You're just.... Not changing" Tanya remarked

"Mum it's fine" Louis said, standing up

He knows if this goes any longer, it'll lead to a loud argument as usual

They always argue and it's always about his dad's personality, Everyone hates it

"Bye mum" he blew her kisses before leaving the house, same time with his dad.

"That money lover" Tanya inhaled

Miley came down, applying lipstick as she climbed down the stairs , she's wearing her uniform already

"You have a lot of lipstick on your lips but yet you're applying another!, I hate it when fashion becomes too excess for a teenager" Tanya commented

Miley finally looked up from the mirror and smiled

"Morning mummy" she said, pretending as if she didn't hear what she said earlier, her lips is shinning and almost dripping with lipstick

"Just focus on your studies, that's what I want from you" Tanya replied as Miley ate

" Yes mum" she replied and continued eating

"Wait..." Tanya said, looking closely at her

Miley got what she saw immediately and stood

"I thought you won't notice, must you watch everything like an hawk? " Miley grunted, carrying her backpack

" You fixed lashes, gosh! , Miley!" Tanya rebuked

" But it's nothing big mum, my friends do it too" she said

" Laurette and Sydney?, Those two idiotic friend of yours are nothing but unserious girls, why can't you just learn from me" Tanya said

" I can't , and that's because you're not stylish enough" Miley replied rudely

" Your skirt is even shorter, oh God!, Miley when will you stop being a bone in my throat! " Tanya shouted

" Bye mum! " Miley replied curtly and rushed out

Laurette and Sydney are already waiting outside, they're her two friends who attend same school as her

"Babe, this hotness is dripping" Laurette said, checking her out

" I know right?, I specifically did all this to get his attention, I should have fixed nails too but my outdated mum won't let me rest" she replied, blinking like a doll

"but Shane is crazy, he doesn't even look at anyone while walking, how sure are you that he'll fall with all these?" Sydney said

Miley faced her directly

" He'll fall by all what it takes, I always dream of him, what other evidence do we need that he's my soulmate?" She winked

" By the way Miley, can you link me with your brother?, I mean Louis" Laurette said and took in her lips

" Come off it, my brother is twenty two and you're just seventeen, even if that's not the case, it's Impossible for you to date my brother, have you ever heard of psycho beauty?, That's the second name of his girlfriend though I love her, you can't ever have my handsome brother, not even in your dreams" Miley laughed

" Yeah, I hear she behaves like a witch" Sydney said

" Yeah babe, but she's only like that when it comes to my brother" Miley replied

" Everlasting love huh?" Laurette replied and they laughed before getting in the car


D-Royals group of companies*

Louis fell on his chair immediately he entered his designed office, it'll always be hectic, he can already smell it

His phone rang and he picked the call, actually from Dre, his best friend

"Dude" he sounded

"It's still early in the morning and you sound tired like this, don't tell me your money loving dad added jogging to your schedule" Dre said

" Stop joking Dre, I'm damn tired even without doing anything" Louis replied , yawning tiredly

" Get to work before Mr Alan Diamond will come and spank your ass" Dre mocked

" F*ck off, you aren't helping" Louis replied before hanging up

As if it's planned, Daisy came in, smiling bright and showing off her perfectly manicured hands

"Pie" she said and he stood, pulling her into a tight hug

" Hey I'm suffocating" Daisy smiled

"I won't let you go until after five minutes" he replied

" Ok Mr lover boy" she laughed, rubbing his back and closing her eyes on his shoulders till five minutes when he let her go


That wasn't concluded when he planted a soft kiss on her lips

She smiled and kissed him back shortly

"Thanks for coming, I was just tired" Louis said, sitting down

She sat in front of him, "it's still early in the morning" she said, placing her small purse on the table

"I know, but now that you're here, I regained energy" he smiled

" I love you" Daisy said suddenly

" More, more more" Louis replied with a wide smile

Daisy's phone rang and when she checked, it's Camila, Camila is her eight years old younger sis, she decided not to pick the call

"Who was that?" Louis asked

"Unknown number" Daisy lied

"Oh" Louis replied and the door swung open

Alan came in gallantly

"I'm sure you know it's still too early to receive visitors, do you know how many Euros we're losing as you're sitting without doing anything?, Louis get to work!" He said , almost shouting

" And dad, you know this is my girlfriend so stop talking like this in front of her" Louis replied

"then tell her to leave, this office isn't for taking visitors, it's for working" Alan ranted

Louis stood facing him

" You gave me this office as the CEO right?, Ion think one of the rules for a CEO includes not taking visitors and I think I have right to privacy" he said

" Taking visitors wastes time Louis, get that!" Alan replied

Daisy stood and took her purse

" I'll get going" she said slowly

"No Daisy you can't...

"Let her go!, This is a working office, not a visiting room" Alan interrupted

Daisy smirked before facing him

"I wonder why God decided to create you as his dad, he should have gotten a better dad" she said before leaving furiously

" Daisy!, Daisy! " Louis called after her and tried to run after her but Alan blocked his way

"Get to work!, We're losing Euros" he said.

Daisy got to the front of the company and sighed

"That crooked old man" she muttered as her phone rang again, it's Camila again and she picked this time around

"I thought I told you not to call me again whenever I'm with Louis, how can you be so stubborn" she said over the phone and entered her car....


Golden Brains high**

It's Shane and Warren!

Shane please look at me!

He's too handsome!

Warren is cute too!

Girls can't stop tripping as cold hearted Shane walked into the school with Warren his only friend

Shane kept his gaze straight with his two hands in his pockets as usual, not looking at anyone

"It's your chance now, go!" Laurette said beside Miley

Miley adjusted her skirt and pulled it up so it'll become shorter

"Go baby" Sydney said

Miley Started catwalking towards Shane, making sure she has a bright smile on her face, she flaunted her hair as she walked

She made the catwalking slower when she's about to get to him though he's still not looking at anyone, his face is up

He just passed by her without acknowledging if anyone passed by

It was Warren who noticed her and winked at her but she rolled eyes at him

"Shit!" She ranted in disappointment

All the body waxing, face polish, lashes, new make-up kit all went to waste

A girl suddenly snapped Shane's picture and that's when he took down his face and scanned the crowd of girls till he found the girl who snapped him

"That bi.tch should have known by now that he hates snapping" Miley muttered as Shane walked closer to the girl who still has her phone raised up

Shane's face held no expression, just cold and looks difficult to understand

"Your phone" he said calmly and without hesitating or arguing, the girl handed him her phone and instantly, he smashed it on the ground

Everyone gasped in shock

"I don't appreciate people snapping me especially girls" he said emotionlessly and gave the girl a cold look before walking away with Warren

"He's....too harsh" Laurette said as the girls dispersed and the girl whose phone was shattered gathered the pieces sadly

Miley walked up to her with her minions

"You dare snap his picture?, How daring, you're not even close to beautiful" she said

The girl kept mute and tried to walk away but Miley pulled her back forcefully, making her fall on her butt

Miley, Laurette and Sydney bent over to her

"Avoid Shane to avoid Miley's troubles" they chorused and laughed mockingly before walking away, shaking their butts in their short skimpy skirts.




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